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Calling all shopaholics! If your idea of travel includes a dash of retail therapy, then join us as we uncover the 8 Top Ideas for Airport Shopping. Get wandering around chic boutiques, renowned brands, and a shopping spree that knows no bounds. And for an extra dose of luxury, imagine having your very own Airport Personal Shopper, guiding you through a world of exclusive finds. Get ready to redefine your travel shopping experience, one personalized purchase at a time!


The Best Airport Shopping Destinations


Changi Airport (Singapore)

Changi Airport in Singapore is a shopper’s haven, offering a diverse retail experience. From high-end fashion and luxury watches to unique jewelry and delightful souvenirs, the airport caters to various preferences. Indulge in local treats, explore children’s stores, or stop by the supermarket at Jewel for a luxury airport shopping experience. Beauty enthusiasts can find top-notch skincare, while wine and liquor aficionados have premium options. Electronic gadgets, luggage, and entertainment are also well-covered. Changi Airport Services offer a thoughtful blend of luxury, convenience, and entertainment for every traveler.


Dubai International Airport (United Arab Emirates)

From authentic Arabian top gifts in airports such as gold bars to renowned fashion brands and top-tier fragrances such as Dior, Givenchy, Gucci and more, the airport offers a diverse array of duty-free shopping experiences across terminals. Electronics enthusiasts can explore the latest gadgets, while liquor and tobacco aficionados can choose from a wide selection of prestigious brands. Le Clos, an award-winning retailer, enhances the experience with fine wines and luxury spirits, featuring a unique Click & Collect Service. Bath & Body Works and The Macallan Boutique add a touch of indulgence, making Dubai Airport a definitive haven for those seeking unparalleled airport luxury shopping within a perfect setting.


Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Airport offers a distinctive airport shopping experience with a focus on Lunar New Year Gourmet sets, rare wine collections, and duty-free liquor. Explore limited-time offers in beauty and electronics, including exclusive airport products. Engage in an immersive 360° VR Shopping experience for duty-free liquor. Discover Airport Shopping featuring electronics, travel essentials, and local delights. The airport showcases renowned brands like La Prairie, Lancome, Glenfiddich, Macallan, and more, making it a dynamic hub for diverse and exclusive shopping.


Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

The airport features a range of stores for cosmetics making your airport shopping the best ever, including Beauty Travel, Olive Young, and TonyMoly, catering to skincare, makeup, and more. Fashion enthusiasts can explore Alo and Glassstore for glasses and sunglasses, respectively. Conveniently located convenience stores like CU and GS25 provide 24/7 access to essentials and snacks. Bookstores such as Book store and K-Books offer reading options, while Digital Store and SAMSONITE provide electronics and travel goods. Gift shop near Check-In Counter H offers classic industrial art objects and fashion accessories. Incheon International Airport ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience for travelers with diverse preferences.


London Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom)

From high-end fashion and accessories to exquisite jewelry and watches, travelers can explore renowned boutiques like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier across various terminals at LHR.. Beauty enthusiasts can indulge in top-notch skincare and fragrances at M·A·C Cosmetics and Jo Malone. For those seeking exclusive travel essentials, technology gadgets, or stylish footwear, stores like InMotion, JD Sports, and Kurt Geiger have it covered. The Heathrow Airport luxury lounges ensure a sophisticated and comfortable setting for passengers to enjoy their airport shopping experience amidst an array of world-class brands.


Frankfurt Airport (Germany)

Frankfurt Airport offers a diverse shopping experience, with renowned brands such as Burberry, BOSS, BVLGARI, and GUCCI available across different terminals. Duty Free & Travel Value stores in various transit areas provide exclusive airport shopping opportunities. Additionally, the airport features a range of fashion boutiques like Longchamp and Hermès, electronic shops like CAPI Electronics, and specialty stores like Montblanc and Swarovski exposing you to an experience filled with top gifts in airports. Although some sections are temporarily closed, Frankfurt Airport ensures a varied selection for passengers when these establishments are operational. Notably, the airport boasts a new VIP terminal, enhancing the travel experience for privileged customers.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol provides a diverse and enticing airport shopping experience for travelers, featuring last-minute essentials, Dutch treasures, and fine foods. From renowned jewelry brands like Gassan to modern elegance at Balenciaga, the airport caters to various tastes. Explore beauty products at Rituals, unique souvenirs at Dutch Food Gifts, and stylish accessories at New Rebels. With exclusive lounges like Victoria’s Secret and Hermes, along with options for literature and electronics, Schiphol’s airport luxury shopping scene offers something for every traveler’s preference.


Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

Zurich Airport offers a diverse shopping experience, featuring renowned brands and convenient services. Explore beauty and health products at Amavita Flight & Care and Icon Beauty and Health. Visit Anecdote and Grieder for fashion, or check out Coop and Migros for supermarket needs. Discover iconic Swiss brands like Läderach and Swatch, while Victoria’s Secret and Rituals cater to beauty enthusiasts. For electronics, Interdiscount is available, and Press & Books offers a variety of reading materials. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, or daily essentials, Zurich Airport provides a range of options to meet travelers’ needs.



Let airssist’s Airport Services Escort You

Let airssist’s Airport Services elevate your travel experience with personalized assistance. From expert Airport Personal Shoppers to Meet & Greet services, our team ensures an absolutely fascinating journey. Experience the heights of luxury with VIP Terminal Services, offering exclusive privileges and comfort. Indulge in private luxury tours with our chauffeured limos, providing a bespoke exploration of your destination. Whether you seek convenience or opulence, airssist caters to your every need offering airport services that ensure a sophisticated and stress-free travel experience.


Let Out the Shopper in You at Airports

Indulge your passion for shopping at airports with airssist’s exclusive services. Explore the world of airport shopping and discover the top gifts in airports that await you in these bustling travel hubs. Let out the shopper in you as you navigate through a curated selection of luxury boutiques, duty-free outlets, and unique stores, ensuring a delightful and satisfying shopping experience at every terminal.

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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