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Check out the differences between Public & VIP Terminals at an airport 

Flying first class or business class might be the best alternative when a private jet charter is unavailable for your or your client’s needs, but can airports offer the same luxuries that exquisite FBOs worldwide offer?

What if we tell you that you can get the unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and tranquillity of private jet charter while travelling on a commercial flight too? airssist VIP Terminal offers you the luxuries of private charter FBOs. It aims at offering flexibility, personalized touch, absolute privacy, and five-star amenities, that are available at FBOs around the world.

1. High-quality FBO like service

At airssist we saw that many HNW travellers when overseas, opt to fly commercial. But this doesn’t mean that they should miss the extravagance of private jet travel. Being used to the personalized private jet travel experience, they use airssist VIP terminal to get the same treatment.

2. Avoid the overcrowded public terminals

When travelling through VIP terminals never have to set foot in the main terminal. VIP terminal is usually located in a stand-alone building. If it is inside the airport, it will have a private entrance to maintain the privacy and security of its passengers.

3. Five-star amenities of the FBO

Most of the facilities available at the FBO are offered at airssist VIP terminals. These include 24/4 service assistance, chauffeured transportation to the aircraft, individual check-in and immigration, private security area, complimentary food prepared by a professional chef, private lounges, meeting room, private car parking, security services, more.

4. Where is it available

The only downside in airssist VIP terminal is that it currently available at 43 airports across the world.

5. Airport where airssist vip terminal are not allowed

At Airports where airssist VIP Terminal is not available, you can opt for airssist VIP Meet and Greet. The VIP Meet and Greet is available at all airports worldwide. With access to executive lounge and fast-tracking service in a stress-free manner, it is your best option for a simplified, hassle-free, and comfortable commercial air travel.

If you have a last-minute change and you are flying alone, not with a group of people as planned, you can avoid charter fees and use a similar route and time airlines.

Get the same VIP treatment, unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and tranquillity while travelling on a commercial flight by booking airssist VIP terminal.

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