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HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIP Top Travel Trends for 2024

HNWI Travel Trends

There is a growing community of leisure travellers, from multi-generation families to young couples, who seek safety, reliability and flexibility, and for whom private jet travel is the perfect mode of transport.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make your traveling a hell of a lot more comfortable.

A whole slew of companies have popped up in recent years to cater to wealthy travelers looking to fly a little more calmly, and get to their luxe villa a little more easily.

No longer just the preserve of the super-rich, who have long preferred exclusivity and isolation to mass tourism, nowadays people of all incomes are seeking ways to vacation away from crowds within their own bubble of friends and family

Health and wellbeing will remain a top priority for HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIP travelers for the foreseeable future, and with that comes a desire for experiences that are safe and secure.

Contrary to popular belief, the rich don’t tend to travel alone. They may arrive by private jet, but social, group excursions are generally the predominant trend amongst ultra-wealthy travellers. Before they set off on their vacation, many rich people will pay upwards of £100,000 to have a luxury guide compile the perfect trip for them, from Michelin-starred restaurant renovations to unique private cultural excursions. All of this will be planned without them lifting a finger.

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How to Define Luxury Travel for HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIPs

Have you ever wondered why do people actually travel, leaving the comfort of their homes to go to foreign and new lands?

Some people travel to escape from the reality of their lives, to relax and reconnect back to inspiration or just to have an adventure. For some, it can be just for the luxury of it. They are called luxury travelers such as HNWI and Ultra wealthy Travelers.

Luxury travel basically entails travel fuelled by the need to see, to feel, to touch or to experience. These days, adventurists will hear about an exciting and exotic location the next day they begin plans to visit the place by all means. For luxury travelers, the full definition of luxury traveling may lie inherent in their getting away from his everyday life to somewhere where they will be pampered and treated like royalty. Most luxury travelers choose the most exclusive cabin class and the most luxurious hotels when they travel.

The word ” Luxury ” is related to everything fun, pampered servicing and exceptional comfort. As the saying goes: ‘Different strokes for different folks’. Different classes of luxury travelers have varied expectations of luxury travel.

This kind of luxury travel contains everything that makes up the entirety of a lavish dream, magical location and a taste of 5-star service, hospitality, and rich local experience. The location of the hotel can also be a major driver for some of these travelers. Other factors can be serenity of its environments, the closeness to the goodies and freshness in nature and proximity to a major tourist attraction.

For other type of luxury travelers, the true essence of luxury is captured in another word: solitude. Some adventurists, especially those into meditation, will spend time looking for the perfect high-end villa that would afford them perfect seclusion, the perfect getaway from the bustle of life tedious activities. This will include a relaxation spot in harmony with nature.

Also a 3rd perfect luxurious getaway for luxury travelers is visiting remote villages of the world.  The accommodation arrangement in those places might be very basic as those places are often off the beaten track but they give a sense of adventure that is often unrivaled.

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What Attracts HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIP Travelers?

Luxury travellers are looking for unique, memorable experiences. They want to learn new things and have new experiences while abroad. They value cultural heritage, performance arts, storytelling, and luxury products that showcase unique traditions and techniques.

HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIP Travelers are attracted to trips that involves an elevated travel experience with minimum vexation and maximum amenities. Luxury travelers are specific about the things they want in order to have an enriching experience during the course of their vacation. Exclusive cabin class and extravagant hotels are one of the primary things they look for. HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIP Travelers are more sensitive to value for money and the added value, rather than the price.

However, luxury travelers travel for a variety of reasons. They each travel the world looking for things that will give them pleasure and the satisfaction they need at a moment in time. For one it can be simply to admire the masterpiece artworks at the Louvre but for another, it will be to feel like being the first person to set foot on a remote beach. Whatever it is, it will always be a valid reason as long as you enjoy doing it.

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Top Luxurious Hotels for HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIPs

Empathy Suite at the The Palms, Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is a feeling in itself, and you can enhance it while staying at Empathy Suite. Redesigned by Damian Hurst who painstakingly transformed an old villa suite into what it is today, everything about this place is rich and beautiful. If you sign up for a stay at this scenic property, you will be the center of some of the most fantastic services you will ever be given. From 2 master bedrooms furnished with ultra-expensive beddings and equipped with sleek and highly modern bathrooms to a sprawling spa and a private tour of the in-house art collection, there is almost everything and anything that a guest would expect. This place dazzles with the unique spirit of Las Vegas.

