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Enjoy the perfect ambiance as you land at the Maravillas Gap Ranch airport (48XS) in Marathon and have access to an exclusive luxury Executive Lounge

When it comes to luxury travel experiences, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Picture this: You arrive at the stunning Maravillas Gap Ranch Airport in Marathon, Texas, and instead of navigating the usual airport chaos, you are greeted by the impeccable services of airssist’s VIP Terminal. Prepare to have your travel experience elevated to new heights as you step into a realm of exclusive privileges and personalized attention.

Imagine being welcomed by a dedicated airssist representative, whose warm smile and utmost professionalism immediately put you at ease. From the moment you set foot on the airport grounds, we take care of everything, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is crafted into perfection.

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    About 48XS Airport

    • Location: Maravillas Gap Ranch airport is situated in the beautiful town of Marathon, which is located in Brewster County, West Texas. It is nestled in the scenic landscapes of the Davis Mountains and the Big Bend region.
    • Private Ownership: The airport is privately owned and operated, catering primarily to general aviation and private aircraft. It provides a convenient landing and departure point for those visiting the Marathon area.
    Business Lounge Access
    • Runway: The airport features a single runway, which is paved and measures approximately 3,600 feet in length. It is designed to accommodate a range of private aircraft, including small propeller planes and light jets.
    • Scenic Surroundings: One of the notable aspects of Maravillas Gap Ranch airport is its stunning location. Surrounded by picturesque desert landscapes, rolling hills, and majestic mountains, the airport offers a unique and serene atmosphere for pilots and passengers alike.
    • Limited Facilities: As a private airport, Maravillas Gap Ranch airport has limited facilities and amenities. It may not have the same range of services commonly found in larger commercial airports, such as retail shops, restaurants, or VIP lounges.

    airssist Private Lounge Service at Maravillas Gap Ranch airport (48XS) in Marathon


    airssist Private Lounge Service at Maravillas Gap Ranch Airport (48XS) in Marathon is the epitome of luxury and convenience, offering an exceptional experience for discerning travelers. With airssist, your journey becomes a seamless and elevated affair, allowing you to indulge in the utmost comfort and personalized service.

    The airssist Private Lounge at Maravillas Gap Ranch Airport is a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling atmosphere of travel. As you step into the lounge, you are greeted by a serene and elegant ambiance, designed to provide the perfect sanctuary before or after your flight. The tastefully appointed lounge at the airport offers a refined and relaxing environment where you can unwind and recharge.

    What makes airssist the best at offering VIP Services and Executive Lounge Services at Maravillas Gap Ranch airport (48XS) in Marathon?

    • Access to an exclusive executive lounge with premium amenities and comfortable seating.
    • Private TSA checks and personalized immigration services for a seamless travel experience.
    • The convenient booking process and competitive pricing.
    • Commitment to exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations.
    • Expertise in providing airssist VIP Services, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable journey.
    • Extensive knowledge of Enfidha Hammamet International Airport and its facilities.
    • Ability to tailor services to meet the specific requirements and preferences of each traveler.
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