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Human fascination with robots grows bigger day after day. The robotics industry is in a constant state of development, expanding its existence to every area of our modern world.

The concept of airport robots functioning as greeters and assistants is not a vision of the future, it is an existing reality, as robots have made their way to several airports around the world a few years ago.

Popular Robot Greeters Serving in International Airports

Just like human celebrities, some robots are famous, too! These robots have proven success in performing their assigned tasks and have become well-known worldwide, here are the top 4 on the list:

1.      Nao of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in Japan

Nao is a humanoid robot. It is connected to a digital flight information screen. Nao can have interactive conversations with passengers while answering their queries. Interestingly, Nao also communicates with airport staff via their smart watches to provide them with flight updates so they can assist travelers, as well.

2.      Josie Pepper of Munich Airport in Germany

Pepper employs its artificial intelligence to greet passengers and connect them to the main terminal and shuttle areas. The robot can also generate personalized answers to passengers’ queries.

3.      Spence of the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

Spencer has one main objective at the airport, which is directing travelers from the terminal to their boarding gates and vice versa, smoothly and quickly, depending on the included scanning devices.

4.      Anbot of Shenzhen Airport in China

Anbot is a police robot! It handles guarding patrols, facial recognition, and intelligence services. Anbot analyzes light and sound to detect criminals, it can also chase them at a speed of 18 KM/hour.

What Values Have Robots Added to Travelers’ Airport Experience?

Noticeably, these robots are generating several benefits to the airports they serve, depending on modern technology, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition systems:

  • Quick check-in and boarding pass scans.
  • Passengers baggage handling
  • Monitoring airport security and detecting potential threats
  • Passenger Service, including providing queries translation & response, airport directions, and more.

In case you are already suffering from the tiresome, time-consuming procedures, don’t wait for future solutions. In airssist we already offer all the above-mentioned services at all international airports, presenting a luxury travel experience. All these benefits that robots are providing in airports raise one striking question:

Will Robots Replace Humans in Airports Completely?

Robots’ abilities are fascinating but mainly limited to performing simple tasks much quickly and efficiently. However, there is nothing complicated in the process. Here are some tasks that only humans can be fully trusted with:

  • When it comes to airport procedures, complexities occur every day, whether in terms of documentation or customer service, such complexities can’t be handled by robots.
  • We can all agree that robots can assist in airport security checks, but they can’t handle it completely because each security issue requires a specific behavior that only humans can wisely choose. According to a survey conducted by Travelzoo global company, 67% of travelers believe that the idea of robots handling airport security is risky and frightening.
  • Last but not least, people will always need the friendliness and hospitability that only humans can offer to each other and no machine can ever master, no matter how advanced it gets.

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