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Certain instruments, delicate and often intricate, demand special care during travel. Recognizing this need, booking reliable Airport Assistance for Musical Instruments is a must-do to ensure the safe transportation of your prized gear. From fragile string instruments to intricate percussion setups,  airssist’s expertise on Airport Assistance for Musical Instruments covers a diverse range. With this guide learn some ground rules, the best instrument friendly airports as well as how you can experience a dedicated assistance, and trust that your musical instruments receive the special attention they deserve, making your journey as smooth as your melody.


The Need for Traveling with Airport Concierge Services

Just as some travelers seek airport assistance for pets, musicians value the need for Airport Concierge Services. Safeguarding instruments with specialized support ensures a cared-for journey, allowing musicians to focus solely on the melody of their travel experience.


Travel with Airport Concierge Services as a Musician to Help;

  • Preservation of Sound: Maintain the integrity and quality of your instruments.
  • Personal Connection: Musicians often have a profound personal connection with their instruments.
  • Performance Obligations: Traveling musicians may have performance commitments at various destinations.
  • Customization: Instruments are often customized to the musician’s preference and style.
  • Creativity on the Go: Inspiration can strike anytime, and having instruments on hand allows for spontaneous creativity.


Ground Rules for Traveling with Musical Instruments


Transportation Rules

As per the US Department of Transportation, musical instruments can be brought as carry-on or checked baggage, abiding by weight and size limits set by airlines. However, it’s important to note that different destinations may have additional rules to abide by.


Security Checkpoint

The TSA mandates inspection of all musical instruments at the security checkpoint, whether carried on or checked. Ensure compliance with screening requirements. Moreover, seeking airport concierge services may help in the overall security.


Additional Seats

Large instruments may require purchasing an extra seat. Ensure safe storage and adherence to weight and size limits during the journey.


Multiple Instruments

You can bring multiple instruments as carry-on or checked baggage, as long as they meet airline size and weight limits. Arriving early is advisable for smoother check-in.


Boarding Options

Large instruments can be checked in the hold or carried onto the plane if space permits. Opting for personal carry-on ensures a hands-on approach to their safety.


Protective Measures

When flying instruments as checked baggage, take precautions to safeguard them against mishandling, as airlines might not be liable for damages during transportation.


Cargo Considerations

Be mindful of size and weight limitations for instruments in the plane’s cargo. If exceeding limits, explore cargo shipping options for a separate and secure journey.


The Impact of Musical Crew Airport Assistance

Musicians understand the delicate nature of their instruments, and that’s where the importance of Musical Crew Airport Assistance shines. This specialized service goes beyond conventional airport assistance, catering specifically to the unique needs of transporting musical instruments. From ensuring compliance with airline regulations to providing hands-on care, this service is a symphony of support for musicians getting past the complexities of air travel, letting musicians enjoy a relaxed journey prior to performance. With a reliable airport concierge service like airssist, passengers can experience the difference of a dedicated airport assistance for musical instruments can make in harmonizing your musical journey.



Top Musical Instrument-Friendly Airlines in the World

Here are some of the top musical instrument-friendly airlines worldwide, each with its own set of guidelines:


American Airlines:

  • Carry-on: Must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat; additional seat purchase required if exceeding size or weight limits.
  • Checked: Must not exceed 150 in/381 cm in size and 165 lbs/75 kg; standard checked bag fees apply.


Southwest Airlines:

  • Size restriction: 24 x 16 x 10 in/60 x 40 x 25 cm (case included).
  • Carry-on: Instruments can exceed size limits if space permits; otherwise, additional seat purchase or checked option available.
  • Checked: Can replace one free hold baggage; oversize or overweight fees apply within specified limits.


United Airlines:

  • Carry-on: Must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat; additional seat purchase available if too bulky to check (165 lbs/75 kg limit).
  • Checked: Can be checked for free when cabin space is unavailable; additional seat purchase option for bulky items (165 lbs/75 kg limit).

For Basic Economy fliers with United Airlines:

  • If not fitting in the overhead bin, instruments will be checked at the gate, with applicable fees.


Additional Airlines to Consider:

  • Air Canada
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Eva Air
  • JetBlue


Plan in Advance with airssist

Specializing in Airport Assistance for Musical Instruments, airssist orchestrates an unparalleled experience, blending airport meet & greet, VIP terminal access, luxury private tours, and guided limo transfers. For musicians seeking a crescendo of convenience, we are the avant-garde maestro, ensuring your journey strikes the perfect note of luxury. Plan ahead with airssist for many personalized services that redefine the travel experience.


Your Perfect Musical Journey

Let your music resonate magically as you enter and exit your dream destination, of course while enjoying the VIP services that match your deserving journey. Opt for airlines that harmonize with your instruments, offering both peace of mind and a secure passage for your musical treasures. With our specialized Airport Assistance for Musical Instruments, rest assured your instruments are in expert hands. Reserve your spot now and give your instruments the care they truly deserve on this musical voyage!

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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