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The government and the royal family frequently use the secret VIP room at Heathrow Airport, which may not be known to regular passengers. Prince William and Kate Middleton recently began their half-term break in the opulent lounge known as the Heathrow Airport VIP Suite and got the full VIP treatment.


What is The Heathrow Airport VIP Lounge?

Most frequent fliers regularly spend time in airport lounges. The World’s most exclusive lounge is now being seen by the general public for the first time. Known as Heathrow VIP  private lounge at Terminal 5, with dining, drinks & more business services at London Heathrow airport.


What Can You Expect To Find?


1. Chauffeur & Limousine Service

Well, non-royals will be chauffeured to the airport in a BMW 7 series and taken directly to the suites via a private access road at LHR airport. Once there, you will be greeted by a doorman and escorted to your suite.


2. Michelin dining

Once you’re in your room, you may call in your personal butler to take advantage of the limitless choices or choose from the long list, which you can combine with a three-course lunch from, the chef behind London’s Michelin-starred restaurants Pollen Street Social and Maze


3. Personal Flight Liaison

Who really wants to wait in line? A personal flight liaison can assist you with all of the annoying business of checking in, dealing with customs, and dealing with security.


4. VAT Reclaim

With airssist, You can get your VAT refund processed right in your room, which is another major perk for individuals who may have been in the UK. You’ll probably want your 20% fee returned if your luggage suddenly includes shopping bags from Burberry, Gucci, or Harrods of London. This fee is refundable to non-EU Citizens.


5. Extravagant Private Lounge

Heathrow Airport Lounge/VIP Suite has been furnished with a huge sofa and armchairs to give off an opulent vibe. The spacious formal dining table is where guests can eat while relaxing in front of their own TVs. And forget about sharing a restroom with other travelers at the airport because there is a private one available to you.

Heathrow Private Terminal features a painting of the Queen on the wall, which will no sure make the royals feel at home. There are hidden features like netting to hide from paparazzi along with lovely designs and artwork by artists like Andy Warhol.


“Return On Investment” ROI of Business Travel


Heathrow Private Terminal Services : Arrival, Departure, and Transit


For Arrival



Greeter will be there to greet you as soon as you exit the airplane. You’ll be driven to your own lounge in an opulent suite in a luxurious car and will assist you with your luggage.


While immigration procedures are being completed, take advantage of the hospitality in Heathrow Private Terminal.

Leaving The Airport

Once the airport formalities process are complete, and your luggage is returned, you will join your chauffeur to take you to your destination.


For Departure



You will be greeted at your door by one of chauffeurs you’re then driven in comfort and peace to Heathrow airport


Greeter will be waiting inside Heathrow Private Terminal so you can unwind in your personal lounge while waiting for your flight. how you spend your time is up to you!

Private Lounge

Heathrow Private Terminal was thoughtfully built with flair and refinement and is intended to help you rest, focus on work, or spend time with your invited guests or family.


When your flight is ready, a driver will take you to the aircraft once all procedures have been completed inside the upscale Heathrow VIP Suite.


For Transit

As soon as you exit the plane, a member of the crew will greet you and show you how to get to your private lounge. You can opt to eat from our seasonal menu created by a chef with a Michelin star. You will pass through our private security area when your flight is ready, and then a private car will take you to the aircraft.


How Can airssist Airport Concierge Help?


We understand how busy and stressed out you are at work. Therefore, don’t spare yourself the hassle of standing in long queues and other airport formalities.

If you are traveling from USA to London Heathrow airport “LHR” The Heathrow Airport Lounge & VIP Private Suite is the only option that is appropriate for you and your business. With airssist, booking a Heathrow Private Terminal in London is as easy as a few clicks away for a hassle-free business trip. Contact Us


In The Conclusion

If you were ever fortunate enough to spend time in Heathrow Private Terminal it’s a sure bet it would be difficult to return to your “regular” lounge life.

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