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Lisbon Airport : The gateway to Portugal

Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport is the main international airport in Portugal and one of the largest airports in Southern Europe. You’ve undoubtedly heard people call Lisbon Airport “The Gateway to Portugal” and now you know the reason why!


Everything You Need To Know About Lisbon Airport

There’s a lot to know about Lisbon Airport and many tips to make your journey through the Gateway to Portugal easier. We’re going to tell you more about Lisbon Airport and how you can enhance your airport journey with airssist!


How Many Passengers Go Through Lisbon Airport?

The Gateway to Portugal served over 31,000,000 passengers in 2019 alone! We already told you that Lisbon Airport is the main international airport in Portugal and is widely considered to be the main gateway into the country. It’s no big surprise that Lisbon Airport is immensely crowded with a massive influx of passengers all year round. It’s worth noting that Lisbon Airport is the busiest airport in Portugal and 20th largest in all of Europe.


Where Is Lisbon Airport Located?

Lisbon Airport is located 7km (4.3 mi) northeast of Lisbon’s city center and is the largest European Star Alliance hub to South America, as well as an important European hub to Brazil and Africa.


Who Runs Lisbon Airport and What Airlines Go Through It?

Lisbon Airport is run by ANA Aeroprotos de Potrgual. The airport is home to Portugal’s flagship carrier “TAP Air Portugal” and its subsidiary “TAP Express” as well as “Ryanair” and “easyJET”. 141,000 tons of Cargo have been handled at Lisbon Airport as of 2019.


How To Get to Lisbon From Airport ?

• Taxi: Taxis are available at Lisbon Airport, costing around €15-20 depending on traffic and time.
• Public Transportation: The metro, buses, and airport shuttles are affordable and efficient ways to reach the city.
• Car Rental: Lisbon Airport offers several car rental companies, with the journey from the airport to the city center taking 15-20 minutes.
airssist Limo Service: For a luxurious, personalized experience, airssist Limo Service offers a seamless transfer with professional and Multilingual chauffeurs.


Lisbon Airport Infographic

What Is New Lisbon Airport?

New Lisbon Airport is the planned site for construction of a new airport to serve Center and South Portugal. The original plan was for New Lisbon Airport to replace or complement the original by 2017, but development was halted after a series of delays. The Portuguese government announced that the project is expected to reach completion by 2022.


How Many Terminals Does Lisbon Airport Have?

Lisbon Airport has 2 terminals. Terminal 1 is for arrivals and international or domestic departures. Terminal 2 is for low-cost airlines departures. Terminals 1 and 2 are linked by a free airport shuttle.


What Facilities Does Lisbon Airport Have?

Lisbon Airports facilities include many cafes and restaurants, ATMs, tourist information offices, car rental agencies, duty-free shops, and more. A massive duty-free shop can be found right after the security screening area of Terminal 1, meanwhile shopping options in Terminal 2 are very limited.


Interesting Facts about Lisbon Airport

  • Lisbon Airport is located in Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Lisbon Airport is known as Huberto Delgado Airport, Portela Airport, Aeroporto de Lisboa, Aeroporto da Portela, and Aeroporto da Portela de Sacavem.
  • Lisbon Airport covers 134 destinations operated by 55 airlines.
  • Lisbon Airport offers a taxi service called Lisbon Airport Taxi
  • Lisbon Airport allows passengers to store their baggage as long as they need to
  • Lisbon Airport is the busiest airport in Portugal and the 20th largest airport in Europe
  • Lisbon Airport has handled over 31,000,000 passengers and handled 141,000 tons of cargo as of 2019
  • Lisbon Airport offers free Wi-Fi for passengers, all they have to do is register with their email



How Can I Avoid the Busy Crowds at Lisbon Airport?

The busiest airport in Portugal is bound to have large crowds and near endless airport queues. The best way to turn an airport nightmare into an unforgettable experience is booking a meet and greet service using airssist! We’ll make sure that your passage is smooth and comfortable during your arrival, departure, or transit from Lisbon Airport. All your travel needs will be taken care of by our multilingual greeters and dedicated porters. Experience a warm welcome with a personalized nameboard and an expedited passage through all airport procedures in one simple click. You won’t have to stress about traveling if you’ve got airssist! Book our VIP meet & greet services at Lisbon Airport today for a hassle-free travel experience.


How Can I Ensure a Safe Journey to/From Lisbon Airport?

Local transportation is different in every country and understanding how things work can be difficult even for veteran travelers. You can always wait for a bus or hail a cab but that comes with a lot of danger and uncertainty, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the local language. The best way to ensure your comfort and safety during the journey to/from Lisbon Airport is to book airssist’s chauffeured transportation service! We’ll take care of the road journey so you can relax and focus on your responsibilities. Our friendly drivers are licensed multilingual experts with years of experience in Lisbon and they’ll ensure that you get to your destination exactly on time. Choose a premium vehicle from selection of luxurious cars and enjoy your journey to/from Lisbon Airport!


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