The Royal Penthouse at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is a lovely city and can provide you with a good dose of luxury for which Switzerland is well-known. Hotel President Wilson houses the shockingly expensive the Royal Penthouse on the 8th floor and promises you an experience matched by none but few. The mesmerizing views of Mount Blanc and the serene Lake Geneva will brighten up your mood, and anything else you might require would be provided by the excellent furnishings and in-room services. You get 12 richly appointed bedrooms each of which is equipped with smart and gorgeous bathrooms, a Jacuzzi bath, round-the-clock personal assistance, and fine dining arranged by a private chef. There will be a butler at your service whenever you so desire.

The Mark Penthouse at the Mark Hotel, New York, United States

Welcome to the largest penthouse of the United States of America, The Mark Penthouse. As part of the deal, you will get 5 really spacious bedrooms most of which come appointed with lavish bathrooms featuring modern interiors and expensive amenities. In addition to this, you will get 2 warm fireplaces and a large living room to relax in with your friends and family. Oh, by the way, you can have the entire living room transformed into a ballroom; so if you have a social event on the mind, you just need to tell the staff. The interiors are as opulent as they sound and make you feel no less than a royalty. Also, this is the best place to have an all-encompassing view of the famous Central Park.

The Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is known for many things, and one of them being its lavish hotels. Burj Al Arab was heralded as the world’s first 7-star hotel in the whole wide world. Brought to life by the visionary architect, Tom Wright, the hotel will instantly remind you of the sail of a ship, standing on an artificially-created gorgeous island. The Royal Suite spans over 2 floors, bears furnishings of gold and offers you luxurious services of a butler, private dining, and a world of mind-blowing services such as highly well-equipped fitness center, swimming pools, and fine dining.

Four Seasons Private Island, Maldives

Nothing says pure luxury like having your own private island. The Four Seasons Maldives at Voavah is the pinnacle of secluded extravagance. The island includes a beach house with seven luxury suites for up to 22 guests. No expense has been spared to make sure guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Guests have exclusive-use of Voavah Summer, the 62-foot private luxury yacht, a dedicated 24-hour security team, and a staff of 28 to make all their dreams come true.

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Here we explore Four trends that reflect the shifts in HNWI traveller needs and demands of today, as well as the innovations taking place across aviation, hospitality and beyond that demonstrate how companies are responding and even anticipating new behaviour and desires.


Debut Charters

which looks at the rise of first-time private jet users .

For high-net-worth individuals, private aviation represented not just a preferred mode of travel but a necessity for those stranded abroad, as well as those conscious of preventable contact and touch points.

As a result, many private jet firms have seen tremendous growth and a new set of first-time customers with a lot of enquiries were from first-time leisure clients who recognised the priority of the safety, convenience and flexibility of private flying.


Curated Drives

which examines how high-end hotels and hospitality companies are taking road trips to the next level.

In a bid to entice the elite to hit the road, a host of high-end hotels and travel companies are delivering their signature brand experiences on wheels, curating every leg of the way in style. From route planning – including stops for fabulous photo opportunities and decadent lunches – to organising rare or vintage vehicle loans and even tailing guests in support vehicles, think of these “supercharged road trips” as mobile showcases for the finest hospitality brands in the business.


VIP Terminals

which looks at the way commercial airports are commoditising congestion-free. As travel resumes, it’s not just cumbersome testing requirements that will compromise the experience: increased bureaucracy could see holidaymakers kettled in congested airports. At London Heathrow, queues of six hours or more have already emerged at the border. Commercial airports that can offer expedited, crowd-free and touch-free check-in and immigration services, in addition to the fast-track services already offered to business- and first-class passengers, should find captive audiences willing to pay for the privilege.

Previously referred to as The Private Suite, PS at Los Angeles International airport shows what’s possible. Located in a private terminal away from the main passenger hub, its customers relax in their own suite while agents deal with protocols; after clearing a private TSA screening, a BMW transfer shepherds them to their aircraft.

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Landscape Cabins

which are providing comfy accommodation in even the most remote locations.

Over the last year, demand for remote accommodation far from cities has continued to soar, with rural listings on Airbnb earning hosts more than US$5 billion since March 11, 2020.
 The “sharing economy” platform has even gone so far as launching a “rural bootcamp” project, designed to help non-urban communities unlock access to their homes more easily.

In Switzerland, high-altitude stays are trending, with Cube Aletsch on the Eggishorn near the Aletsch Glacier offering guests a place for an overnight stay. Reached by cable car, the cosy cube features a large glass façade, terrace and hot tub, more than 2,800 metres above sea level. In the future, we may wonder why we ever stayed in hotels, especially when companies such as Cuba’s Veliz Arquitecto are designing structures as stunning as the 150 sqm cocoon-like mountain cabins pictured on the cover of our report (and at the top of this story).

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