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Customized Solutions for Business Travelers at Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Be indulged with extensive and guided VIP Services as exclusive VIP lounge access. At Göteborg Landvetter Airport, airssist’s Corporate Concierge Services offer a sophisticated and customized experience. Tailored to meet the unique needs of business travelers, our services redefine efficiency and excellence in corporate travel.

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    Exclusive Discounts & Rates for Corporates

    We're proud to serve many clients from around the world, including the following :


    Experience a seamless blend of luxury and efficiency designed for discerning business professionals. Elevate every aspect of your corporate travel with our premium concierge services, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

    • • Effortless and optimized airport procedures
    • • Accelerated services for reduced waiting times
    • • Exclusive access to VIP Lounges for heightened privacy and productivity
    • • Comprehensive global coverage for seamless travel experiences
    • • Uncomplicated and smooth airport transfers for ultimate convenience

    Corporate service at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport GOT in Gothenburg
    Corporate Meet & Greet at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport GOT in Gothenburg

    Comprehensive global coverage for seamless travel experiences

    Feel the warmth of a personalized welcome at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Our dedicated staff ensures a distinctive touch, setting the tone for a pleasant and memorable journey from the moment you arrive.

    • • Display your company logo prominently on the name board
    • • Feature your corporate logo on the Limousine for a distinctive arrival
    • • Personalized airport greeters dedicated to arrivals, departures, and transit
    • • Support with luggage handling and streamlined customs clearance assistance

    Corporate Event Excellence at Göteborg Landvetter Airport

    Corporate Event Excellence at Göteborg Landvetter Airport is characterized by our meticulous attention to detail and efficient facilities. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your corporate event, ensuring a seamlessly orchestrated and professionally executed occasion that leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

    • • Experience trouble-free transfers from event venues to your hotel
    • • Enjoy a smooth and seamless transition from the event location to your accommodation
    • • Benefit from hassle-free journeys between the event venue and your hotel
    • • Convenient and stress-free transfers, ensuring a comfortable return to your lodging

    Corporate service meetings at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport GOT in Gothenburg

    Reshape Your Business Travel with airssist’s Corporate Concierge in Göteborg Landvetter Airport

    Prepare for a transformative business journey with airssist’s Corporate Concierge. Elevate your travel with personalized assistance and premium services, ensuring a seamless and refined business experience. Book now and redefine your corporate travel with airssist’s tailored excellence.