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When in Paris, Which Airport to Use?

Paris, the city of lights and love, is served by three airports– 2 international airports (Orly Airport-ORY and Charles De Gaulle Airport- CDG), and one domestic airport (Beauvais Airport- BVA). For international travellers, it can get confusing, as to which airport they should fly from or fly to. Today at airssist, we help you solve this confusion, by providing the essential information about both the international airports, (and some about the domestic one too, for our domestic travellers) which will assist you to make your decision.

1.Closest to the airport

Located in south of Paris, Orly Airport, is the closest to the city, which is why is the best suited for business travellers. It is around 14 km from Paris, while Charles De Gaulle is 23 km and Beauvais Airport is 69 km.

2.Airport Transfer and public transportation availability

Orly Airport and Charles De Gaulle Airport are both well served by public transportation. Train, buses, and shuttles are easily available at both the airport. But that is not the same with Beauvais Airport. Travellers with luggage or travelling with family, these public transportation can be a hassle and quite inconvenient. If you want a comfortable, efficient, and secure airport transfer, the best option is to select airssist Chauffeur & Limousine service, which is available for all the airports in Paris.

3. Airlines operating and their cost

Major airlines operating from CDG include United Airlines, British Airways, Nippon Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Air China, Air France, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Northwest Airlines, Finnair, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lotus Air, and more. From ORY, Air Europa, Air France, Norwegian, Tunisair EasyJet, Iran Air, Iberia, and KLM, are the major airlines operating. The flight fare for ORY, is sometimes 20% lower than the CDG. But on certain occasions and public holidays the fare is same.

Many low-cost airlines operate from Beauvais Airport, like Ryan Air, Wizz Air, Blue Air, Air Moldova. This is why it is selected by budget travellers, but the long and expensive airport transfer (a 2-3-hour drive) which affects the overall cost must be kept in mind.
CDG is the busiest airport in Paris and the second busiest in Europe after Heathrow Airport Thus, the average flight delay is 30 minutes while for ORY and BVA it is 20 minutes. For a stress-free and smooth airport passage in Paris, select airssist Meet and greet service.

4. Hotel options

CDG is the main airport operating in Paris, which is why travellers can find all range of hotels from affordable hostels to luxury hotels. But hotels near CDG can be slightly higher in cost than ORY. As stated earlier, ORY is best suited for business travellers. It closer to the city centre and is not as busy as CDG, which entails that security and flight delays are also lower. Since BVA is far from the city, hotel options are very few, which mean the hotel cost is high.

5. Lounge, internet, and duty free

Charles De Gaulle Airport offers a multiple airport lounge options to select from, which can be accessed through airssist Meet and Greet. Orly Airport has just one airport lounge while BVA has none.

Air Travel passengers in Paris, are in for a treat as, airssist VIP Terminal (available at only 43 airports in the world) is located in both CDG and ORY. Accessed only through airssist VIP Terminal service, travellers get to enjoy the VVIP care and attention, as the terminal includes its own customs, security, and immigration, along with a private lounge. VIP services like personal shopper and VAT reclaim is part of the package. VAT reclaims is done for them by their personal assistant in their own private lounge.

Unlimited Wi-Fi is available at both CDG and ORY, but you’ve to a fee to access Wi-Fi at Beauvais Airport.

CDG and ORY has many shops, including high-end brands, restaurants, cafés, and large duty-free areas. But BVA only has a small duty-free area with a restaurant and a café.

6. Terminals

CDG has three terminals- T1, T2 and T3. For terminal connectivity you have different option. The different parts of the large T2 terminal is connected by N1 and N2 shuttle, which is very slow in speed. An automated super-fast rail service, CDGVAL, connects the different terminals with RER and TGV rail stations. But these connections can be confusing even for a veteran traveller. ORY has two terminals- Orly West and Orly South. A free and automated rail service, OrlyVAL, connects the two terminals. BVA, too has only two airport terminals- T1 and T2.

But the best option for a hassle-free airport journey and terminal transfer is to select airssist Meet and Greet service. The host will assist you with a smooth and quick terminal transfer, with any worry and stress.

7. Final thoughts

ORY is closer, smaller, and much easier to navigate. CDG is considerably larger and has several terminals, so it’s more of a challenge to get around. Travellers from US have to use CDG as most flights fly to/from CDG but for domestic flights in Europe, all three airports are an option, and ORY is the usually the preferred choice.

Whether you’re travelling from Orly Airport-ORY, Charles De Gaulle Airport- CDG, or Beauvais Airport- BVA to enhance your airport travel experience, book our Airport concierge services and chauffeur service for a perfect journey to/from the airport and in the airport.

When you book airssist Chauffeur & Limousine Services, along with airssist Meet and Greet, you have the much-needed peace of mind that both your airport passage and your airport transfer is going to be a smooth and relaxing experience. Our network of trusted partners enables us to offer you our services at any and every airport worldwide.

Let airssist take care of your airport transfer to ensure a pleasant and memorable journey.

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