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Travel Coordinator’s Role in Big International Companies


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Big companies with large revenue such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Tesla, Google, and other global companies, appreciate the importance of traveling for finalizing Business partnerships and meetings, sales meetings, conferences, missions, and many other purposes that can play a very important role in the success of the company.

CEOs, Business executives, Owners, regional managers, project managers, and discussion makers in big companies may travel multiple times a month, and sometimes for multiple trips on the same day to arrange for major business matters, and of course, they lack the time to plan their journey, from booking a ticket to booking hotel accommodations, transportation, schedule meetings…etc.

Here comes the role of Travel Managers & Travel Coordinators to make the corporate trip a successful and productive one for the company team.

Let’s dive deep into these travel coordinators’ responsibilities., as well as the best tools that can help travel agents to coordinate company business trips easily, quickly, and smartly.


Priorities of Travel Coordination for CEOs & Business Executives of Global Companies

1-     Flight Booking

Booking business class on non-stop flights with top airlines without any intermediate pauses makes travel more comfortable for CEOs & business executives and to stay updated on their work with unrestricted Wi-Fi. The preferred airline will then be contacted by the travel coordinator through phone or email. By transferring all of the employee’s information, including name, contact information, and, if necessary, passport information, she sets up the employee’s flight schedule

The frequency of travel may vary depending on the nature of the company’s operations. When this happens, a travel coordinator contacts every employee or his administrative assistant to determine all necessary travel requirements.


2-     Prioritizing The Safety & hygiene

Travel Coordinator’s jobs are super demanding, especially after the return of Business Travel after COVID-19 To maintain the effectiveness and well-being of their teams, travel managers must strike a balance between their pre-pandemic responsibilities and their new obligations. Here is how this year’s spike in corporate travel is changing the job of the travel manager

Business trips always hold different tasks that should be done on a tight deadline, so any interruption that happens because of surprising injuries, can delay the work, and cause a lot of losses to the organization.

For that, travel managers now are looking for different solutions to maintain social distancing, sanitization, avoiding crowds, and reducing the chances of any contact during the trip.

airssist services can be the best solution to avoid any contact at the airport! As airssist services allow travelers to use the fast-track lane for check-in, security checks, and immigration to avoid waiting in long queues with the crowds.

This will also help business travelers to finish all airport procedures in a few minutes instead of waiting for hours, with the help of our greeter who will escort the corporate travelers through all the airport journey and give them access to the airport business lounge where they can relax and complete their work easily.

airssist services are available in all airports worldwide, so travel coordinators don’t have to waste time researching for providers for every trip/airport, they can contact our 24/7 team in airssist and they will arrange for the service worldwide.


3-      Travel Documents and Requirements

Every country has different travel regulations. While some of them are a little further away, some of them are in Europe. Since many countries now allow travelers to enter without the necessary immunizations or PCR, travel coordinators always consult the destination government website of their CEOs & business executives to find out more information and the most recent updates.


4-      Finding The best private airport transportation cars for corporates

For business travelers, it is crucial to find reliable transportation and qualified drivers. Travel coordinators give drivers top priority as they can help them save time and avoid congestion because they are very familiar with the roads in the area.

At airssist, we prioritize convenience and comfort. Forget about trying to find your way around a new city via public transportation and getting lost. Travel the globe in roomy, modern cars that offer quality and style.


5-      Productivity Solutions

Time is money for Business Travelers, as they need to use every minute to finalize deals and manage their projects. So, wasting 4 hours in the airport queues is not an option for them.

Also wasting time on road traffic Is something they never wanted.

That’s why travel managers always work on booking Concierge services that can facilitate corporate group travel, such as getting access to airport lounges, booking VIP Terminal or meet and greet services at the airport, also booking limo transportation with expert chauffeurs.


6-      Hotel & Accommodation

Travel coordinators are in charge of locating the finest offers in upscale hotels close to business travelers’ meetings and workspaces and organizing hotel reservations because many corporate travelers don’t have a lot of time.


7-      Organizing Meetings schedule for Team & CEOs

CEOs have incredibly demanding schedules and workloads. As a result, Travel coordinators may create the agenda and give the CEO any necessary background information, preparing the requirements before the meeting. He must also make sure the CEO is informed of his daily itinerary so that she may arrive on time and understand where he needs to be.


8-      Food and basics

When it comes to food, travel managers are in charge of organizing the meals and making arrangements with hotels and restaurants for a significant portion of a broad range of food and for a variety of menus in case any VIP guests arrive.


9-      Embracing Sustainability regularly

Business travelers are demanding greener modes of transportation as sustainability becomes a fundamental element of organizations worldwide. According to the aforementioned SAP analysis, 63% of respondents stated they anticipate making ecologically responsible travel choices, such as reducing layovers and taking shorter flights. When it comes to ranking suppliers or venues, this might have an impact on the travel manager’s procedure.


10-  Billing

Different organizations have different problems with how purchases are billed. Each department may have its cost center or budget from which expenses are paid when a firm is very large. All travel expenses must be tracked and recorded by a travel coordinator, who will then bill the appropriate department.

There are several ways to go about doing this. Some businesses utilize the software for purchasing like Arriba. Others use department-specific business credit cards. Others may simply make purchases from a single account and, at the end of the month, balance all expenditures, crediting or billing each department.


A List of the Top Online Resources for Travel Coordinators

An exceptional travel coordinator will have the most efficient workflows, moving all the data and information for all their managers into systems that make success a realistic objective. This includes task management and expense management. Here are 4 web resources that every travel coordinator needs to utilize.



In the app, you will find great hotel or apartment deals and book in just a few minutes. You can also book flights, rental cars, and more through the app.

2-      Skyscanner

No matter where you are – search for flights, hotels, and car rental deals anywhere in the world, on the move. Save time and money by comparing and booking from your favorite travel brands all in one place, too.

3-      airssist

For all travel coordinators, you won’t regret working with airssist, which provides a variety of special services for business travelers and your company’s employees in more than 700 airports worldwide.

One such service is the use of airport lounges, which are frequently stocked with free amenities like upscale food and snacks, fully stocked bars, modern shower facilities, quick Wi-Fi, plenty of power outlets, cozy working spaces, and more. It available on both Android and iOS

4-      Flight Track 5

For VVIPs, tracking their flights is an important task for their travel agent. Knowing when they land, where their plane is, and when it will arrive is important.

Flight Track 5 is a mobile app that will allow you to keep track of all flight data, and even track flights through the air. A must-have for serious travel coordinators.

5-      TravelPerk

Booking company travel can be very difficult for employees. They hop from location to location looking for the most practical and comfortable lodging to fit within company budgetary restrictions.

By consolidating the largest travel inventory in the globe in one location, TravelPerk approaches this problem. TravelPerk integrates many airlines, hotels, trains, and more into its dashboard and mobile app, just like the websites you use for personal usage, reducing the number of platforms your team needs to visit.


Arrange your Travel by Partnering with airssist

As a result of the exceptional services, it offers from the online booking platform for booking Airport Concierge VIP services worldwide, Airport Meet & Greet, Chauffeur, and Limo service, VIP Terminal, and much more, countless Travel coordinators are now recommending airssist as the best assistance with a high score for airport services provided to Business travelers worldwide.

It’s important to note that the airssist is nominated for Airport Concierge Services at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022. We’re so proud to announce that airssist respects and values your valuable time. They are created to elevate a difficult airport journey and to create a personalized airport experience by turning it into a truly luxurious experience in ease and comfort.

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