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The air travel industry is growing every year and so is the endeavor to make travel more comfortable and stress-free. The Crystal Cabin Awards, known for being the only global awards for aircraft interiors, has announced this years’ shortlist for excellence in airline cabins and aircrafts interiors of the future. The list has an interesting mix of innovation in personalized aircraft cabin, from rotating seats to hyper-connected cabins. With airport concierge services flourishing, platforms like airssist are leaving no stone unturned to meet people’s demand for a swift airport travel. It’s not just inside the airport but inside the aircraft too that efforts are been made to make travel more luxurious.

The Crystal Cabin Awards 2020 list includes innovated ideas like Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands that have proposed seats that turn into bunkbeds. But also has some not-so-practical revolutionaries’ idea too, that doesn’t seem to turn into reality in the near future.

Personalization is one of the key factors that travelers want today. In Meet and Greet too, the Greeter helps to make the airport travel experience hassle-free with their one-to-one dedicated service. In the Crystal Cabin Awards 2020 list, the ideas all tend to make airlines and aircrafts a more personalized experience by offering upgrades to aircraft interiors. The designers who have worked tirelessly for it have now got the approval from the aviation world’s most renowned awards.

Over 100 entries were scrutinized to get a comprehensive list of the best ideas. This list includes categories like “Visionary Concepts” and “In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity.” And will be announced officially in Hamburg, Germany at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, to be held in March 2020.

The Revolutionary Ideas to Change How We Travel

In recent years, as air traffic increases, the debate about enhancing the economy experience is heating up. Designers are trying to transform it through ideas like Universal Movement’s “Interspace” seat which had proposed foldable wings on sides of the seats to offer more comfort and privacy, and Aviointeriors infamous “stand-up” airplane seat.

The Crystal Cabin Awards lists some fascinating designs to make economy more comfortable and personalized. One of the ideas “Flex Lounge”, by engineering firm Heinkel Group, suggests flexible seats in economy. After take-off these seats can be rearranged by the crew so that travelers in a group can face each other. This will allow family, friends, and group travelers a more intimate flying experience.

Adient Aerospace also proposed ideas to make family travel more fun and personalized. In their “Space For All” design they suggested the front three seats to include an extending mechanism. This would transform the space to a sofa-style flat bed for the whole group to share.

Another idea by Ciara Crawford would make traveling easier for the differently abled. Crawford’s ROW1 seat would make the wheelchair fit seamlessly into the seat row, making air travel more accessible experience.

“what you experience on ground, you continue to experience on board of an aircraft.”

Environmentally friendly designs

Being eco-conscious is the need of the hour. Airlines are now under tough scrutiny to ensure a sustainable future. The Crystal Cabin Awards 2020 list too includes ideas that would help airlines become more environmentally friendly, from “Zero”, a meal tray by PriestmanGoode that would lessen the amount of plastic waste in meal service, to “Greywater Reuse Unit” by Diehl Aviation that proposes to use the water in the basin to be used to flush the toilets.

The winners will be announced on March 31st, 2020.

These ideas are still a long way to be implanted to make your airlines experience more comfortable. But what you can do to make your air travel more relaxing is enjoy a memorable airport experience. A comfortable and fast airport journey is now just few clicks away with airssist booking platforms and app. Travelers all over the world are making their travel stress-free by booking airport services, like Meet and Greet and VIP Terminal from airssist, have you tried it?

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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