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Travel friction is perceived by business travelers as a hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is extremely close to the concept. The idea is basic. If their basic demands at the lower levels of the pyramid are not addressed, business travelers cannot progress to the higher levels of the pyramid.The pyramid’s base is comprised of health and safety. Your staff members must first and foremost feel secure while traveling. such as making hotel reservations and receiving travel-related meal stipends. The engagement follows productivity on the second level. Your staff members can concentrate on their tasks and actively interact with others if they feel secure and well. This leads to an Impact on the pyramid’s summit. Your business traveler can efficiently complete tasks, such as closing the account or resolving clients.


What Is Travel Friction, And How Frequently it’s Experienced?


Travel friction, also known as “Travel Fatigue” is the emotional wear and tear experienced by business travelers. The tension that frequent travelers experience is the best example of it. Fatigue causes burnout, poorer productivity, aversion to travel, and lower workplace engagement, all of which hurt a company’s bottom line. Many road warriors are content with how much travel for business today, but they anticipate spending more time at home in the future.

Insights from US Road Warriors found that 51% of respondents polled anticipated traveling substantially less during the following two years. According to the same study, 25% and 41% of frequent travelers, respectively, have pushed their employers to change their travel policies. Due to employee burnout and job transitions into positions requiring less travel, businesses are finding a continuing need to hire high-performing road warriors.


Various Causes Of Travel Friction


As many airports make Wi-Fi connectivity difficult to obtain or expensive, poor connectivity is frequently closely tied to airport amenities. Due to the pressure on their networks, the speeds are frequently inadequate. Because they are unable to do even the most basic activities while away from the office, business travelers become frustrated.

Therefore, seasoned travelers spend more time searching for flights around “off-peak” periods and even report giving up on finding additional weekend and red-eye flights merely to avoid stressful peak airport traffic times. It makes sense that executives, salespeople, and other employees find traveling increasingly taxing, emotionally, and physically.


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A Simple Steps Toward Reducing Travel Friction


Few people want to travel for either business or pleasure. Although the benefits may appear few, there are several explanations. Many reasons are given for not appreciating travel, including jet lag, productivity loss, customs, congested airports, and time away from family and/or the job. As of late, these are referred to as “Travel Friction” Here are 5 strategies to reduce travel hassle and enhance your entire trip experience.


1.      Choose your Flight Wisely


Pick your flights. Your departure time will determine whether the rest of your vacation is successful or not. Consider taking an earlier flight, wherever you are travelling. These flights have higher on-time departure rates according to data because there was less time for problems to arise.

Not every flight is created equally. Flights without changes will be less stressful than ones that do. Due to their length and ease, domestic trips are less stressful than international ones. Additionally, long-haul flights in an economy class cabin will be more stressful than those in a premium class due to the tighter quarters, smaller seat pitches, and greater cabin crew-to-passenger ratio.


2.      Use Airport Lounges


Travelers aren’t always able to dictate their departure times. In cases like this, getting access to an airport lounge helps ease travel. Airport lounges are frequently listed as a great way to mitigate the travel friction felt by so many business travelers.

Corporate travelers, Business Executives, VIPs, and C-Level Executives always search for exuding luxury and comfort in their trips.  We’ll reduce any travel friction during your business trip. airssist Airport lounge service gives an ultimate business solution for travelers to finish airport procedures in a few minutes and to enjoy the luxury and comfort of the Airport lounge. Book Now


3.      Transportation


No matter where you travel in the world, transportation will never be perfect, From missed transfers to routes that have temporarily changed with a note posted in a language you don’t understand, there are tons of ways transportation issues can botch your journey.

With the help of airssist Chauffeur & Limousine Service, travel the globe in the classiest, most luxurious, and safest cars. We’re here to ensure you reach your destination in luxury and style, whether you need transportation from/ to the airport for a full-day transfer or an interstate transfer.


4.      Hotels


The most important element influencing travelers’ experiences was hotels. Many people overlook the fact that choosing to lodge for business travel that is close to the final destination of their trip or conference decreases stress for the traveler by cutting down on both the cost of the trip as a whole as well as the amount of time spent traveling. Discover the greatest corporate discount rate for you and look for an acceptable business hotel that suits your need for relaxation and work.


airssist Airport Concierge Services Benefits


By assisting corporate travelers, business executives, VIPs, Families, and Travel lovers through all airport procedures, our High-end Airport Concierge Services aims to make everyone as comfortable as possible and remove all Travel Friction/ Fatigue during travel in order to complete tasks efficiently.


Airport Meet & Greet Service


  • Airport Greeter to Guide you Through Airport Processes.
  • Avoid Queueing With Our Fast-Track Services.
  • Navigate The Airport with Our Buggy Transportation
  • With Our Porter’s Help, There Will Be No More Luggage Struggles.
  • Airport Lounge access
  • And More…



VIP Terminal Service


  • Private Entrance
  • Chauffeur Transportation to Aircraft/ TARMAC Transfer
  • Private Suite with Bathtub
  • Dedicated Valet parking
  • Major Formalities are Done by our Expert Greeter
  • And More…


airssist Chauffeur and Limousine Service


  • Professional Multi-Lingual Drivers
  • The Best Rates In The Market
  • Unique And Matchless Ride
  • Be In Time For All Meetings And Events
  • We Fulfill Urgently Requests



Why To Book airssist For Your Corporate & Business Travel


  • Best Airport Concierge Partner for Business Travel Managers
  • Account manager to assist you in all booking 24/7
  • One point of contact to reach all airport concierge service providers worldwide
  • Airport Business Solutions & Concierge Services for Corporate Travelers & Business Trips
  • Discounted Rates for Corporate
  • Award-winning VIP Airport Services for Corporates Worldwide
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  • Free corporate account creation



Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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