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Summers are here which means the traveler in all of us have started planning for their summer vacations. You might have planned for a staycation, a vacation on beach, or the mountains maybe calling you or not. But it is time to decide the place as airfares on popular routes skyrocket  and record-breaking number of people are going to travel this summer 2019.  

All said and done for a truly memorable trip you need to plan. Summer travel can be tricky, and you need to be prepared for it. To help you ensure that you have wonderful vacation, airssist lists some travel tips for your summer vacations. 

Stay hydrated and keep snacks with you 

Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink… 

It might seem to be obvious, but it is very easy to forget to drink water sufficiently. Especially during your summer travel. Our suggestion is to carry a water bottle, so you stay hydrated throughout your travel. also, if you’re traveling to a place with dry climate make sure to drink more than you usually do. 

During travels anything unexpected can happen. You might be struck somewhere, or something is causing a delay. Its always handy to keep light snack with you during travels. Especially if you’re traveling with kids. 

Sunblock/ sun cream is a must 

Summer travel starts with sunscreen… 

Sunshine might be the best medicine but too much of anything is not suggested. Sunburn can happen to anyone and it is one of the most common injuries with any outdoor activity. Always keep a good sunscreen/ sun block with at least 30 SPF with youWe usually apply it before stepping outside but get too lazy when need reapplying. Reapplying is a must at least every 2-3 hours. No one wants to be Icarus and be burnt by the sun. Getting a tan is good but sunburn is not. 

Carry sanitizer/ wet wipes 

Sanitizer/ wet wipes a must have in your summer travel kit… 

Its not the OCD talking but carrying hand sanitizer or wet wipes always comes in handy. You might eat something from the roadside stall and need to wipe your hands. Or encounter a camping bathroom that have no soap. Wet wipes have become an essential for our travel kits as it helps us quickly clean something off. 

Don’t forgot your glasses 

Sunglasses make everything look young and prettier… 

You step outside can’t open your eyes! Too much sun can blur our vision. That is why carrying sunglasses or shades is a must for summer vacations.  

Book Meet and Greet for Airport Travel 

Your guide through a hassle-free airport experience… 

With people around the world getting ready for their summer vacation, airports are going to be extra crowded. Long lines, hustle-bustle of the crowd, and the tiring airport formalities all waits for you at the airport. But you can skip all these by booking Airport Meet and Greet for both arrival and departure at the start and end of your journey. This will ensure a truly memorable trip and stress-free airport travel that is both quick and fun.  

You can now book airport concierge services through online booking at airssist. For cheap summer travel compare prices for different packages and book the services all by yourself.  

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