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The City of Light, Paris, is a hub for great food, culture, and the arts. Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe and has two major airports, making it a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers.

Today, we will compare Paris Orly (ORY) and Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)  – orly vs cdg – to assist you in deciding which one to choose for your next trip to the French capital & to see Which is the best airport in paris.


Overview of Orly Airport

  • IATA code: ORY
  • ICAO code: LFPO
  • Airport type: Public
  • Operator: Paris Aéroport
  • Location: Essonne and the Val-de-Marne, France
  • Hub for: Air France

The Paris Orly Airport, known as Orly, is a major international airport in France, 13 Kilometers south of Paris. It is split between Orly and Villeneuve-le-Roi.

It acts as a secondary hub for Air France’s internal and international flights as well as the company’s headquarters. There are flights to places in North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

How Many Passengers Travel Through Paris Orly Airport Each Month?

Paris Orly Airport saw 2,060,569 passengers in March 2022, an increase of 379.03% from March 2021 (430,158).


How Many People Travel Through Paris Orly Airport Each Year?

Paris Orly Airport saw 15,719,099 passengers in 2021, an increase of 45.78% from 2020. (10,782,724).


Overview of Charles de Gaulle Airport

  • IATA code: CDG
  • ICAO code: LFPG
  • Airport type: Public
  • Operator: Paris Aéroport
  • Location: Roissy-en-France, France
  • Hub for: Air France – Air France Cargo – FedEx Express

The largest international airport in France, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport known as Roissy Airport, is the primary airport serving Paris, it was inaugurated in 1974 and is named after statesman Charles de Gaulle. It is located near Roissy-en-France, 23 kilometers northeast of Paris.

Air France’s main Hub is located at Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is also a destination for other legacy airlines (from Star Alliance, One World, and SkyTeam) and a focus city for budget airlines easyJet and Vueling. Group ADP runs it under the name Paris Aéroport.

How Many People Travel Through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris Each Month?

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport saw 3,903,884 passengers in March 2022, an increase of 334.53% from March 2021. (898,421).


How Many People Travel Through Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Annually?

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport saw 26,187,008 passengers in 2021, an increase of 17.74% from 2020. (22,242,299).

Orly Airport vs Charles De Gaulle:

Orly Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport, both located in Paris, France, are two major international airports serving the city and its surrounding regions. Each airport has its own distinct characteristics, advantages, and considerations for travelers.

Size and Capacity:

Charles de Gaulle Airport, also known as Roissy Airport, is one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe. It has three terminals (Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3) and handles a significant volume of international and long-haul flights. Charles de Gaulle Airport has extensive facilities, including numerous shops, restaurants, lounges, and services.

Orly Airport, on the other hand, is smaller in comparison. It has two terminals (Orly South and Orly West) and primarily serves domestic and European flights, as well as some international destinations. Orly Airport offers a more compact and manageable layout, which can be appealing for travelers seeking a quicker and more streamlined experience.

Location and Accessibility:

Charles de Gaulle Airport is situated approximately 25 kilometers northeast of central Paris. It is well-connected to the city by various transportation options, including the RER B train line, which provides direct access to central Paris and other major transportation hubs.

Orly Airport is located about 13 kilometers south of central Paris. It is also easily accessible by public transportation, with Orlyval shuttle trains connecting the airport to the RER B and RER C train lines. Additionally, Orly Airport has good road connections, making it convenient for those traveling by car or taxi.

Airlines and Destinations:

Charles de Gaulle Airport serves as a major hub for several international airlines and offers a wide range of destinations worldwide. It caters to both business and leisure travelers, with a significant number of intercontinental flights and connections available.

Orly Airport focuses more on domestic and European destinations, although it does offer some long-haul flights. It is often preferred by travelers looking for direct connections within Europe or shorter-haul flights.

Passenger Experience:

Both airports strive to provide a comfortable experience for passengers. Charles de Gaulle Airport offers extensive services, including duty-free shopping, a variety of dining options, lounges, and other amenities. However, due to its size and high passenger traffic, it can sometimes be crowded and time-consuming to navigate.

Orly Airport, being smaller, generally offers a more relaxed and less hectic atmosphere. It provides a range of services, including shopping, dining, and lounges, although the options may be more limited compared to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Flight Delays and Connections:

While flight delays can occur at any airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport has occasionally faced criticism for its reputation of experiencing delays, especially with connecting flights. The airport’s size and complex infrastructure can contribute to longer transit times and potential challenges in making tight connections.

Orly Airport, with its more compact layout, generally offers smoother and faster connections. However, it is always advisable to allow sufficient time for transfers and consider potential delays, particularly during peak travel periods.

In summary, Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport serve different niches within the air travel landscape in Paris. Charles de Gaulle Airport is a major international hub with extensive facilities and a wide range of long-haul destinations, while Orly Airport focuses more on domestic and European flights, providing a more compact and accessible experience. The choice between the two airports depends on individual preferences, travel itineraries, and specific airline connections.


Transportation Options and Distance to Downtown

Paris’s 20 arrondissements (districts) are planned out in a spiral design, similar to a snail shell.

The first arrondissement, which houses the Louvre, is in the city center, and the numerals rise clockwise as you spiral outside.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most central locations downtowns, and it’s an excellent choice for this comparison because it’s on the RER B line, which serves both de Gaulle and Orly.


