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People with different types of disabilities face many difficulties in getting from place to place, so could you imagine how much more difficult it is to travel to another country? It could be a total struggle.

However, providing airport assistance helps people with certain disabilities like mobility impairment, visual issues, or passengers who have difficulty in hearing and speaking and assists them with airport procedures.

Read this blog by airssist to know how airport assistance can help disabled people in facilitating their airport journey.

What Does Airport Assistance for Disabled Travelers Include?

Wheelchair and Guided Assistance

The wheelchair service is provided to blind travelers or travelers with mobility impairment to help them navigate through the airport.

Airport Assistance

This service consists of welcoming disabled travelers at the airport entrance and transferring them by a wheelchair to the airplane and vice versa, going through all airport procedures including check-in, security, ticket counters, baggage claim, and more, whether it is an arriving, departing, or transit flight.

Disability assistants help disabled people in moving around the airport terminal wherever they need to go. It is also a bonus to book the meet and greet service of a professional airport assistance company like airssist, such companies coordinate with airlines to facilitate and fast track the airport journey of disabled people.

Airport Guided assistance is usually offered to people with hearing, speaking, or visual disabilities to help them in going through the airport procedures without any difficulty.

Airport guided assistance includes guiding disabled travelers through the airport and handling their airport procedures from the moment they arrive to the airport door until they board the plane, and vice versa.

Airport guided assistance can definitely help disabled travelers with their airport procedures, but a professional airport concierge company like airssist will finish the procedures faster. airssist can also add extra luxury to the airport journey of disabled people by providing access to airport VIP terminals, airport lounges, and by providing airport transportation service.

Disabled People Airport

Wheelchair and Guided Assistance provides disabled travelers with:

  • Assistance with the Main Airport Procedures

Airport assistance for disabled people includes handling all the airport procedures including check-in, security and customs checks, ticket counters, and more until the traveler is ready to board the plane or leave the airport.

  • Baggage Assistance to Passengers with Disabilities

Baggage assistants is among the most important services to be offered to a disabled traveler. The assistant helps travelers in carrying their baggage to the check-in area in case of departure or claiming the baggage and carrying them to the traveler’s vehicle outside of the airport in case of arrival. Assistants also help disabled passengers with their carry-on luggage by delivering them to the airplane and out of it.

Wheelchair and Guided Airport Assistance Tips

  • Book your flight tickets as soon as possible to inform the airline company about the type of assistance you need, i.e., wheelchair or guided assistance.
  • Request a wheelchair from the airline company when you book if you don’t intend to bring one yourself.
  • Arrive at the airport early so you can have some extra time to finish all the airport procedures without any delays.
  • Book the meet and greet service of a professional airport concierge company like airssist to make your airport journey extremely fast and comfortable.

When to Book Airport Assistance Services?

Each airline can independently determine how early disable travelers should request their airport assistance. Some airlines request to be informed about airport assistance for disabled people at least 72 hours before the flight, while others accept requests 48 hours before the flight. In case you are too late to request airport assistance, you can book with airssist to receive airport assistance for disabled people on short notice.


If you have a disabled person in the family who has to travel alone soon, inform the airline to do the needful and book airssist meet and greet, airport lounge access, VIP terminal or airport transportation services in addition to what the airline will provide, to have peace of mind about the traveler’s comfort and make sure you are covering all that the traveler needs for a stress-free travel.

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