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While spending 8 hours in a stuffy airplane might sound like your worst nightmare, long-distance travel can be a dream with some forward planning and home comforts. Follow our 10 survival Tips & Strategies for long flight to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, at ease, and ready to begin your vacation.


1.      Find Comfortable Clothes To Wear On Long Flights


This should be a given Think of an outfit you will be glad to wear after 10 hours of flying. Wearing multiple loose layers is great to regulate your temperature as you fly because, as you may recall, sitting still and being blasted by a powerful air conditioning system may get chilly.


2.      Reserve A Good Seat


To plan ahead and, if at all possible, pick a good seat is one of the most important long-distance flight recommendations. However, you can just stick to a few simple rules:


  • Choose exit rows if you want extra space for your legs.
  • On international flights, the front of the plane is frequently where you’ll find specific accommodations for babies, so avoid sitting there if you want to avoid hearing wailing children.
  • Get an aisle seat if you prefer to walk around the plane or need easy access to the restroom.


3.      Stay hydrated


Because aircraft cabins are frequently extremely dry environments, the likelihood of dehydration is considerable. Drink a lot of water slowly and frequently, and limit your intake of tea, and coffee. If you can, bring a bottle of water with you on the flight (due to liquid restrictions, it might need to be purchased at the airport and kept sealed until boarding).  If you frequently get dry eyes, pack a tiny tube of moisturizer and some eye drops.

You can learn more from our prior blog post about the Traveler’s Ultimate Guide – A Checklist for Travelers.


4.      Relax!


There isn’t a finer occasion than a flight to put your worries aside and do nothing. No mobile phone coverage, crew waiting on your every need, someone else is at the wheel…  use the opportunity to finish that book you have been meaning to read, watch a couple of movies, or go through the guidebook to get enthusiastic about your trip. Consider those 8, 10, and 12 hours as an extra hour, and your lengthy flight will instantly change from being a hassle to being a benefit.


5.      Choose a Good Airline


There is unquestionably a quality gap between poor and good long-haul airlines. Before making a reservation, do some research and read reviews to find out what other customers have to say about the airline of your choice.

If you’re picky about this, compare things like the legroom dimensions or ask some other passengers about the meals on British Airways if that’s what makes or breaks your flight.

Air New Zealand, Emirates, and Virgin Atlantic are among the airlines that are frequently ranked as excellent for long-haul trips.

Due to its excellent service and comfort levels in all classes, Singapore Airlines won the Telegraph Travel Awards 2014 for being the best long-haul airline.


6.      Load Up All Your Devices


We are living in an age of technology. Why not make the best use of it? Still, haven’t watched a Star is Born? Or that documentary that you wanted to see but couldn’t make time for it? Make sure your devices (tablet, laptop, smartphone) have all the movies, games, music, and more you like.

Binge-watch your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music to make the best of your time. Of course, airlines today have a cool selection of games, movies, television shows, and music but it might not have wanted you to want to see.


7.      Don’t Forget Your Health


We cannot stress the importance of moving around during a long-haul flight. Try to get an aisle seat or the front-row seat to help you walk around when possible. Apart from that staying hydrated during flights is a must. Check out the hacks flight attendants use to drink more water on planes.



8.      Noise-Canceling Headphones


To drown out airline noise or rowdy passengers, several high-quality earplugs will serve just fine if you can’t afford them.


9.      Get Productive


This could be an excellent moment to catch up on any busy work that needs to be done if you have your laptop with you.


10.    Pack Lots Of Activities For Your Kids


Taking a family vacation? Make sure you pack lots of entertainment for them to enjoy the flight. Bring game consoles, iPads loaded with their preferred shows (and headphones), coloring and sticker books, and more. Don’t forget to bring their preferred foods, too.



Have A Smooth Airport Experience For Arrival, Departure, And Transit


The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a smooth airport experience both for your arrival and departure. And for sure your transit flights, because with long-haul flights, there is a high chance you might have a connecting flight. This can be done easily with airssist Meet and Greet service or if you’re lucky and have VIP Terminal access in the airport you’re traveling from. Contact us

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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