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With forecasts by Airports Council International (ACI) projecting that over 19 billion passengers will traverse the world’s airports annually by 2040, the landscape of airport services is poised for a transformative shift. With more global travelers seeking personalized airport services and experiences, the adaptation of airport services becomes increasingly crucial. In our simple guide, we look ahead at the evolution of these services  to meet the changing demands of a growing travel community. With us, explore how airports are transforming their services to ensure an improved travel experience for the future.


Common Airport Services at Present

In the present, airports offer a range of services designed to enhance the travel experience for passengers. From check-in to boarding, various amenities cater to the different needs of modern globetrotters with a lifestyle to uphold. These include efficient baggage handling, personalized assistance, and access to airport lounges. Moreover, technology has made things simpler at airports. You’ll often find self-check-in machines and mobile boarding passes, making the whole process easier for everyone. Some of the common airport services offered in any airport include:


  • Baggage Handling: Streamlined processes for swift baggage check-in and retrieval.
  • Airport Assistance: Dedicated assistance services for passengers with specific needs.
  • Airport Lounges: Access to exclusive lounges for relaxation and amenities.



Future of Airport Services

As more people travel, airports need to change to meet new needs. That’s why it’s important to look at the Future of Airport Services. Let’s see some ways things will change to make your travel better in the future.


Home Check-in

Enabling passengers to check in for their flights directly from their residences would be an innovative approach that offers a heightened level of convenience. Furthermore, the added prospect of baggage collection or drop-off at a nearby depot enhances the overall efficiency of the pre-flight experience.


Connecting the Airport with the City

Connecting the airport with the city is a transformative step in the future of airport services. By shifting from traditional cars and cabs to more efficient modes like programmed trains and cars to get directly to boarding gates, this approach would be very efficient and passenger convenience. It not only reduces traffic but also aligns with the growing focus on eco-friendly travel solutions, contributing to a redefined and streamlined travel experience.

Access Management

Controlling your access presents a groundbreaking future for airport services, featuring the issuance of boarding passes on mobile devices and the introduction of the “On the Move” concept. This entails a continuous walkway, eliminating interruptions, with collaborative data sharing between passengers’ phones and the airport for biometric readings. This forward-looking approach guarantees a secure travel experience, emphasizing swift identity and immigration status recognition.

Security Oversight for Personal Items and Carry-Ons

The process of screening personal belongings and carry-on luggage, once a cumbersome stage involving long lines and extensive unpacking, is undergoing a transformative shift. With Spain’s AENA gearing up for a comprehensive integration of 3D scanners, this technological advancement is set to revolutionize security protocols. This cutting-edge system captures three-dimensional, highly detailed images from various angles making it extremely convenient for all the passengers, disapproving the hassle of unpacking and removing shoes, etc.

Pre-Flight Waiting Period

Beyond being shopping hubs, airports are set to transform into personalized entertainment centers. Acknowledging the various requirements of passengers, the focus will be on offering tailored experiences. From online purchases delivered to the gate to integrating services like swimming pools, gyms, and cinemas, this forward-thinking approach aims to create a dynamic and enjoyable waiting atmosphere.


Stepping into the Future with airssist’s Airport Services

Our VIP terminal offers an exclusive portal to luxurious travel, ushering in exception. Experience a futuristic tailored welcome designed with interactive Digital Screens, perfectly blending modern innovation with personalized service. As you step into your destination airport, you can expect a grand entrance with our premium airport services that make you feel exquisite. With us by your side, a unique fusion of convenience, luxury, and visionary airport solutions will be undoubtful. From VIP Airport Concierge Services, to tailored private tours during layovers, we’ve got you covered.


Enter the Future with Poise

Prepare for the future of airport services with airssist’s modern solutions. Enjoy a smooth journey through the advancements of airport services and feel like a VIP all along as you simplify your travel preparations with home check-in and more. Your chaos-free tomorrow begins with airssist – your partner for a straightforward and enjoyable travel experience.

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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