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If you desire comfort and luxury when traveling, airssist VIP Terminal is the perfect solution for you, offering VVIP airport concierge services. With VIP Terminal, we aim to provide you the best that the world of airports offers. From private stand-alone terminal to tarmac transfer in executive limousine, we make sure that your passage through the airport is something you will look forward to.


VIP Terminal with airssist


Want to enjoy the ultimate airport experience? Choose VIP Terminal and with 5 steps we will ensure a relaxing and comfortable arrival for you.

Step 1: An executive limousine will be waiting for you at the runway

Step 2: You will then be escorted to a private stand-alone terminal away from the congested public terminal

Step 3: All your airport procedures will be taken care of by a personal assistant within the lounge of the private terminal

Step 4: A dedicated porter will take care of your luggage and deliver it to your car/taxi

Step 5: Your receiving party will be provided with special parking privileges at the airport



Do you want privacy, comfort, and luxury while waiting for your departure flight? Go for VIP Terminal and ensure a unique airport experience for you and your guests.

Step 1: Our team will welcome you, your family, or your clients at the entrance of the private terminal

Step 2: You can enjoy the luxurious facilities of the executive lounge

Step 3: While you relax in the private terminal, we will take care of all the airport formalities

Step 4: Private security check-up

Step 5: You will then be escorted to the aircraft in the comforts of an executive limousine



Do you wish for a pleasant transit for your next connecting flight? By choosing VIP Terminal, you aim to expedite the airport journey in the most relaxing and stress-free manner for you and your loved ones.

Step 1: Your airport experience starts from the moment you step out of your aircraft, as we welcome you with a personalized name board

Step 2: You will be escorted to a beautiful standalone terminal in an executive limousine.

Step 3: While you relax and enjoy the facilities of the lounge, we will take care of all the airport formalities

Step 4: Your luggage check-in and issuance of boarding pass will be done by a personal assistant

Step 5: Once your boarding starts you will be escorted to your aircraft in a luxurious limousine

Who benefits from our services?

frequent traveller


elderly travellers



unaccompanied minors



people of determination



traveller with pets