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Top 9 VIP Traveler Must Have Things when Traveling

Top 9 VIP Traveler Must Have Things when Traveling

Ready to take your VIP travel game to the next level? With this guide, you can learn all about the things you should carry as a VIP Traveler or a VIP guest! We’ve rounded up the coolest essentials to add a touch of luxury to your adventures. From sleek gadgets to exclusive must-haves, let’s turn your trips into VIP experiences. Are you up for the upgrade?


1. Business Laptop

For luxury travelers, having a top-notch business laptop is a game-changer. Take the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 with Intel Core i3-1115G4 or the HP Laptop 15s with 12th Gen Intel Core i3-1215U, for instance. These sleek gadgets not only keep you connected on the go but also add a touch of style to your journey. Whether you’re closing deals or catching up on work, these laptops are must-haves among the essentials for a VIP traveler.


2. Tablet with Productivity Apps

Enhance your travel toolkit with a sleek tablet, such as the iPad Pro (2022, 10th Gen) or the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023), featuring powerful productivity apps like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace. Whether tackling business tasks or crafting impressive presentations, these versatile devices are essential for luxury travelers. Don’t forget to install the airssist mobile app for perfect assistance on the go, ensuring a blend of efficiency and sophistication throughout your journey.


3. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Take your productivity to new heights with a game-changing accessory for the globe-trotter: the Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. This compact marvel without doubt transforms your tablet or smartphone into a portable workstation, ensuring you stay productive wherever your journey takes you. Don’t compromise on efficiency, unfold the possibilities with this must-have VIP accessory.


4. Noise-Isolating Bluetooth Earbuds

For a discreet and immersive audio experience, consider noise-isolating Bluetooth earbuds like  Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds with exceptional microphone capabilities, catering to both offline and online support for travelers. Perfect for business calls or virtual meetings on the go, these earbuds, much like the ones above, ensure crystal-clear communication, making them an essential companion.


5. Mobile Hotspot Device

For VIP travelers on the move, staying connected is non-negotiable. Get access to a reliable mobile hotspot device, your key to a secure and reliable internet connection. With fast and stable connectivity, this compact companion ensures uninterrupted virtual meetings and smooth online work. Don’t let connectivity be a concern; keep the world at your fingertips with this indispensable gadget.


6. Document Scanner

In the hustle and bustle of the busiest airports, VIP travelers can stay organized with a portable document scanner, such as those offered by Fujitsu or Epson. This compact essential empowers you to digitize important documents and receipts on the go, ensuring a streamlined and paper-free travel experience. Keep your paperwork in check and travel with ease among the top things to carry as a VIP traveler.


7. Biometric USB Flash Drive

For VIP travelers prioritizing data security, a biometric USB flash drive is a must-have. This advanced device adds an extra layer of protection by requiring fingerprint authentication for access to sensitive files. Safeguard your confidential information with ease, making this biometric USB flash drive an essential companion for VIP travelers seeking peace of mind in their journeys.


8. Digital Luggage Scale

Master the art of VIP travel with the Digital Luggage Scale, an essential tool that savvy travelers swear by. Stay one step ahead and avoid excess baggage fees by effortlessly managing your luggage weight with this compact device. As part of the top 9 must-haves, it’s not just about staying organized; it’s about applying practical tips to manage VIP travel. This digital scale ensures your journey remains cost-effective, allowing you to focus on the finer aspects of your luxurious adventure.


9. Electronic Organizer

Stay in control of your tech essentials during your travels with an electronic organizer, the VIP traveler’s secret to a tidy and efficient setup. Designed to keep cables, chargers, and gadgets neatly in place, this organizer ensures you breeze through security checks and enjoy a hassle-free airport experience as well as an organized business trip. Elevate your journey with a clutter-free approach.



Tips to Manage VIP Travel with airssist

Experience VIP travel at its finest with airssist, your ultimate companion in luxury journeys. Avoid excess baggage fees effortlessly while managing your luggage weight using this compact scale. As you master the art of VIP travel, consider leveraging the comprehensive support offered by airssist, your ultimate companion in luxury journeys. From exclusive VIP terminals to meet and greet services, chauffeured limo transfers, and private luxury tours, airssist ensures your travel experience is elevated to new heights. With offline and online support for travelers, airssist not only redefines your travel standards but also ensures each moment is exceptional as a VIP traveler.

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