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Combining Business and Wellness Travel

Combining Business and Wellness Travel

Combining business with wellness travel is becoming a top trend among High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). More and more people are extending their trips to blend business with leisure or wellness experiences, often bringing along friends or family. Some even negotiate time off as part of their compensation for business travel. This trend is driven by junior executives who view travel as integral to their lifestyle and seek to incorporate wellness into their trips. Additionally, senior executives and CEOs, with their hectic schedules, increasingly require downtime between meetings and conferences. Therefore, integrating wellness activities into business travel has become a popular choice for them. Today, we will be discussing all about combining business and wellness travel along with tips on how to improve the quality of your entire tour with airssist’s VIP concierge service. Keep reading and start learning!


Blending Business with Wellness: A New Travel Trend

Modern professionals are adapting to UHNWI Travel Services and Destinations maximizing their travel experiences to explore different places, engage with local cultures, and make lasting memories. Rather than spending all day confined to an office, they are incorporating leisure activities into their business trips, modifying their journeys and fostering long-term success for both themselves and their businesses. A survey conducted by found that 59% of employees believe that traveling and discovering new destinations boosts inspiration and productivity. The benefits to this combination are endless.


Best Advantages of Business and Wellness Retreats


Cost Savings on Transportation and Lodging

Extending a business trip with leisure time offers significant cost savings on transportation and lodging expenses. Typically, employers cover travel costs, including airfare, train tickets, or car transfers, as well as accommodations such as hotel rooms or apartments, along with per diem for food during the business portion of the trip. This means that business travelers only need to cover personal expenses and lodging costs incurred during the leisure portion of their trip.

Moreover, travelers can take advantage of exclusive corporate deals on hotel accommodations, guaranteeing cost-effectiveness for both their business and personal travel plans.


Improved Work-life Balance

The combination of Business and wellness travel, extending business trips for leisure purpose, is increasingly popular, offering flexibility and enjoyment. A significant benefit is the improved work-life balance it provides, with surveys showing that 55% of business travelers aim to incorporate more bleisure trips to achieve this balance. By integrating leisure activities, travelers can prioritize their well-being, whether combating travel fatigue or maintaining fitness routines. This blend of business and wellness surely adds tranquility and pleasure to what could otherwise be a stressful experience.


Maximization of Personal Days

Integrating wellness time into business trips optimizes personal days, offering shorter but more frequent breaks. This approach, recommended by experts for mental well-being, relieves the stress of extended disconnection from work and heavy workloads upon return. Additionally, the flexibility allows for family inclusion, enhancing overall well-being and productivity.


Better Preparation for Business Meetings

Allocating extra time for travel enhances preparation for business meetings by allowing adjustment to new environments. This enables optimal performance and fosters deeper connections with colleagues, clients, or investors. Immersion in the local culture enriches personal experiences and contributes to successful outcomes in business endeavors.


Transformation of Work Obligations into Personal Growth Opportunities

Business trips offer more than just work obligations; they present opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. Instead of being confined to conference centers or hotel rooms, travelers can infuse their trips with personal activities. This integration transforms business obligations into job perks, enhancing job satisfaction and employee retention. Studies indicate that employees are more engaged when they can pursue their passions outside of work. By incorporating time for exploring new places and experiences, business trips become enriching journeys that contribute to employee well-being and fulfillment.


Improve Business and Wellness Travel with airssist

Making memories is not the challenge but making them unforgettable is! With airssist, make your business and wellness travel experiences be in unforgettable heights. From the moment you step in on your journey, our VIP arrangements are ever prepared to serve you by taking every detail into account, starting with meet and greet services and extending to private luxury tours and limousine transfers. Enjoy access to exclusive business airport lounges, where you can relax in comfort before your flight. With airssist, transform your travel memories into unforgettable moments that will stay with you long after your journey ends.

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