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8 Best COP29 Side Events and Activities

8 Best COP29 Side Events and Activities - Baku

As the world leaders gather to work together on solutions to tackle climate change, they often seek VIP treatment and services to spend these conference days with much convenience. As COP 28 event in Dubai offered attendees with supreme quality services throughout, attendees of COP29 Event will have higher expectations for extended services like Airport Spas in the VIP Terminal to feel refreshed before the event begins or to explore Baku’s popular places in a luxury limo ride after the event. Today, we intend on bringing to light some of the best side events and activities for COP29 Event participants, to enjoy, relax and explore before or after the event. We’ve gathered up some of the best things to do in Baku while you’re there!


Understanding COP29 Side Events

COP29 side events are crucial for participants to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax after intense presentations and discussions. These events offer a chance to network, share ideas, and make participants more comfortable with the host destination in a more casual setting. Enjoying the local cuisine, engaging in cultural activities, and attending social gatherings, exhibitions or tours can significantly enhance the overall COP29 experience, providing a much-needed break from the formalities of the main sessions.


Exploring the COP29 Side Event Landscape

Discover the much awaited COP29 side events that offer a perfect balance of networking, relaxation, and cultural experiences. These events are essential for recharging after intense discussions and presentations. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.
  • Cultural Experiences: Enjoy local traditions, performances, and cuisines that bring a unique flavor to the event.
  • Relaxation Zones: Unwind in dedicated spaces designed to help you relax and rejuvenate.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Participate in interactive sessions to gain new insights and skills.
  • Social Gatherings: Attend informal gatherings and social events to foster relationships in a relaxed setting.


How to Find Relevant Side Events Surrounding COP29 Event

We’ve done the research for you. The listed are some of the best side events that’s accessible to participants of COP29. Varying according to individual needs and preferences, choose one of more of the top 8 side events we’ve put together.


Gabala Exploration

The captivating Gabala Exploration during the COP29 event is one of the best explorations and a courtesy of UHNWI Travel Services and Destinations. Ascend to breathtaking heights aboard a cable car soaring 2000 meters high, offering panoramic vistas of one of the most picturesque views you might have ever seen. The sight of serene cascading waterfalls and tranquil lakes, adorned with a dusting of snow in November, creates a true backdrop for your journey and let you carry lasting memories.


Sheki Sojourn

For those also interested in digging deep in Baku’s culture, planning out a journey through Sheki, graciously offering a delightful break from the busy schedule of COP29 Event would be an amazing choice. Explore Sheki’s rich history, with its UNESCO-protected treasures like the Khan’s Palace and fascinating museums. Treat yourself to the city’s renowned cuisine like Lavangi, Dolma, and Dushbara, experiencing the vibrant flavors of Azerbaijani dishes. After days of exploration, relax in Sheki’s comfortable yet affordable accommodations if you wish, where you can unwind and soak in the timeless charm of Sheki’s local culture.


Medinex Exhibition

This opportunity to experience the forefront of healthcare innovation awaits at the Medinex Exhibition. This premier event in Azerbaijan offers a gateway to the latest advancements in medical and healthcare technology. You’ll get the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, manufacturers, and distributors and learn about innovations and government support for these practices. Explore all about the future of healthcare as you walk through the exhibits and presentations at Medinex.


Baku Book Fair

For attendees of the COP29 event traveling with family, the Baku Book Fair presents an ideal destination. The fair offers a platform to engage with both local and international perspectives on acknowledging the digital age of publishing. Explore a wide array of books while enjoying opportunities for brand exposure and consumer interaction. With something for everyone, from children’s books to scholarly works, the Baku Book Fair promises an enriching experience for the whole family.


Candy Cane Mountain & Shahdag Tour

After an event like COP29, all you may ever need is a guided day tour in a luxury car from Baku to the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains. Usually departing at 9:30 am, you’ll get to step into thrilling activities like skiing and alpine coaster rides amidst the stunning landscapes of Candy Cane and Besh Barmag Mountains. The tour’s highlight is Shahdag Mountain Resort, offering approximately 2 hours of outdoor adventures. Savor local cuisine and professional guide service throughout the day for an unforgettable experience at the Caucasus Mountains.


Gobustan & Fire Temple Expedition

For those seeking a life-changing experience at Baku, especially amidst the HNWI Ultra Wealthy VIP Top Travel Trends for 2024, the COP29 event offers a curated expedition to Gobustan and the Fire Temple. Witness the mesmerizing flames of Yanar Dag, explore ancient wonders like mud volcanoes and petroglyphs, and have a nice time as you traverse Azerbaijan’s culture at its best.


Gabala and Shamakhi Excursion

After your tiresome participation at the COP29 event, rejuvenate your spirit with an enriching Gabala and Shamakhi excursion. Learn all about the cultual treasures of these regions on a guided day trip from Baku, promising refreshing experiences amidst breathtaking natural scenery. Explore the architectural gem of Juma Mosque in Shamakhi, marvel at the stunning “Seven Beauties” Waterfall in Vandam village, and indulge in the pure sweetness of the Honey House. With warm hospitality, traditional dishes, and knowledgeable guides, one can really feel the peacefulness in Baku.


Baku Panoramic Night Tour

Experience with a Baku Panoramic Night Tour, offering a mesmerizing glimpse of the city as it comes alive under the cover of darkness. Led by certified guides, journey through historical and modern landmarks, including the iconic Haydar Aliyev Center and the renowned “I love Baku” sign. Ascend to the observation deck of Old City Baku for panoramic views, and explore the bustling Nizami Street to immerse yourself in the local culture. Complete your evening at Fountain Square, capturing memories against the backdrop of illuminated fountains. This tour promises to be the highlight of your Azerbaijan trip, offering unique insights and unforgettable moments.


Beyond COP29: Staying Involved

Staying engaged after COP29 is crucial for sustaining momentum and driving long-term change. Here are a few ways to keep the conversation going and stay actively involved:

  • Join Climate Action Networks: Connect with organizations and communities dedicated to climate action and sustainability.
  • Participate in Webinars and Workshops: Continue learning and sharing knowledge through online events and educational sessions.
  • Advocate for Policy Changes: Engage with policymakers and advocate for the implementation of the commitments made during COP29.
  • Collaborate on Projects: Partner with other stakeholders to work on projects that address climate challenges and promote sustainable solutions.


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