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Even for the most seasoned traveler, flying can provide its share of difficulties. Airports can be intimidating for first-time flyers due to the constant influx and outflow of passengers and aircraft. The difference between a stress-free and a terrifying airport experience often comes down to how well one is prepared. Thankfully, we picked up a few pointers that can come in handy on your next excursion away from the airport. These 16 airport techniques you never knew will simplify everything about your airport experience, from packing to arrival to boarding.

1- Book airssist Airport Concierge Services

airssist offers meet & greet services, where our greeters warmly welcome you either at the entrance of the airport or at the gate of your aircraft. With airssist’s meet and greet services, our greeter will assist you in navigating through VIP lines, managing your baggage check-in, and ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience as you move through the airport.



2- Select The Best Seats On The Aircraft

Choose the best seat on the aircraft for added convenience and comfort. Do you require ample legroom? Would you prefer a seat close to an electrical receptacle or USB port? Conduct research on the finest seats and amenities of a flight in order to select the most comfortable and relaxing location.


3- Be Familiar With Your Transit And Destination Airports

You may be familiar with your local airport, but are you also familiar with your layover and final destination terminals? If you have never flown out of a particular airport, navigation may be difficult or disorienting. Before departing, consult airport maps and determine which services are available in each terminal. By doing this beforehand, you will save time when searching for food, toiletries, and facilities during a brief layover. You can also discover information about an airport’s Wi-Fi, particularly if multiple networks are offered.


4- Bring A Multiple-Plug Adapter

Pack an adapter that multiple people can connect into if you’re traveling with other people. If every receptacle at your gate is occupied when you arrive, a fellow passenger may be willing to share with you if you bring an adapter.


5- Bring With You A Mobile Battery Charger

We want our electronic devices to be charged and available to use at all times in the modern world. Those who rely on their phones to call for a ride when they reach their destination may panic when they see a 10% battery charge indicator in the upper left corner. Carry a portable battery converter to prevent dead cell phones and other electronics. If your phone’s battery is dangerously low, you won’t have to seek out an outlet if you have a portable recharge.


6- Bring A Non-Filled Water Bottle

You should remain hydrated prior to, during, and after your flight. However, you cannot bring excess liquids through security, and beverages after security tend to be costly. For economical hydration, bring an empty water bottle that you can replenish after passing through security. You can refresh yourself with orange juice or soda on the aircraft.


7- Bring Dry Snacks

Typically, airport cuisine is costly. Pack dry refreshments such as candy bars, granola bars, pretzels, and nuts in your carry-on to avoid hunger and overspending.


8- Establish A Set Flying Outfit

If you already have a specific set of clothing you know you’ll be comfortable in, preparing for your flight will be much easier and quicker. You will need durable clothing that does not make you too hot or too chilly. You may want to pack a light scarf or cardigan that can keep you warm but is simple to remove if you get too warm.

To expedite the airport security process faster, it is advisable to select shoes that can be easily taken off and put back on at security checkpoints. Additionally, opt for a belt with a plastic fastener, as some security personnel may permit you to wear a non-metallic belt. It is also important to ensure that your travel attire is clean and readily accessible a few days prior to your departure date. By following these suggestions, you can help make the airport security screening faster and more efficient.


9- Wear Glasses Rather Than Contacts

During flights, our epidermis and eyes feel more parched. Wearing glasses as opposed to contacts can prevent eyes from drying out. Including eye drops and hand lotion on your carry-on list can help keep your eyes and skin hydrated during the flight.


10- Bring Hand Deodorant And Wet Wipes

High-traffic areas, such as airports and airplanes, can harbor an abundance of pathogens and germs. The tray tables on airplanes are among the dirtiest items, so you should pack hand sanitizer or damp wipes in your carry-on. Thus, you can remain spotless and sanitary in both the airport and on board.


11- Weigh Your Bags Prior To Proceeding To The Airport.

Especially if you are unprepared, airport fees and extra charges can add up rapidly. Bags that exceed a certain weight limit will incur additional fees from airlines. Weigh your suitcase at home to avoid this additional cost. Compare the weight of your suitcase to the airline’s specified limit in order to save a little money. If your bag is too heavy, transfer items to another bag, such as your carry-on, or consider carrying lighter.


12- Wear Heavy Items To Increase Luggage Space.

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the hand luggage rules to ensure compliance. When your bag is approaching the weight limit, consider strategically positioning a heavier item, such as a jacket or sweatshirt, on top or in the front compartment. In the event that the airline notifies you about your bag exceeding the weight limit, you can promptly address the situation by removing the garment and wearing it. Once you have successfully boarded the aircraft, you have the option to remove the garment and conveniently store it in the overhead compartment. Furthermore, if your bag becomes heavier due to the purchase of a few mementos, this effective strategy can also be employed when you are returning home.



13- Guard Your Baggage

Numerous travelers use a bow, ribbon, or other simple embellishment to distinguish their luggage from that of others. However, most basic ornaments will not protect your luggage. Rather, invest in technology such as a luggage tracker or a lock that is resistant to crushing to prevent larceny of your luggage. Consider purchasing luggage with a hard exterior, which is more durable and simple to clean.


14- Keep Necessary Items Within Easy Reach

Keep your boarding pass, identification, and other items you’ll need in the airport easily accessible in your carry-on. You should also store electronic devices such as your laptop in an easily accessible location. When attempting to pass through security, you won’t have to rummage through your luggage to find your identification or laptop.


15- Proceed To The Left-Side Checkpoints

People have a natural tendency to choose the correct side when choosing a side. To get through a security checkpoint faster, choose a checkpoint on your left.


16- Utilize The Lounge Area At The Airport

You can easily obtain airport lounge access by making a reservation with an airport concierge company, such as airssist, which provides airport lounge access on short notice.

Frequent travelers with children prefer to arrive early at the airport to ensure they have ample time to clear security and board their aircraft. Club lounges can be a wonderful place for these families to rest and relax. The entire family can enjoy drinks, refreshments, hot chocolate, Wi-Fi, television, DVDs, and more. Before your departure, use the lounge as a calming diversion for you and your family.



Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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