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Diplomats and other foreign government officials travel to other countries to engage in official duties, conferences, meetings, so they airport experience should be unique and offered in a high quality for a comfort and ease diplomatic trip.

Therefore, when traveling for business as a foreign leader or diplomat to an unfamiliar city full of the hustle and bustle, you want everything to go smoothly and as planned on your schedule. For situations like this, booking airport concierge service is your best bet to getting everywhere on time in a safe and secure way.

We’re so proud that airssist is a Top Rated and Award-Winning Digital Marketplace for booking Airport Concierge Services Worldwide, as it offers a high-quality service such as Meet and Greet, Fast Track, VIP Terminal, Airport Transfer, Executive Security, Airport Assistance and VIP Services for its clients

airssist is a well trusted company serving diplomatic individuals and diplomatic missions as Booking airssist services ensure the diplomatic travelers the comfort and ease in their diplomatic flight, not forget to mention the safety and high level of security during the whole trip from A to Z.


airssist Services Benefits for Diplomatic Travelers:

VIP Terminals:

airssist offers diplomatic Airport VIP Terminals which fully meets the high-end needs for privacy, quickness and comfort offering the most luxurious travel amenities in a stand-alone airport terminal.

The advantage of a separate terminal is its privacy and quality of service. Passengers undergo all pre-flight processes in a separate VIP terminal and are delivered separately from all passengers on individual transport which makes your airport passage free of stress and hassles.

Airport VIP Lounges offer Diplomatic services aimed at improving the pre-boarding experience, and that combine the facilities needed for relaxation with a wide range of services such as food and beverages, free access to wireless Internet, portable-device charging, assortment of reading materials, showers, various entertainment options, etc.

airssist VIP Terminal offers top-quality security, privacy, and comfort before and after your flight, and chosen by royal families, Diplomatic, HNW individuals, dignitaries, businessman, and more during their travel.


Executive Protection and Bodyguard Service:

airssist provides discreet, well-trained, and reliable Personal Security Services to its clients according to their specific needs and requirements which ensure the safety and security of diplomatic for a relief and smooth trip.

airssist assign a professional bodyguards to protect its clients from VIPs, Diplomatic, Companies executives, etc.


Chauffeured and Limo Service:

airssist offer superior limousine services as it has a fleet of premium Limos which get diplomatics from point A to point B comfortably and safely where they can select a luxury chauffeur driven car of your choice, hence they will arrive your destination by living the luxury experience while they’re relaxed and relief in the limo.

For example, airssist has a modern fleet of luxury cars and Diplomat limousines to serve diplomatic in Main St and Russia Nyagan to make its client journey as pleasurable as possible.

Meet and greet Service:

Diplomatic will meet a personal greeter once they arrived to the airport who will take care of everything they need at the airport (procedures and formalities) and will guide them to relax in their VIP lounge where they can do some of their work or meetings in a safe, relaxed and comfortable lounge


Protocol Procedures for the Arrival Diplomatic/Consular Missions


Notification of Arrival

The missions should notify the Ministry of the arrival of new mission members by a Verbal Note within seven days.

The Verbal Note and arrival notification form should explicitly state the name of the predecessor, the category (i.e. diplomatic, administrative-technical or service) and the title of the members as well as the functions she/he will assume (e.g. in charge of political, cultural, economic, administrative affairs or chief of chancellery).

Identity (ID) Cards

ID cards can only be issued for the accredited members and dependents of the diplomatic, consular and international organization missions and honorary consuls.ID cards serve as the residence permit.

Definite Departure Procedure

The Ministry should be informed of the definite departures of all staff members of Diplomatic/Consular Missions and International Organizations online, and subsequently through a Verbal Note containing a duly signed and sealed hard copy of the Definite Departure Notification Form within one week after the date of departure.

ID cards as well as the firearms licenses, and airport entrance cards have to be returned to the Ministry within one month after departure.

Airport Entrance Cards

The State Airports Administration issues special airport entrance cards for the authorized staff members of the diplomatic missions to enable them to meet and see off their official guests, delegations and diplomatic couriers at airports. Reciprocity is applied in granting the airport entrance cards as well as in determining the number of cards for each mission. In principle , each mission can obtain three airport entrance cards free of charge. A reasonable number of additional cards can also be obtained for charge.

These cards are valid for one year. Expired airport entrance cards as well as the cards issued for personnel departing should be returned to the Ministry.

Airport entrance cards grant access only to certain designated zones of the airport indicated on the card. Airport entrance cards are strictly personal and non-transferable to other mission members.

Requests for airport entrance cards should be made by a Verbal Note to the Ministry which contains the name and the position of the staff member as well as two photographs and a copy of ID card.


Diplomatic Bags

Accompanied Diplomatic Bags

The diplomatic courier has to present a courier letter in English or French indicating her/his status and the number of packages containing the diplomatic bag. The courier letter should be signed and sealed by the sending authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy or Consulate General).

The diplomatic bags should be of reasonable size and weight. The diplomatic bags meeting these requirements cannot be detained, opened or scanned through x-ray, except the principle of reciprocity has to be applied.

Unaccompanied Diplomatic Bags (inbound or outbound)

A courier letter and a separate bill of lading for each incoming or outgoing unaccompanied diplomatic pouch, bag and box of reasonable size not exceeding 30 kg. Per piece should be presented to the customs authorities by an official of the Mission holding an Airport Entrance Card. Diplomatic bags over 30 kg. Per package can be inspected by the customs authorities, upon the consent and under the supervision of an official of the diplomatic mission, if there are serious grounds for presuming that it contains items other than documents and articles for the official use of diplomatic missions.

Unaccompanied diplomatic bags cannot be detained, opened or scanned through x-ray, except the principle of reciprocity has to be applied.

Unaccompanied diplomatic bags (and accompanied diplomatic bags) exceeding 30 kg. in weight per container coming from abroad can report indicating the contents and bearing the approval of the Ministry.

Diplomatic Bags Consigned to the Captain of a Commercial Aircraft

Diplomatic bags may be entrusted to the captain of a commercial aircraft by the sending authority. The bag should be dispatched at the cabin of the captain. Such diplomatic bags of reasonable size and weight will be granted free passage through the customs if the captain holds an official letter indicating the number of packages, signed and sealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the sending state.

The diplomatic bag should be delivered to the official of the Embassy or Consulate General holding an airport entrance card by the captain or staff of the aircraft at the customs-free area.

Enhance your airport experience by booking through airssist online platform, as no other company offers this degree of professionalism at such, reasonable costs. We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm, courtesy, and professionalism. book now.

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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