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Did you know that JFK Airport has been used as a filming location for several movies and TV shows, including “Catch Me If You Can,” “The Terminal,” and “Mad Men.” ? John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the world’s busiest and most well-connected airports, and it is likely that you may pass through it on your way to New York City. JFK is around 15 miles from Manhattan and is a significant hub for local and international flights. Here are some suggestions to help you have a more pleasant and stress-free day at JFK, whether you are arriving, going, or connecting.


A Glance About John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Airport Code: (IATA: JFK, ICAO: KJFK)
  • Airport Name: John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Location: Jamaica, Queens, New York, U.S.
  • No. of Terminals: 8 Terminals
  • Distance from City:  26 Kilometers

One of the busiest airports in the world and the United States is John F. Kennedy International Airport or JFK Airport. With over 62 million passengers per year, JFK Airport in Queens, New York City, is a major international gateway into the United States.

In addition, JFK Airport is one of the world’s largest due to its six terminals and more than 128 gates. More than 80 airlines service the airport, providing nonstop service to more than 180 locations globally. Several well-known airlines use this airport as a main hub.


Arriving at JFK

When you land at JFK, you will need to go through immigration and customs if you are coming from a foreign country. Depending on your nationality and visa status, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. Make sure you have all your documents ready, such as your passport, visa, boarding pass, and customs declaration form. You can also use the Mobile Passport app to speed up the process by filling out the form on your phone and scanning a QR code at the airport.

In addition, after clearing immigration and customs, you will need to collect your luggage from the baggage claim area. If you have checked bags, look for the carousel number that matches your flight number on the screens. Also, If you only have carry-on bags, you can skip this step and head straight to the exit.


Departing from JFK

When you are leaving New York City, you will need to get to JFK at least three hours before your flight departure time for domestic flights, and four hours for international flights. You can use the same transportation options as when you arrived, but make sure you factor in traffic and possible delays.

Once you get to JFK, you will need to check in for your flight and drop off your luggage if you have any. You can check in online or at the airport kiosks or counters. Some airlines also offer curbside check-in where you can drop off your bags outside the terminal without having to go inside.

After checking in, you will need to go through security screening where you will have to show your boarding pass and ID and remove your shoes, belt, jacket, liquids, laptops, and other items from your carry-on bags. You can speed up this process by enrolling in airssist Fast Track service that allows you to use dedicated lanes and keep your items in your bags.

Once you clear security, you can proceed to your gate and wait for boarding. JFK has six terminals that are connected by AirTrain trains that run every few minutes. You can use the screens or maps to find your terminal and gate number. While waiting for boarding, you can enjoy the amenities that JFK offers, such as free Wi-Fi, restaurants, shops, lounges, art exhibits, spas, and more.


Connecting at JFK

If you are connecting at JFK from one flight to another, you will need to follow the signs for connections or transfers. Depending on your airline and itinerary, you may need to go through immigration and customs if you are coming from or going to a foreign country. You may also need to collect and re-check your luggage if your flights are on different airlines or alliances. You may also need to change terminals if your flights are not at the same terminal. Therefore, airssist buggy transportation service can make it easier to navigate between JFK Airport terminals.

In Short, make sure you have enough time between your flights to complete these steps and get to your next gate. The minimum connection time at JFK varies depending on your airline and route, but it is generally recommended to have at least 90 minutes for domestic connections and two hours for international connections. However, JFK is a world-class airport that offers a variety of services and facilities to make your travel experience pleasant and hassle-free. Whether you are arriving, departing, or connecting at JFK, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of New York City’s gateway to the world.



airssist Airport Concierge Services At JFK International Airport

airssist is one of the airport concierge services available to passengers flying out of JFK International Airport who wish to simplify their time there.


  • Meet and Greet: When you use airssist’s Meet & Greet service, a trained airport greeter will be waiting to receive you at the airport. The concierge will speed you through security, help you get your bags, and lead you to your next aircraft or ground transfer.
  • VIP Terminal: To avoid the crowds and long queues, use airssist’s VIP Terminal service, which offers a separate, VIP-only terminal. You’ll have access to a VIP area where you may unwind, refuel, and get some work done before your trip. The terminal also provides a VIP check-in counter, expedited security screening, and special transfer to your gate.
  • Chauffeured Transportation: airssist’s shuttle service to and from JFK Airport is a convenient and pleasant option for getting to and from the airport. The shuttle service will pick you up and drop you off wherever you’d like to go, and it’s available to both individuals and large groups.


In Brief, At JFK International Airport, airssist offers a variety of airport concierge services to make your travels easier. If you use airssist’s Meet and Greet, VIP Terminal, or Shuttle Service, you can rest assured that your trip will go off without a hitch.

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Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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