Here’s how the two airports compare:

Getting Downtown

Charles de Gaulle (CDG)


Orly (ORY)
Distance (By car)23 miles12 miles
Time (By car)50 min25 min
Average Taxi Cost€55 (~$60)€40 ($45)


Charles de Gaulle is farther from downtown, but if you start at Notre Dame, it may be easier to get to than Orly. Both airports are about the same number of stops apart, but de Gaulle offers express trains and you don’t have to switch lines, thus Paris’ larger airport has the upper hand.


Flight Choices and Airlines

Charles de Gaulle

In 2018, Charles de Gaulle was the world’s 10 busiest airport, serving 72.2 million passengers, second only to London Heathrow in Europe. If you’re taking an intercontinental flight to Paris, you’ll almost certainly be landing at Charles de Gaulle. United, Delta, and American fly to Charles de Gaulle from over 15 different American cities, while Air France flies to more than ten North American cities.

The following well-known and highly rated airlines also fly to Charles de Gaulle:

  • Cathay Pacific operates flights from Hong Kong (HKG)
  • Singapore Airlines flights from Singapore (SIN)
  • JAL operates flights from Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)
  • ANA operates flights from Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)
  • EVA Air operates flights from Taipei (TPE)

Orly Airport

Orly, on the other hand, is utilized mostly for shorter flights, secondary markets, and low-cost carriers. On any given day, low-cost carriers operate around half of the flights to and from Orly, as gate space and departure slots are far more economical than at de Gaulle.

Still, Orly has a few lengthier flights worth mentioning. Low-cost carriers such as French Bee and Corsair fly to cities such as New York (JFK), San Francisco (SFO), and Miami (MIA), and their fares are frequently extremely inexpensive.

Orly is excellent for regional flights around Europe, but so is de Gaulle, which also provides international service to dozens of remote locations.

When you factor in gulf airlines’ many daily A380 flights, many worldwide destinations are only a one-stop flight away, making de Gaulle the clear winner here.

Airport Conveniences and Benefits

Charles de Gaulle

If you look at a map of Charles de Gaulle Airport, you may think it’s quite tidy, with only three terminals. What you don’t see on the map is that Terminals 2A/2B/2C/2D/2E/2F all work as independent terminals, so when you arrive or depart, you truly have the chaos of eight different terminals.

Terminal 1 is home to the majority of Star Alliance airlines and is my preferred departure point because it avoids the bustle of Terminal 2.

Lounges are available in Terminal 1 for Lufthansa, Qatar, SAS, and Star Alliance, and the Star Alliance lounge is also accessible via Priority Pass. I’m also a big lover of the terminal’s futuristic design, where escalators crisscross the atrium to carry you from check-in to security or down to arrivals.

In Terminal 2, you’ll discover lounges for Air Canada, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, and other airlines, as well as a few Priority Pass contract lounges in Terminals 2A, 2D, and 2E. (in addition to the Air Canada lounge, which is accessible through Priority Pass).

Orly Airport

Orly, on the other hand, is a much smaller affair, as one would expect from a provincial airport. There are two Priority Pass lounges, one in the south terminal and one in the west terminal, however, no ultra-premium lounges are offered. Typically, airlines reserve this treatment for passengers going on lengthier flights.

Charles de Gaulle can be an infuriating airport to navigate depending on what terminal you’re departing from, but once you clear security you’ll have many more options for your time, be it shopping, eating, or relaxing in a lounge.


Air Traffic

Orly Airport is France’s second-largest. It is also the 12th busiest airport in Europe.

Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport is France’s largest, Europe’s second-largest, and the world’s tenth busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic.

These two airports get millions of visitors each year and offer a diverse selection of flights from all continents to all continents (almost).

Check out below for the airports characteristics:





Orly (ORY)



Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

Number of runways3 runways4 runways
Movements on runways each hour72 movements120 movements
Number of Terminals2 terminals3 terminals


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Which Airport is Closer to Paris, Orly or CDG?

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is located approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Paris city center, making it closer than Orly Airport (ORY), which is situated approximately 16 kilometers south of the city.

How Big is Orly Airport?

Orly Airport is spread across two terminals, Orly South and Orly West. Combined, they cover an area of approximately 153,000 square meters.

 Which Paris Airport is Better?

The preference between Orly Airport (ORY) and Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) depends on various factors such as proximity to your destination, airlines operating from each airport, and personal preferences. Both airports offer a range of amenities and services, so it’s advisable to consider your specific needs when choosing.

How Many Airports are There in Paris?

Paris has three main airports: Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), Orly Airport (ORY), and Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA). CDG and ORY are the primary international airports, while BVA is mainly used by low-cost carriers.

 Which Paris Airport is Closest to The Eiffel Tower?

Of the three major airports in Paris, Orly Airport (ORY) is the closest to the Eiffel Tower. It is situated approximately 16 kilometers south of the Eiffel Tower, making it a convenient choice for travelers visiting this iconic landmark.

How to Get from Orly Airport to Paris?

There are several transportation options to reach Paris from Orly Airport. These include:

1. Orlyval + RER B: Take the Orlyval shuttle train from the airport to Antony station, then transfer to the RER B train, which connects directly to various central locations in Paris.

2. Orlybus: Board the Orlybus shuttle service, which operates between Orly Airport and Denfert-Rochereau station in Paris. It offers a direct connection to the city center.

3. Taxi or Rideshare: Taxis and rideshare services are available at Orly Airport. You can easily find designated taxi ranks outside the terminals, or book a ride through smartphone applications.

4. Private Transfers: Several private transfer companies offer pre-booked transportation services from Orly Airport to your desired destination in Paris. These can be arranged in advance for a hassle-free experience.

It’s recommended to choose the transportation option that suits your preferences, budget, and the number of passengers in your group.

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