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Nowadays business travel shows no sign of slowing down as the world opens to a new era of travel. Even in this world of instant communication and social media, business travel is as necessary and advantageous as ever where Global Business Travel Association recently announced a surge in business travel demand.

Business Travelers are hitting the road for meetings and conferences and sales presentations, etc. Therefore, Business travelers are looking for service providers who can value add to their offerings with additional amenities, drinks, extra legroom, and other inclusions and services.


Why Do Businessmen Travel So Much?

Businessmen usually travel to a different location for meeting suppliers or business partners , attending business meeting, conferences, Trade shows, exhibitions, investment, opening new offices and branches for their company and much more. Clearly, companies still see value in business travel. One of the main reasons why business travel is important is the personal interaction that builds good foundations for a future or existing relationship. This can also reduce miscommunication and encourage almost a sense of unity. As the concept of travel looks to be a reliable tool that helps you to streamline your business operations at a higher level.

Travelling makes business managers or owners establish many new connections. More importantly, it provides you with an opportunity to meet different kinds of people such as investors, freelancers, suppliers, and so on. Interestingly, you can also meet many potential customers who can create a great impact on your business.

airssist offers high quality services for business travelers , which save their time and make their business trip easier and more enjoyable such as; Meet and Greet, Fast Track, VIP Terminal, Airport Transfer, Executive Security, Airport Assistance and VIP Services


7 Different Types of Business Travel Purposes


1- Event and conference travel

Many companies send their employees to corporate events and conferences. Conference attendees may attend seminars and workshops, as well as organized meals or networking sessions. These events are meant to offer professional learning and development, while facilitating networking with peers, potential clients, and service providers.

2- Company retreats

Some companies choose to hold retreats annually or multiple times per year. Corporate retreats help teams grow stronger and build company culture through shared activities. They can also provide remote teams with some much-needed “face time” — this is especially important for remote-first businesses, some of which don’t have any offices at all.

3- Internal meetings and visiting offices

For national and multinational companies with multiple offices, business travel is a key way to ensure the entire organization is aligned. Employees and leadership may need to travel to other offices to discuss specific projects and business strategy. They may also visit other offices to build a more integrated organizational culture.

4- Trade fairs

Trade fairs, also known as trade shows or trade exhibitions, are a key sales channel in certain industries. Trade fairs give companies the opportunity to present their products or services to interested buyers. They can be a valuable tool for direct sales, brand awareness, and building customer relationships.

Employees of both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies may travel to exhibit at trade shows. B2B trade shows are focused more on relationship-building, while B2C trade shows are geared towards direct sales.

5- Client meetings

Employees or executives may need to travel to meet clients or prospects. In some countries, such as Japan, face-to-face meetings and informal gatherings are an important part of the local business culture, so business travel is essential in order to maintain strong client relationships.

6- Bleisure travel

Bleisure travel is very popular where Bleisure travelers extend their business trips to leave time for sightseeing and relaxation. Since business trips often involve visiting interesting new cities or countries, it’s understandable that many travelers are eager to make the most of their travel experience and see a bit of the world.This hybrid travel style can be beneficial to both employers and employees. By allowing bleisure travel, businesses can encourage employees to volunteer for business trips more often. In addition, travelers may benefit from the relaxing break, arriving back at the office refreshed and recharged.

7- Transfers and offshore work

While a typical business trip lasts only a few days or weeks, long-term transfers are a much more significant commitment. Employees sometimes need to relocate to a different city or country for a certain period of time. They may be required to work on a specific project, set up a new function or business process, or otherwise transfer knowledge from one location to another.
Transfers are often more challenging than short-term business travel, especially when they involve moving to another country. In this case, businesses may need to handle visas and taxation paperwork. They’ll also need to support the transferred employee with issues like culture shock, finding housing, and setting up their lives in the new location.

airssist offers range of unique services for business travelers in more over 700 airports around the world, such as Airport Lounges service which are often filled with complimentary amenities such as premium food and snacks, fully stocked bars, modern shower facilities, fast Wi-Fi, plentiful power outlets, comfortable working areas and much more.


Business Travellers Needed Airport Services for a Smooth Business Trip

Business travellers need privacy, personal space and comfort to wind-down at the end of their days in order to stay refreshed and on the ball, at airport we can’t guarantee that a flight will depart on time or that a layover won’t be missed.

airssist VIP terminals are equipped with a business centre which offers a printer, fax, photocopier, plenty of plug sockets and complimentary WIFI for businessmen.

airssist services include Airport Assistance, Fast-track, Meet & Greet, VIP Terminal and Airport Transportation through its Chauffeur and Limo Services .

The vast majority of business travelers enjoy work trips, but they tend to value convenience and control over comfort and amenities. Many business travelers work in other places beyond their office, they may work from the plane, the airport, their taxi or their hotel room and they need the proper resources in order to do so effectively, so all business travelers needs during their business trip are connectivity, privacy and space, convenience, efficiency, comfort, and reliability.

Business travellers are looking for service providers who can value add to their offerings with additional amenities, drinks, extra legroom, and other inclusions and services.

Business travelers are particularly motivated to arrange travel options that enable them to save time and arrive well-rested.

With airssist we ensure business travelers a relaxed business travel experience .

Frequency of Business Trips

Business Traveler travels nine times a year on average as business trip frequency is between one and five times a year. Recently, Business trips are reported to last 6 days on average, with an average minimum of two and a maximum of 28 days.

