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airssist’s Top Tips for a Hassle-free Airport Experience


Travelling and trip planning can be stressful due to the numerous complications that may arise along the way. Due to flight delays, lengthy security checkpoint lines, and the heightened complexity of arrival, departure, and transit flights, travel has become arduous and taxing. Nothing is more irritating than arriving punctual but being forced to wait for hours because of flight complications and delays. Passengers frequently encounter significant challenges pertaining to their luggage due to the antiquated, perplexing, and untrustworthy baggage management system prevalent in airports.

Aside from these issues, numerous others can be resolved through research and utilization of the concierge service that best meets your requirements. airssist’s Tips for traveling and expedient airport experience anywhere in the world are provided below:


1- Preparation Is Crucial

Preparing for your flight is key to having a hassle-free airport experience, whether you’re flying alone or with people. When booking your flight, always make sure to book your seats near the front of the plane to ensure that you’ll be one of the last people to board the flight and one of the first to leave it. You can also book an overnight flight to speed up your journey as airports are less crowded at night. Do not cram your carry-on, instead fill it only with essentials like medication and personal items, as larger bags are more susceptible to gate-checks. We also advise you to do your research on the airport’s layout a couple of days before your trip if you have the time to spare so as to reduce the chances of getting lost.

2- Purchase Flights During Off-Peak Hours

Although it may seem obvious, purchasing flights during off-peak hours typically results in a more tranquil airport environment and a more seamless journey. Fewer individuals results in shorter queues!


When Are Flights Off-Peak?

Although they may vary from nation to nation, off-peak flights typically consist of:

  • Red eye and early morning or late-night flights
  • Between Tuesday – Thursday
  • holiday periods


3- Investigate the Check-in Periods

Take the time to investigate the check-in times if you are unable to perform online check-in for your flight. At Alternative Airlines, we understand that not all airlines, particularly smaller domestic ones, offer online check-in services. By conducting research on the airport check-in times, you can guarantee that you won’t be tardy for check-in and risk missing your flight. Additionally, this research will provide you with information on the check-in counters’ opening hours, preventing you from arriving excessively early and having to wait unnecessarily.

4- Review the Permitted Items in Your Carry-On

To ensure a smooth passage through security, understanding the hand luggage rules is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the restrictions on liquids and prohibited items to avoid having your carry-on bag subjected to additional screening.


5- Book Transportation Ahead of Time

It is possible to save a lot of time by researching and arranging your transportation in advance. Always choose an airport service provider, like airssist, for your airport pick-up and airport transportation needs; this will save you time and avoid getting lost or waiting for a bus or cab.

6- Before Your Trip, Familiarize Yourself with the Airport

It could be helpful to learn a little bit about the airport you’re taking off from if it’s new to you. The airport’s official website offers helpful maps, a list of restaurants and stores, and information on other airport facilities. This is especially helpful for bigger airports with numerous terminals and separate locations for each flight’s departure.

7- Charge All of Your Electronic Devices

It’s important to keep your phone charged, especially if you have your boarding pass saved to it. A lot of airlines offer Wi-Fi to keep you amused during the flight, but it can also drain your battery.

Sometimes there aren’t plug sockets at the airport or on the plane, and if you’re in a different country and don’t have an adapter, you might not be able to use the socket at all. So, to make sure you can keep your devices charged while you’re on the go, we recommend bringing a small charger with you.

8- Make Use of Meet & Greet Services

Meet and Greet services offer travelers an effortless experience on their journey through the airport. This service allows travelers to skip the long queues and endless security checks. It also allows travelers to access the VIP Terminal and provides them with top-quality privacy and security. airssist offers world-class Meet and Greet services in over 700 airports around the world.

9- Give Yourself Extra Time

A simple but effective way to ensure a hassle-free airport experience is to give yourself extra time. Arriving at the airport 2 or 3 hours before your departure time is a much better alternative to rushing through traffic and forgetting essential items or documents. Trust us when we say that the stress of being late is not worth it. You can also weigh your bags to eliminate the possibility of exceeding airline weight limits. This can save you a ton of time and ensure that you’re not left scurrying to repack your bags at the airport.

10- Traveling with Kids? We’ve Got Your Back

Traveling with children is an entirely different experience than traveling alone, as it is much more challenging and stressful. Packing in layers can save your life when traveling with kids. Keep any items that you’ll need to frequently use at the very top of your bag so you can pull them out effortlessly. Read on for our top tips for traveling with children.

Pack a Lot of Snacks

Parents can easily entertain their children using a few simple tricks. The best way to distract them from the long flights and queues is to offer them a tasty snack! Treat them if they’re behaving well and make sure that they don’t get hungry during the long trip. Try to avoid sugary foods because nothing is worse than a hyperactive child on a plane.

Bring Their Favorite Toys

Giving your children their favorite toys could be the secret to having an easy and relaxing journey through the airport. Children can usually keep themselves entertained if you provide them with fun toys to play around with.

Download Their Favorite Movies and Shows

Children’s media is bright, colorful, and entertaining. Kids can spend hours upon hours watching the same episode of the same show, and every parent should use this to their advantage, especially on long flights. A little bit of screen time won’t harm your children, but it can certainly be good for giving you a break during long stressful flights.


11- Personalize Your Bag to Stand Out

Identifying your luggage amidst a sea of similar bags on a conveyor belt can be challenging, particularly when numerous people possess black bags identical to yours. However, there is a simple solution. Consider attaching a ribbon or zip tie in your preferred color to the bag’s handle, thereby creating a distinctive marker that complements your carry-on luggage as well.


12- Ensuring Convenient Access and Protection for Electronics during Travel

To streamline the security screening process, it’s important to keep your electronic devices easily accessible yet well-protected. Since these items are typically scanned separately from your bag, consider storing them in their respective cases. Remember to switch off devices like cameras and laptops before packing them away. This approach ensures that your electronics remain safeguarded while allowing for hassle-free retrieval during security checks.


13- Efficient Travel with Medication

When traveling, it is advisable to carry your medication in your carry-on or personal bag. To ensure easy identification and establish ownership, it is best to keep medications in their original packaging. Transporting loose or suspicious tablets may lead to security concerns and potential delays. Including a prescription slip can offer additional reassurance and serve as proof that you have the necessary medication with you. By following these guidelines, you can promote a smooth and secure travel experience with your medications.


14- Balancing Music Enjoyment and Travel Awareness

one of the top Tips for traveling is Immersing yourself in music with both headphones on and the volume turned up can inadvertently cause you to miss important announcements, such as boarding calls, gate changes, or delays. While it’s enjoyable to listen to music during your journey, it’s crucial to maintain awareness of your surroundings. To strike a balance, consider keeping the volume at a lower level or leaving one ear free to stay attentive to any relevant updates. By doing so, you can relish your music while remaining informed and punctual throughout your travel experience.


15- Our Top Tips for Traveling. Use airssist!

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