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Be Received and Walked Through Airport Formalities

Meet and Greet step by step

Airports are crazy places. It can be pretty enormous and complicated and they’re typically extremely busy. Frequently, the security measures might be rather daunting. In this blog we will guide you through the steps involved in getting from the airport to the airport where you’re going.



You won’t be able to board the plane with just your plane ticket. For that, you need a boarding pass, and check-in is the process that will provide you one. It includes your seat numbers, departure time, and gates.


The Check-In process is split into three parts:

The actual check-in: you should provide confirmation to the airline that you intending to board the flight

The luggage will be sent after being tagged. The next time you see them will be when you arrive at your destination.

Grab your boarding pass and get ready for the security check before anything else.


Security Check

  1. You must show up for the security inspection. You’ll be frisked as part of the procedure. Keep your ID and your boarding pass with you at all times.
  2. Place your carry-on baggage along with metallic objects and electronic items in the tray assigned for electronic screening.
  3. Once the baggage has been screened, proceed to the end to get your items. Enter the “airside” terminal if it’s a domestic flight. If you are taking a flight internationally, head to the immigration and customs checkpoints.

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Immigration and Customs at Departure

If you are booked on an international flight, You might have to go through an immigration and customs check both during departures and arrivals.

  • Carry your ID, Passport, VISA, and other related travel documents with you
  • Consult the airline crew in advance to confirm that you are not transporting any banned items (food and plant items, alcohol, pets).
  • The country’s apex monetary authority has severe restrictions on how much cash you are allowed to take on local and foreign flights. It is prudent to confirm that limit and bring enough cash.


Waiting area / Airport Lounge

You’ve successfully navigated security and are now within a secure area. What to do now:

  • Visit the nearby shops & restaurants there. But the prices of goods and services will be much higher than near you home.
  • If you want to wait in comfort, then head to a lounge for those extra facilities. Comfortable seating, good food, internet, …. would be available there


Departure / Takeoff

As you proceed down the red carpet to your seat, the air hostess greets you.

Pack your luggage and place them in the overhead bin.

Turn off your smartphone.

Sit down comfortably and pay attention to the flight crew’s safety instructions.

It’s finally time for the major event, so fasten your seatbelt.


Immigration and Customs at Arrival

You would have to go through immigration and customs one last time before leaving the airport. Despite the fact that each nation has its unique immigration and customs policies, you can generally anticipate the following:

  • For travelers from other countries and citizens of the host country, there will be long separate queues at the immigration area. In order to prevent confusion that would waste both your time and the time of the immigration official, pay attention and stand in the right line.
  • In the immigration area, refrain from using any technology like cameras or cell phones.
  • Your passport, visa, and other papers will be examined by the officials.
  • You will be questioned about the purpose of your visit.


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Your VIP passage at the airport

In 5 steps we ensure an effortless and stress-free passage for your arrival at airports around the world, check those steps for your flight type:

  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Transit


5 Steps for Your VIP Arrival 

In 5 steps we ensure an effortless and stress-free passage for your arrival at airports around the world.

  1. Your VIP arrival starts from the moment you book our service. Our team will liaise with your airline and provide updated information about your arrival time and gate number of the flight to our host/greeter.
  2. One your flight lands, our host will welcome you with a personalized name board at the start of arrivals gate or at the end of the air bridge (Depending on the aircraft parking position).
  3. For a quick airport journey, our host will help you with fast-tracking through the various airport processes including Immigration, Security, and Customs.
  4. For a comfortable passage, a dedicated porter will be available at the baggage reclaim area for you.
  5. After the completion of all the formalities, you will be escorted to meet your family members, your driver, or to the taxi/limo waiting for you.


5 Steps for Your VIP Departure

Do you want a fast and smooth airport journey for your departure flight? With 5 steps we let you know how we can upgrade your airport journey.

  1. Your VIP Departure with airssist starts from the moment you arrive at the airport. Our host, along with a porter, will welcome you at the Curbside of the Airport.
  2. After the friendly welcome, the host will assist you to with fast-tracking your passage with the various airport formalities including In Check, Immigration, Security, and Customs.
  3. A dedicated porter will take care of your luggage till your check in
  4. After completing all the formalities, you will be escorted to the comforts of the airport lounge (applicable only if traveling Business or First Class) – You can relax till it is time for boarding. The host will inform you about the departure time and escort you to the departure gate prior to your boarding.

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5 Steps for Your VIP Transit

Is there very little time for your connecting flight? Do you wish, you could have a quick and smooth transit for your trip? airssist offers VIP Transit with 5 simple steps.

  1. Your VIP transit starts with your arrival at the airport, as our friendly host welcomes you with a personalized name board at the start of arrivals gate or at the end of the air bridge (Depending on the aircraft parking position).
  2. After the warm welcome, the host will provide your assistance with fast-tracking through Transfer Desk and/or check-in formalities and security.
  3. After the formalities are completed, you will be escorted to the private airport lounge where you relax.
  4. The time of your connecting flight will be constantly monitored by our host, who will alert you when the boarding starts. If required, you will be provided Transfer between Terminals.
  5. You will be escorted to the departure boarding gate on a buggy and will be provided priority boarding where available.
  6. You don’t have to dread taking a connecting flight for your next trip, as airssist will be there at your transit airport, to ensure that you have a smooth and fast airport experience.


Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your trip into an exclusive and comfortable experience. airssist Meet and Greet service is tailor-made as per your specific needs just to make any airport experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. Contact our team for inquiries about our services or booking processes.

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