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If we’re to talk about one of the most innovative and effective travel programs, TSA Pre Check stands out. TSA Pre Check is a U.S. government program that allows low-risk travelers to expedite their security screening at over 200 airports. The benefits are clear: faster access to boarding gates, and wait times of less than 10 minutes for 99% of members as of 2024. With over 18 million active members, TSA Precheck has become a mandatory travel feature today.  Hence,for those interested this guide provides all the information you need on the benefits of TSA PreCheck, who is eligible, and how to enroll. Moreover, those who are confused with the difference between fast track, clear airport security, and TSA pre check, this guide will help clear up any doubts. So keep educating yourself for a quality travel time.


What is TSA PreCheck and How does it Work?

TSA PreCheck is a program created to expedite the security screening process for low-risk travelers at over 200 U.S. airports and especially amongst the top busiest airports. Launched in December 2013, TSA PreCheck allows travelers to enjoy dedicated lines at security checkpoints, significantly reducing travel time. Members do not need to remove belts, shoes, or lightweight jackets. Additionally, they can keep their laptops in their cases and carry-on bags can include travel-size liquids and gels without separate screening.

Unlike the usual security process, where passengers must remove shoes, heavy jackets, and electronics for separate screening, TSA Pre Check simplifies the process. This efficiency helps avoid further delays often caused by additional scrutiny if banned items are detected.

The program was implemented to address the security bottlenecks at airports, especially during busy times. By identifying passengers who pose a very low risk, TSA Pre Check maintains robust airport security while speeding up the security screening process for its members.


Benefits of Enrolling in TSA PreCheck

  • Simplified Pre-Screening: Establish your low-risk status as a trustworthy traveler.
  • Speedier Security Checks: Enjoy faster passage through airport security.
  • Keep Your Items On: Avoid the inconvenience of removing laptops, shoes, and jackets.
  • Exclusive Security Line: Benefit from dedicated lines for TSA Pre Check members, minimizing wait times even further.


Who is Eligible for TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck is accessible to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and legal permanent residents. Eligibility may be affected by providing false or incomplete information, violating transportation security regulations, or having certain criminal offenses. Children 12 and under can use TSA PreCheck security screening with a parent or legal guardian who has TSA PreCheck, even without their own known traveler number. This makes family TSA precheck a convenient option for those in need.


Steps on How to Apply for TSA Pre Check


Step 1 – Initiate Online Application

Start by visiting the TSA’s official website and beginning the online application process for TSA Pre Check.

Step 2 – Complete Online Form

Fill out the required information in the online application form. This typically takes less than five minutes.

Step 3- Schedule In-Person Appointment

After completing the online application, schedule an appointment at a TSA-approved enrollment center. You can do this through the TSA’s website.

Step 4 – Attend Appointment

Attend your scheduled appointment at the enrollment center. During this appointment, you will be fingerprinted and required to present valid proof of identity and U.S. citizenship documents. If you are a foreign citizen, you will need to provide certain residency documents.

Step 5- Receive Known Traveler Number (KTN)

Upon approval, you will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN). This unique number is used when booking flights.

Step 6 – Use KTN When Booking Flights

Enter your KTN whenever you book a flight. This ensures that your TSA PreCheck status is included on your boarding pass.

Step 7 – Enjoy TSA PreCheck Benefits

Once you have your KTN and TSA PreCheck status, you can use dedicated TSA PreCheck lanes at over 200 participating airports and with more than 90 airlines, allowing for a quicker and smoother security screening process.


Connect with airssist to Stay Ahead at Airports

At airssist, our Concierge services elevate your airport experience by providing easy access to TSA Pre Check benefits. If customized airport greeters, VIP lounge access via VIP terminals and chauffeured limo services is your interest, then airssist is the go-to solution for all your airport concierge needs. Count on airssist for a smooth journey through airport security, ensuring you make the most of your travel time while enjoying heightened airport security measures.

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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