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Welcome to Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal Service by airssist!

Indulge in the ultimate luxury travel experience at Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal. Designed for high-profile individuals, celebrities, and discerning travelers like you, our VIP Terminal Service offers a world-class journey from start to finish. Enjoy a seamless and exclusive travel experience, bypassing the hustle and bustle of the main terminals. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide personalized assistance throughout your time at DXB, ensuring every aspect of your journey is tailored to your needs. Book your service now !!

From expedited check-in and security procedures to access to our luxurious VIP lounges, you’ll be treated to the utmost comfort and privacy. Experience the convenience of dedicated immigration counters and customs clearance and enjoy chauffeured transfers between the terminal and your aircraft. Whether you’re arriving, departing, or transiting through Dubai, our VIP Terminal Service guarantees a stress-free and exceptional travel experience. Book your VIP Terminal Service now and discover the epitome of luxury at DXB.

What Does Dubai Airport VIP Terminal Service Include?

Exclusive Check-In and Security Procedures:

Upon your arrival at Dubai International Airport, you will experience the convenience of dedicated check-in counters exclusively reserved for VIP Terminal guests. Enjoy a seamless check-in process away from the regular terminals, ensuring privacy and efficiency. Once you’ve completed check-in, expedited security procedures will whisk you through the screening process, minimizing waiting times and maximizing your comfort.

Luxurious VIP Lounges:

Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal boasts an array of opulent lounges designed to cater to your every need. These exclusive spaces provide a tranquil sanctuary where you can relax, work, or indulge in a delectable selection of gourmet food and beverages. Immerse yourself in elegant surroundings, offering privacy, comfortable seating, and high-quality amenities.

Personalized Assistance and Concierge Services:

At DXB’s VIP Terminal, personalized assistance is at your disposal throughout your journey. A team of dedicated professionals will be available to cater to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless travel experience. From providing information and guidance to arranging transportation and facilitating special requests, the concierge services are designed to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Private Suites and Meeting Rooms:

For those requiring utmost privacy or conducting business on the go, Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal offers luxurious private suites and meeting rooms. These elegant spaces provide a quiet and exclusive environment for work, relaxation, or confidential conversations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, the suites and meeting rooms ensure that you can conduct your business affairs with convenience and sophistication.

Gourmet Dining Options:

Indulge in a culinary journey at the VIP Terminal’s gourmet dining establishments. Whether you’re craving international cuisine, local delicacies, or a customized menu, the VIP Terminal offers a range of dining options to suit every palate. Savor exquisite dishes prepared by renowned chefs, complemented by an extensive selection of fine wines and beverages.

Spa and Wellness Facilities:

Rejuvenate your senses at the VIP Terminal’s spa and wellness facilities. Unwind with a range of wellness treatments, from revitalizing massages to beauty services. Immerse yourself in a serene ambiance and let the experienced therapists pamper you, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation before or after your flight.

Chauffeured Transfers:

Enjoy the convenience and luxury of chauffeured transfers between the VIP Terminal and your aircraft. Experienced drivers will ensure a smooth and comfortable journey, minimizing transit time and ensuring a seamless transition to your flight. Leave the logistics to the professionals, allowing you to focus on enjoying the VIP experience.

Duty-Free Shopping:

Explore a world of luxury retail at Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal. From high-end fashion brands to exquisite jewelry and accessories, the duty-free shopping experience is tailored to cater to your discerning tastes. Take advantage of personalized shopping assistance and exclusive offerings available only to VIP Terminal guests.

Children’s Play Area:

For families traveling with children, the VIP Terminal at DXB features a dedicated children’s play area. Equipped with engaging activities and supervised by experienced staff, the play area ensures that young travelers are entertained and well taken care of while you relax or attend to your travel needs.

Discreet Immigration and Customs Clearance:

Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal offers expedited immigration and customs clearance, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Dedicated immigration counters and discreet procedures minimize waiting times and maintain your privacy, allowing you to breeze through the formalities.

Experience the epitome of luxury and convenience at Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal. With exclusive facilities, personalized service, and meticulous attention to detail, your journey will be nothing short of extraordinary. Book your VIP Terminal experience and embark on a truly memorable travel adventure at DXB.

What is the Cost for booking Dubai Airport VIP Terminal Service?

Cost can vary according to the service inclusions, so please contact our team on [email protected] to get the accurate answer.


Where is DXB VIP Terminal located?

The VIP Terminal at Dubai International Airport is located in a separate facility known as the Dubai Executive Terminal (DET). The DET is a standalone terminal situated adjacent to Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of VIPs, high-profile individuals, and private jet travelers. The DET offers exclusive services and facilities to ensure a premium and personalized travel experience for its esteemed guests.

Why to Book VIP Terminal Service at Dubai International Service DXB?

You will Indulge in a travel experience that rivals the exclusivity and comfort of flying on a private jet at Dubai International Airport’s VIP Terminal. Step into a world where every detail is tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless journey reminiscent of private jet travel.

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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