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You selected your holiday destination, booked your tickets, booked your hotels, but are you missing something? There are a ton of things to pack for vacation, with travelers making different list of things to carry while travelling. But how to ensure that you’re not missing something? That you’ve all the essential things to pack for travelling? The answer is airssist ultimate travel packing checklist. You can always use apps like Google Trip and Kayak Trips to manage your vacation. But have a travel check list is always a great idea.

Before checking the list there are certain questions that needs to be answered about things to pack for vacation.

About your destination-

  • The weather of your destination (this will help you decide what type of clothes to take)
  • How many day/ nights are you traveling (this will help you decide the number of clothes to take. No one wants to pay a fee for overweight baggage. On a side note get porter service with your airssist Meet and Greet to ensure a smooth journey at the airport)
  • Read about the place. Read about your vacation destination, Lonely Planet always a good idea to start from.
  • Make your own travel itinerary. Opt for inclusive packages but all read about places you would like to visit. Look for inclusive packages which can be customized according to your likes. Opt for airssist Meet and Greet to ensure you start and end your journey with memorable experiences.
  • If you’re eligible for Visa on arrival, then add Visa assistance service to your airssist Meet and Greet


  • Name of Hotel
  • Address of Hotel
  • Hotel telephone number


  • Airport transfer. Instead of waiting for taxis and understanding the transportation system of a foreign land opt for airssist Chauffer and Limousine
  • Inter city transfer. Research on how you are going to travel within the city. For a comfortable and reliable transportation you can always select airssist Chauffer and Limousine

For specific travel checklists you can always check out Travel Fashion Girls’ blog especially curated for female travelers. airssist had assisted her with a memorable and helpful airport journey. Its time you experience the best airport journey too.