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Are you getting ready for the summer vacation 2024? Do you have any international travel plans? Crossing international borders has gotten easier due to travel relaxations and a greater vaccination rate. So, if you’re prepared to board the flights and travel to some of the most popular tourist destinations, here are some useful tips for you!


1- Consider Booking Airport Concierge Services

Airport concierge services can make your Summer Vacation 2024 smoother and more enjoyable. These services can include assistance with baggage, fast-track security lines, and access to airport lounges.


2- Get Travel Insurance:

Having travel medical insurance is a necessity whenever crossing an international border. Travel insurance comes to be handy in the event of a variety of emergencies, including illness, injury, airline cancellation, and more. You will be paid for any losses so that your holiday is not ruined. A range of safeguards can be provided by an insurance policy, such as protection from complications related to (COVID-19), cashless medical care, and hospital evacuation.


3- Book a Flight Beforehand:

Flights booked at the last minute tend to be more expensive, so it’s best to plan ahead. Plan your trip to the Bahamas or Jamaica at least two months ahead of time. You can also avoid paying too much by keeping an eye out for sales and deals.


4- Pack Clothes According To The Weather:

Clothing and accessories should differ depending on whether you’re staying at a beach hut or a ski resort. Do extensive research on the weather and upcoming changes wherever you are going and You must bring comfortable, suitable clothing because circumstances sometimes can be unpredictable.


5- Understand Your Destination Country:

Your final location could be quite different from where you currently reside. You might encounter people of a different ethnicity or language or taste or time zone or set of safety regulations. There is no way for a citizen of one country to be aware of the laws of every other nation.

For this reason, doing a quick bit of research on your destination before you go can be useful. Additionally, the COVID-19 regulations and curfews. Gather all the necessary information in advance to keep all issues at bay


6- Stay Hydrated And Keep Snacks With You:

It might seem to be obvious, but it is very easy to forget to drink water sufficiently. Especially during your summer travel. Our suggestion is to carry a water bottle, so you stay hydrated throughout your travel. also, if you’re traveling to a place with dry climate make sure to drink more than you usually do.

During travels, anything unexpected can happen. You might be stuck somewhere, or something is causing a delay. It’s always handy to keep a light snack with you during your summer vacation 2024. Especially if you’re traveling with kids.


7- Sunblock/ Sun Cream Is A Must:

Sunshine might be the best medicine but too much of anything is not suggested. Sunburn can happen to anyone and it is one of the most common injuries with any outdoor activity. Always keep a good sunscreen/sunblock with at least 30 SPF with you. We usually apply it before stepping outside but get too lazy when need to reapply. Reapplying is a must at least every 2-3 hours. No one wants to be Icarus and be burnt by the sun. Getting a tan is good but sunburn is not.


8- Carry Sanitizer/ Wet Wipes:

It’s not the OCD talking but carrying hand sanitizer or wet wipes always comes in handy. You might eat something from the roadside stall and need to wipe your hands. Or encounter a camping bathroom that has no soap. Wet wipes have become essential for our travel kits as they help us quickly clean something off.


9- Don’t forget your glasses:

You step outside and can’t open your eyes! Too much sun can blur our vision. That is why carrying sunglasses or shades is a must for summer vacations.

Discover more about the ultimate checklist guide for travelers


Best Locations to Visit During the Summer Vacation 2024

Summers are here which means the traveler in all of us have started planning for their summer vacation 2024. You might have planned for a vacation on the beach, or the mountains maybe call you or not. But it is time to decide the place as airfares on popular routes skyrocket and a record-breaking number of people are going to travel this summer vacation 2024.


Indulging in some Italian “Dolce Vita” :

Italy has more allure than any other country when it comes to romance. You can explore the ancient ruins of Rome, the works of art in Venice, the cutting-edge culture of Milan, the picturesque shore of the Mediterranean, the wineries of Tuscany, the famous pizza of Pisa, and much more.

italy photo

Summertime highs are around 75 degrees, so if you plan on eating gelato while roaming the parks and promenades, you’d better do it soon. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como and the Hotel Hassler in Rome are two excellent options for anyone seeking a genuine villeggiatura in Italy.

Taking the Highway from Savannah to Charleston:

Summers in the South can be scorching (think high 80s to low 90s) but refreshing beverages like sweet tea and lemonade are readily accessible. Start your journey in Charleston, South Carolina’s port city, and enjoy strolling its lovely cobblestone streets, taking photos along the oceanfront promenade, and eating your fill at restaurants along Rainbow Row. Book airssist services at Charleston Airport Now !! 

Charleston photo

Then get in your car and drive to Savannah. About two hours away, you’ll find a coastal Georgia city with, yes, similar architecture and moss-draped live oaks, but also, if you like to keep busy on vacation, a bit more excitement (and ghost sightings). You should stay at the greatest hotel in Charleston, The Loutrel, and at the Alida on River Street in downtown Savannah.

Colombia’s Mythical Landscape:

Medellin is a cultural mecca where you may lose yourself in centuries of history and tradition, and Cartagena combines colonial architecture with the draw of the sea. Cartagena’s Old Town is a must-see for any visitor; with its brightly painted colonial houses and narrow cobblestone alleyways, it will take you back to the 16th century.

colombia photo

The surrounding white sand beaches also rarely see heavy traffic. All summer long, expect highs in the 90s, so dress accordingly. Book a room at the Casa San Agustin and relax.

Just Chilling in Jamaica:

You may unplug for a minute in Montego Bay, the capital of St. James Parish, which is only a short flight from the East Coast. When we say “hot,” we mean “hot”: Summertime highs might reach 90 degrees, but the season also brings some of the year’s most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and beach days.

Jamaica photo

There are various beaches in the vicinity to choose from besides your current beach read, such as Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. Montego Bay Marine Park is a must-visit for snorkelers and scuba divers due to its calm, sheltered waters. To fully experience the country’s barefoot luxury, a stay at the Round Hill Hotel and Villas is a must.

The Marrakesh Market

Morocco, in North Africa, is a fascinating destination with a wide range of cultures and traditions to learn about and experience. In the summer, you can ride a camel into the sunset and lose count of the stars in the Sahara Desert sky, or you can explore the rows of local handicrafts that line the twisting streets of Medina in Marrakesh.

Marrakesh market photo

If you can stand temperatures of nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll find fewer tourists and a more tranquil vacation, or at least as tranquil as it can be when haggling for tiles and dodging motorbikes. Private villas with gardens and outdoor spa treatments are available at the Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech.

Book Meet and Greet for Airport Travel

With people around the world getting ready for their summer vacation, airports are going to be extra crowded. Long lines, the hustle-bustle of the crowd, and the tiring airport formalities all wait for you at the airport. But you can skip all these by booking airssist Meet and Greet for both arrival and departure at the start and end of your journey. This will ensure a truly memorable trip and stress-free airport travel that is both quick and fun.

You can now book airport concierge services through online booking at airssist. For cheap summer travel compare prices for different packages and book the services all by yourself.

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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