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Everything You Need To Know About Private Suite LAX For Business Travelers


The Private Suite LAX has made headlines for some months, and it appears that the buzz is only growing. Private Terminal Suite in LAX serves a highly specific market because Hollywood celebrities, extremely wealthy business people, and other significant frequent fliers call Los Angeles home.

A genuinely unique travel experience, Private Terminal Suite in LAX is a security-focused, ultra-exclusive, and super-luxurious airport. You will be looked after beginning with your entry into the high-security area and continuing until you are seated in your aircraft.


What is a Private Suite at LAX?


Private Terminal Suite is a private luxury service available at LAX to passengers flying on commercial flights. it’s not actually inside the airport, despite being close to the LAX airfield. Instead, it enables people to completely circumvent the terminals.

Instead, visitors to Private Terminal Suite enter and check in like they would at a hotel. In a luxurious, ultra-private lounge packed with necessities, chef-prepared meals available upon request, and attentive staff, travelers spend their time unwinding and getting ready for their business trip.


How does Private Suite LAX Work?


When you book a room at Private Terminal Suite, it is exclusively for you and your group of business travelers. You will wait alone till your flight for the entire period of that time.

If travelers are checking bags, Private Terminal Suite advises that they arrive 90 minutes (1:30 hours) prior to a domestic flight or two hours prior to an international journey. If your flight is delayed, you have up to 3 hours to arrive and as much time as you need to stay.

When an aircraft is about to take off, the personnel and control room team members plan the experience to go as quickly and flawlessly as possible, working behind the scenes to coordinate with government, security, and airline officials. Private Terminal Suite guides you through the procedure alongside TSA personnel.

You don’t need TSA PreCheck or to have first-class reservations in order to use Private Terminal Suite and there is no pre-screening procedure. Since the process is accelerated in any case, TSA PreCheck status is meaningless in this situation.

When it’s time for passengers to board their commercial flight, chauffeured BMWs are waiting to take them directly to the tarmac after they pass through a private TSA security checkpoint (there’s no waiting after this point).


What’s included in Private Terminal Suite at LAX?


1.      Suite Amenities


You ask about the suite’s amenities. Every dietary requirement, from vegan to keto, was accommodated by the incredible variety of goodies. Along with water and soda, there’s a selection of wine, beer, and premium alcoholic beverages. You can also order cocktails from the bar and have them hand-delivered to your suite.

Each Private Suite includes a team of agents whose sole responsibility is to organize your say. Every apartment has an en-suite bathroom, and spa showers are furthermore provided upon request.


2.      Free Travel Accessories


There are also many free travel accessories available for those who tend to forget things while they travel. These include cables and chargers under the Apple brand, as well as plugs for travel adapters, eye protection, and earplugs. There is also a more luxurious travel pillow, which is useful for your early-morning journey.


3.      Personal Care Items


Nearly all over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, from ibuprofen to jet lag treatments, are available in individual-sized doses in the toilet. Additionally, there are personal care items including deodorant, dental supplies, and shaving gear. A lot of Shower facilities are also available.


4.      Meals are Served


The apartment offers a wide variety of snacks, but visitors can also request meals like sandwiches, salads, cereals, and avocado toast to make sure that their body was prepared for the lengthy foreign business travel ahead, you can also schedule free chair massages.


5.      The Shower Spa


You’ll be astounded by the spa’s overall sleekness as soon as you walk in. The outstanding wall tiling, with varied-sized tiles flanked by patterns in deep black and white.


What is the Salon?


The Private Terminal Suite launched a brand-new service named The Salon on July 30, 2021.

The Salon at LAX caters to corporate and lone travelers, couples, and anyone else who doesn’t require a whole suite to themselves or would want a luxurious experience at a lower cost.


What distinguishes The Salon from Private Suite LAX?


The Salon is only semi-private, as opposed to Private Terminal Suites, which are totally segregated and exclusive to the party of up to four tourists using the room. It is intended for lone travelers or couples who don’t require the full amenities or privacy of the suites but still wish to avoid the airport. No guests under the age of 21 or animals are allowed, although drinks and snacks are still provided.


The Salon resembles a very upscale hotel lobby lounge because of its long bar and comfortable seating areas. Since you can avoid the airport, public screenings, and group boarding, it is a vast improvement over an airport lounge.


It includes the same flight coordination as Private Terminal Suite, a baggage porter, and a ride to the tarmac (in a Mercedes Sprinter van with other passengers on your business trip), but in a semi-private setting rather than by yourself.


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Socializing Over Privacy


For only $695 for a one-way trip, The Salon provides the same rarefied atmosphere and a chance to avoid typical airport congestion (to use either before or after your flight). The new semi-private lounge is perfect for the solitary traveler, business & Corporate traveler, or C-level executives.


How Can airssist help?


We’re aware of how busy and under pressure you are at work. Therefore, Don’t spare yourself the stress of lengthy line waiting and other inconveniences of airport formalities.

The only choice that is suitable for you and your business is the Private Terminal Suites near LAX airport. For a smooth and stress-free business trip, with airssist you are just a few clicks away from booking The Private Suite LAX airport. Contact Us

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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