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Immerse yourself in a VIP Service experience that mirrors the intimate ambiance of a private lounge at Grenoble Isere Air airport in Saint Etienne de Saint Ge (GNB)

Experience Unrivaled Luxury with airssist VIP Service at Grenoble Isère Airport (GNB) – Where Elegance Meets Convenience:

When it comes to travel, there’s something appealing about being treated like a distinguished guest. The luxury and comfort of the airssist VIP Service generate a sense of exclusivity and comfort in a Private Lounge. While Grenoble Isère Airport does not offer a designated VIP lounge, don’t worry! airssist VIP Service is here to ensure that your journey is lifted to remarkable heights, providing a level of luxury that matches that of any executive lounge.

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    About GNB Airport!

    • Grenoble Isère Airport is located in the municipality of Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs, which is approximately 40 kilometers northwest of Grenoble, in the Isère department of southeastern France.
    • The airport spans an area of about 250 hectares (617 acres) and has a single runway. It is equipped to handle medium-sized aircraft and can accommodate around 1.2 million passengers annually.
    • The airport is well-connected by road, with convenient access to major highways. It is situated near the A48 motorway, making it easily accessible for travelers coming from Grenoble, Lyon, and other surrounding cities.
    • Grenoble Isère Airport serves as a gateway to the French Alps and is popular among winter sports enthusiasts. It offers flights operated by various airlines to destinations primarily within Europe, including cities like London, Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Copenhagen, among others.
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    The heart of airssist VIP Service is its commitment to individualized service. Our skilled team is dedicated to knowing and meeting all of your requirements. We go above and beyond to create an experience personalized to your preferences, from organizing special airport shuttles to fast-tracking services. Whether you need recommendations for local activities or assistance, our professional team is here to help.

    airssist makes you the focal point of a professionally planned travel experience from the moment you arrive until you depart. Embrace the extraordinary and take your journey to new heights by reserving airssist VIP Service at Grenoble Isère Airport. Let us redefine luxury travel and create moments that will last a lifetime.

    What Are Some Interesting airssist Services Offered at Grenoble Isere Air Airport in Saint Etienne de Saint Ge (GNB)?

    • Meet and Greet Services
    • Fast Track Services
    • VIP Transfers
    • Baggage Handling
    • Consistent airssist VIP Service
    • Very convenient booking platform