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Baku Airport Guide for a High End Experience

Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Explore our comprehensive Baku Airport Guide, your go-to resource for getting through Heydar Aliyev International Airport with a peaceful mind. There may be a chance that you’re facing your first  layover, overnight stay, or quick stopover. Our guide provides valuable insights into essential amenities, and airport services like Wi-Fi and 24-hour food options and everything else you might want to know about Baku Airport. Plus, discover how airssist can assist with meet & greet services, VIP terminal access, and luxurious limo transfers to ensure an impeccable journey with high end Baku Airport Facilities. Don’t miss out on this traveler’s guide to Azerbaijan with our tips for relaxation with airport spas located in the VIP Terminal, enhancing your travel experience.


All About Baku Airport


Terminal Vibes

Baku Airport boasts two distinct terminals: Terminal 1, a sleek and modern hub for international flights, and Terminal 2, catering to domestic travel with basic amenities. While Terminal 1 exudes contemporary charm, Terminal 2 offers a more modest setting.

Facilities Overview

Although amenities include a selection of restaurants, cafes, and shops, be prepared for slightly higher prices. Fortunately, these establishments operate around the clock, ensuring you’re never left hungry. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi or make the most of your layover by accessing various airport lounges, available for economy class travelers.

Restful Retreats

For a comfortable sleep, opt for the airside of Terminal 1, featuring carpeted floors and quieter corners conducive to rest. Alternatively, landside areas offer limited seating on metal benches, so bring along extra layers for warmth. Avoid the arrivals level to dodge persistent taxi drivers. For uninterrupted sleep, consider sleep pods within Terminal 1 or nearby hotels with complimentary shuttle service


Exclusive Airport Lounges

Make yourself extra comfortable at Baku Airport’s exclusive lounges, much like the latest HNWI and Ultra Wealthy VIP Top Travel Trends for 2024. Delight in the heartiest amenities offered, including pay-per-use options, single visit passes, and lounge memberships through airssist tailored for travelers of all classes. Step into these comforting retreats and relax to your heart’s content in their elegant surroundings, providing the perfect respite before your flight.


Terminal 1 Lounges

At Baku Airport’s Terminal 1, passengers can access nearly four luxurious lounges to relax before their flight. With airssist’s airport concierge services to help passengers, travelers can enjoy exclusive access to these high-end lounges, offering a serene environment to pass some quality time. Whether indulging in refreshments, catching up on work, or simply spending comfort, these lounges provide the perfect retreat for passengers awaiting their departure.


Airlines Lounges

Located within Terminal 1, passengers have the opportunity to access two premium airline lounges offering all the comfort and amenities. One of the Classy Lounges is conveniently situated on the 1st Level, with access from both Landside and Airside areas, Zone A. Operating round-the-clock, it provides travelers with a tranquil space to relax and rejuvenate before their journey. Additionally, the one exquisite lounge, found on the 4th Level within the Departure Area, offers 24-hour service, ensuring passengers enjoy a comfortable travel experience.


Other Layover Facilities at the Baku Airport Premises

Layovers can be tough, especially if you haven’t done your homework. Our Baku Airport Guide educates you from keeping yourself busy with something workable or  at least entertaining to relaxing and calming your nerves before your next flight takes a lot of energy. Worry not! You can walk around and access these simple tricks until your clock ticks and get you ready for that next flight.


Sleep Pods

Find solace in Go Sleep sleeping pods, conveniently located in Terminal 1’s Airside Departures Area on the 3rd Floor. These pods offer a cozy retreat just beyond the security checkpoint, providing a tranquil space for relaxation. Although the fee is undisclosed, some travelers have reported complimentary usage, with pods also spotted on the 1st Floor.


Enjoy in a Nearby Hotel

Indulge in comfort and relaxation during your layover by enjoying a nearby hotel. With thoughtful amenities and extra care, travelers can access these accommodations to charge up before their next flight. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or a rejuvenating experience, nearby hotels offer a convenient and comfortable option to make the most of your layover time. Relax in style and enjoy any spa, gym or salons in the hotel  to keep fit and beautiful before continuing your journey.


Private Tours with airssist

Why not try out a journey beyond Baku to discover nearby attractions during your layover? With airssist’s private tours for UHNWI Travel Services and Destinations in a chauffeured limousine in Baku or any luxury vehicle you might like to ride in, explore popular and breathtaking destinations surrounding Baku Airport that promise unique experiences and hidden treasures. Witness Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage, uncovering ancient monuments and sacred sites amidst breathtaking locations. From ancient temples like Fire Temple of Baku and ISKCON Baku shrouded in mystery to serene natural wonders waiting to be explored, venture beyond the confines of the airport and immerse yourself in the richness of Azerbaijani culture.


Some Interesting Places Nearby Baku Airport

  • Explore Dənizkənarı Milli Park
  • Discover Icherisheher
  • Experience Highland Park
  • Marvel at Heydar Aliyev Centre
  • Soar on Baku Eye


Other Services Offered at Baku Airport by airssist include.

  • Personal airport shopper
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Accompanying children traveling alone
  • Pet care and assistance
  • Limo arrangements for large groups
  • Fast track airport procedures
  • Airport tarmac transfers
  • Customized welcome and sign boards
  • Luggage handling and securing valuable assets


Make Your Stay Enjoyable with airssist at Baku Airport

In this Baku Airport Guide, we’ve talked about things for a perfect Traveler’s Guide for Azerbaijan. From the moment you arrive in Baku, our dedicated team is here to offer a super luxurious experience with personalized meet & greet services. You’ve also learnt about the finest Baku Airport Facilities. Enjoy exclusive access to the VIP terminal, where you’ll indulge in ultimate premium amenities and comfort like never before. Whether you’re arriving, departing, or in transit, airssist’s VIP airport concierge services guarantee a memorable and enjoyable stay at Baku Airport.

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