The fact is, the younger members of the workforce aren’t complaining about having to travel for work as Most of them consider business travel to be a perk of the job, and 65% of them see it as a status symbol.


Why Business Travel Industry Is Growing?

Business travel is growing, thanks to factors like globalisation and the availability of flights where Business travel is a division of regular tourism in which people travel for a business-oriented purpose. It includes transportation, accommodation, business work, entertainment, and other activities.

The business travel segment witnesses the highest growth rate in Global travel & tourism industry, as employees working in multinational organizations are often required ttravel across various countries for business purposes. In business tourism, destinations are commercial places, which are well-developed and suited for trade work.


Which Businesses Industry Travel the Most?

Business travel is a critical input to virtually every industry and business. And some industries use travel much more intensely than others.

The industry of Food Processing and Services is an enormous and fast-growing industry with a high level of business travel intensity that jumped up the Global BTI (Business Travel International) rankings this year and is now the largest business travel sector in the world with $112.1 Billion USD spent on business travel.


6 Business Travel Advantages

When you have a busy travel schedule, you never know who you might meet, what skills you might acquire or what new horizons await. Here are 6 great benefits of business Travel:

Enjoying everything in the new place:

For instance, if you’re a history buff, it means limitless museums and historical sites and If you’re a foodie, this means staking out the best restaurants, food carts and hole in the wall diners around the world.

Face to face meetings are more effective

Remote interactions are adequate but not as effective as when you meet in real life. Face to face meetings are essential for established long term business relationships. You can get more deals made and create longer lasting and stronger business relationships when you meet face-to-face, as fostering and maintaining relationships is a vital part of the process.

No routine burnout for you

If you get bored doing the same old thing every day, business travel can help keep things interesting. It’s one way to make sure the daily grind isn’t so “daily” after all where humans are creatures of habit but also prone to boredom. Traveling for business ensures that you’ll never get stuck in the rut of daily routine.

Discover different ways of working

Travel is a fantastic tool for broadening your mind and expanding your knowledge. When you travel for business, you get the chance to experience new places, new cultures and different ways of working, all of which will help you build a more well-rounded world view. Interacting with and experiencing different cultures will also help to foster creativity, which you can then bring to your job. Research shows that business travel cultivated creativity and productivity, two traits which will help you get noticed at your job.

Build confidence

One of the most valuable benefits of travel is that it puts you out of your comfort zone and helps to build your confidence. As The commute to the office is automatic, our everyday tasks do not challenge us, but Business Travel plucks you out of that routine and challenges you to adapt to a whole new environment. Navigating a new city successfully, understanding and acknowledging cultural differences and successfully building a business relationship or closing a deal will give you a huge confidence boost and help you navigate unfamiliar and challenging situations in the future.

Time management

Business travel improves your time management skills in a great way. You cannot relax in your business travel as you have to follow your time schedules to meet your clients in your destination. An experienced traveller is considered to be a good planner in handling the available time. Remember the fact money lost can be recovered, but a time lost is lost forever.


airssist provides Business Travelers Meet and greet service in addition to Chauffeur & Limousine Service for business trip which include business travelers transportation from/to the airport , full-day transfer, or inter-city transfer for business travelers movement inside the city, Wide variety of luxury vehicles available for booking, Multi-lingual licensed drivers who are well acquainted with the requested city.


Top 6 Business Travel Trends for 2022-2023


1- Business is almost always mixed with pleasure:

The rise of bleisure travel (Business + Leisure) proves to be one of the most significant outcomes of the demographic shift in corporate travel, as the workforce becoming younger so more employees now are looking to do more than work during their trips away from the office.

Bleisure travelers go on these trips once every two to three months. More than half of international business travelers plan to extend business trips to accommodate leisure activities at their destination.

2- Unconventional accommodations are in

There is a growing popularity of unconventional accommodations where Business travelers have become more open to considering staying somewhere other than traditional chain hotels. More are opting to stay in apartments and other accommodations that have a more homey feel.

Smaller boutique hotels and home-like accommodations, enjoy increased popularity among business travelers today which provide opportunities for exploring the destination in new ways. More travelers also stay further away from the city center, as comfort and proximity to leisure activities are prioritized.

3- Travel as a time to connect

Managers are seeking events with a powerful mix of networking and content so Flying for business which can now be conducted remotely, is being replaced by travel for bonding and training.

This can facilitate networking, skills development, and recruitment. For remote teams, purposeful in-person interaction can be a game-changer for morale.

4- Self-booking is becoming the norm

There are numerous self-booking options that business professionals can leverage. This trend towards self-booking may also be another offshoot of the generational shift in corporate travelers. After all, millennials prefer self-booking when they travel so that they can find flights and accommodations that meet their preferences.

5- More flexible corporate travel policies

Travelers are now more likely to go outside employer-approved channels when booking properties and transportation for their trips.

Corporate travelers need a booking process that provides better availability and allows them to choose from more property and rate options. Combined with emerging preferences for unconventional accommodations, the need for more varied booking options pushes corporate travel policies to become more flexible.

6- Flipping the trip script

Enabled by technology and evolving corporate policies, business travelers are taking more extended, unconventional trips and seizing new opportunities for bleisure and in-person connection.

Employees and employers will have to work together to adapt corporate travel policies, as well as the purpose and design of trips, to meet the needs of a younger workforce demanding a new way to work and explore.


With airssist Business Travelers should try  VIP Terminal Service to stay away from the hustle- bustle of the main terminal for a unique and personalized experience that values comfort waits and avoid wasting businessmen time, with airssist Services you will definitely be satisfied

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