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There’s some exciting news for elite travelers planning their next trip through Atlanta Airport. On September 06, 2023, the airport opened up its exclusive Private Terminal, previously known as the Personal Suite. VIP passengers traversing through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will now have access to a sanctuary of luxury and personalized services. From handling delicate security procedures to tailored assistance, and a range of exclusive amenities designed to uplift  your VIP travel experience at ATL. Read on and learn how to improve your experience at ATL by booking with the finest services to access the VIP terminal with airssist.


What to Expect with the New VIP Terminal at ATL?


Private TSA Screenings and On-Site Customs

VIP passengers in Atlanta Airport can now enjoy the convenience of private TSA screenings and on-site customs clearance as Atlanta Airport unveils private terminal for VIP passengers. This exclusive service paves the way to a swift departure process, allowing exclusive travelers to be on their journey with ease and peace of mind.


Efficient Luggage Handling

With airssist’s luggage handling and booking porter services at ATL, travelers can relax with experts in luggage handling at the newly unveiled Private Terminal in Atlanta Airport. Dedicated staff ensure that belongings are safely and promptly transported to the desired destination, whether you seek assistance with a small luggage or airport assistance for musical instruments and more, passengers can travel with peace of mind throughout their journey.


Exclusive Transportation Right from the Tarmac

Experience the finest conveniences and privacy at the VIP terminal in Atlanta Airport with airssist’s exclusive transportation services right from the tarmac to your private suite. Bypass the crowds as you make use of the airport tarmac transfer and be heading directly to your destination, feeling the extravagance of a limo transfer.


Luxurious Private Suite

As Atlanta Airport Unveils Private Terminal, it offers an exclusive retreat for VIP travelers to refresh and rejuvenate in style. Relax and unwind in your luxurious private suite, thoughtfully designed to cater to your every need and desire. With airssist, high profile individuals can undergo a fabulous and luxurious experience, accessing the private suite at ATL to recharge before or after their journey thus rejuvenating and adding color to their travel experience.


Extra Indulgent Refreshing Services

Treat yourself to an array of opulent and rejuvenating services, ranging from revitalizing spa treatments to tailor-made culinary delights, guaranteeing an exceptionally lavish journey. From rejuvenating spa treatments that melt away stress to bespoke culinary experiences that tantalize your taste buds, prepare yourself to be in luxury and refinement at every turn.


Learn About the Local Culture

Discover the essence of Atlanta’s local culture as VIP passengers at the ATL airport get to enjoy themselves in a captivating collection of artwork crafted by black artists. Adorning the walls of the VIP terminal, these masterpieces offer a glimpse into the local culture and spirit, which also make your journey tasteful with cultural insight and inspiration.


An Experience Beyond with airssist’s Services

Experience an incomparable journey with airssist’s tailor-made services, where every detail is intricately woven to surpass your expectations. With a focus on personalized care, exclusive privileges, and expert guidance, we find ourselves offering our passengers a memorable expedition. Whether you seek luxurious transportation or specialized support, our dedicated team is committed to delivering perfection at every turn. We also offer:

  • Personalized support customized to individual needs and preferences.
  • Expert guidance through check-in, security clearance, and immigration processes.
  • Exclusive access to fast-track lanes and expedited procedures.
  • Dedicated assistance for passengers with special needs and accompanying minors.
  • Luxury limousine transportation and private tours with guided chauffeurs and drivers.
  • Multilingual staff ready to assist with any requirement or inquiry.
  • Offering wheelchair assistance, escort services, and necessary accommodation for a comfortable journey.


Book Ahead for a VIP Journey through ATL

Secure your VIP journey through ATL by booking airssist’s VIP services ahead to experience the exclusive offerings of the newly unveiled Private Terminal at Atlanta Airport. Make your business trip privileged with personalized support, luxury transportation, and expert guidance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create a lasting travel experience!

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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