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Travel concierge services are expanding, despite being relatively new to the travel sector. Even if you may not be familiar with them, you will be quite happy to learn about them as they will undoubtedly make your travel arrangements and international travel easier.


Travel Concierge Meaning


The term “Concierge” comes from the French for a servant who was in charge of keeping medieval palaces clean and well-lit. the concierge of today assists in making travel arrangements and is a highly competent, informed and caring hospitality worker. A  luxury travel concierge is highly effective because of their extensive local, regional, and international networks.

Digital technologies and business-friendly software programs help concierges even more. Technology aids the concierge travel sector in better comprehending its clients so that they may provide a more satisfying experience.


Difference Between Travel Concierge Vs. Travel Agent


A Travel Agent is a salesperson who works for the hotel and transportation industries, selling tickets for travel and lodging. Once the customer has their ticket, the travel agent’s job is finished. It can be tempting to book a cruise directly after finding a good offer online. However, there might not be assistance if something goes wrong.

A great Travel Concierge is someone who has extensive knowledge of numerous areas, nations, and regions. Most of the time, the best travel concierges have first-hand knowledge of the services they recommend to their customers. This is to make sure they can give you the most current, pertinent information. In order to give you the best advice on how to achieve your individual objectives and needs; a travel concierge will also take the time to understand them.

They will also consider your security and comfort by anticipating any hiccups that may occur and planning around them. We might say that the Travel Concierge provides superior service to the Travel Agent in terms of service. Customers who book luxury, business, and personal travel are ultimately delighted by this.


Why Airport Business Solution Is Important For MICE Business Travel?


The names “meetings industry” and “events industry,” which are growing more popular, have taken the role of MICE Travel in recent years. It plays a vital role because practically every aspect of business travel entails regular occurrences. Connecting specialists, fostering partnerships, fostering new ideas, and encouraging development are always the main goals of business travel MICE.

To maintain calm and focus on your business travel for MICE, a good business travel concierge at the airport is crucial. Additionally, don’t worry about arriving late for your conference or meeting. Therefore, from the moment you arrive at the airport, airssist will be there to aid you in completing your business trip formalities as smoothly as possible, and to give you the best service possible. Book now


Travel Concierge Service Meaning & Examples


After learning more about what a  luxury travel concierge is, let’s have a look at some of the services they provide. Any professional service that can be provided by a travel concierge is referred to as a travel concierge service.

Here is a timeline to help you gain more insight into travel concierge services. From the minute a client steps off a plane or other mode of transportation until the trip is over and they return home. The following are some instances of travel concierge services:


  • Airport concierge services
  • Greeting the customer upon arrival
  • Book accommodations “Hotel Concierge Services”
  • Reservations for private transportation and restaurants
  • Translation assistance
  • Providing suggestions for the best nightlife as well as any other services that can help with emerging daily problems.



Types of Travel Concierge Services for Business Trips


There are so many factors to take into account and prepare for when traveling. To ensure the vacation goes off without a hitch, many forms of concierge services are utilized.

Most of us don’t enjoy preparing or even needing to keep track of every little travel detail! even keeping track of a hectic schedule can be challenging.  That’s why many travel companies offer concierge services for stress-free business travel.


Airport Concierge, Personal Concierge, Corporate Concierge, And Hotel Concierge Services are the four primary subcategories of concierge services.

Let’s take a closer look at each category:



Airport Concierge Services

Airport wait times, queues at security checkpoints, getting lost in busy airports, stress… Yes, if you don’t book airssist airport concierge services to make your travel hassle-free and easier, you will suffer all of these difficulties and more at the airport.

What does airport concierge mean?


Concierge services at the airport refer to services that simplify complicated airport procedures so that you can avoid long queues, ensure quick airport passage, and help each passenger with their individual travel needs. Most importantly, any passenger in any booked class can order these services without being required to be a frequent flyer, a member of an annual membership club, or a VIP traveler.


What Service Does Airport Concierge Offer?


Airport concierge services are provided by the airssist company, which is very professional and has earned 4.9 Google and Trusted Pilot reviews from travelers worldwide. services provided by airssist Airport Concierge include:


Meet And Greet Service


Fast track service to avoid crowds and pass through vacant special lanes for check-in, immigration, security, and airport greeter service are offered to assist business travelers in avoiding lengthy airport queues and forgetting the hassles of complicated airport formalities. Airport lounge where you can sit and relax through the waiting time in the airport, buggy transportation service to save you time and effort at large airports, porter assistance to carry your heavy luggage, and more Meet and Greet Addons


 VIP Terminal Service


Private lounge service, also known as VIP lounge service, offers travelers the best amenities to ensure that their privacy is maintained in a private lounge away from crowds. The VIP airport service offers a wide range of premium amenities to make the passenger feel at home.


 Limo Transportation


With the help of airssist Chauffeur & Limousine service, travel the globe in the safest,  most luxurious, and most practical vehicles. We’re here to make sure you reach your destination in luxury and style, whether you need transportation from/to, for a full-day transfer or an interstate transfer.

Whether you are going on a vacation or a business trip. We will get you from point A to point B for every sort of trip. Our chauffeur service is the best choice for you.

The most well-known limousine service, airssist, has the largest and most up-to-date fleet of limos, SUVs, and vans.


Personal Concierge Services


As implied by the name, tailored services are provided by a personal concierge. That is correct!

Nowadays, the majority of people are too busy to do even the most basic personal responsibilities. Take the situation where you want to go shopping but are unable to find even 30 minutes to do it. Or perhaps your vacation days are almost around the corner, but you haven’t had time to even reserve a hotel or book a trip. A personal concierge service is what you need when you have such issues. A personal concierge will handle your personal tasks as you would if you had the time.

They will assist you with things like arranging reservations for a hotel, restaurant, travel, cab, event, pet sitting, child care, paying household bills, scheduling appointments, etc.

Personal concierge services typically free you of those burdensome little jobs, giving you more time to deal with the greater issues.


 The Corporate Concierge Service


A corporate concierge works with business clients, as opposed to a personal concierge who serves people. A business may use a corporate concierge to manage all of its official duties. These consist of returning emails, keeping employees, scheduling meetings, preparing business trips, etc.

Corporate concierge services, which are somewhat affordable and may be hired hourly, have gained popularity among many businesses as an alternative to expensive fixed personnel.

It’s not simply time- and money effective to delegate office duties to corporate concierge workers. And it boosts productivity.


Hotel Concierge Services


The hotel concierge always steps in to help when you check into a hotel and need some extra assistance, but at an additional expense. These services are more frequently offered at large hotels where affluent people stay.

But it’s vital to remember that hotel concierge is the original type of concierge service. The hotel concierge is the foundation upon which all other kinds of concierge services are constructed. A hotel concierge’s primary responsibilities and roles include the following:


  • Making A Reservation
  • Protecting You
  • Services For Transportation
  • Taking Orders For Your Room
  • Keeping Your Space Organized And Clean
  • Addressing Any Travel Concerns, Etc.

The Benefits of airssist Airport Concierge Services:

Airport concierge services are crucial for:


  • Affluent Vacationers
  • MICE Travelers
  • Business Travelers
  • First-Time Travelers
  • People With Disabilities
  • Children Traveling Alone
business traveler

Your Best Airport Business Solution

We make business travel easy!


Take advantage of our safe travel concierge who not only makes your journey memorable but also relaxing and productive. airssist business travel concierge services at the airport are founded to make your business travel extra pleasant. From the moment you arrive at the airport, airssist will be there to assist you in completing your business trip formalities as smoothly as possible, and to give you the best service possible. Book now


Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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