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Top Destinations for the Holiday Rush Season 2022


We are approaching the most wonderful time of the year; everyone is getting ready to travel and enjoy a happy vacation with their loved ones on Christmas and New Year’s. Experience the holiday spirit starting from your doorstep, all the way to the airport. airssist is here to ensure a comfortable and stress-free airport experience by providing you with the services necessary to skip all the bothersome airport procedures and formalities.


Some of the most popular vacation destinations for Christmas and New Year’s in 2021 & 2022 are:


1.      New York City

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York is a Christmas wonderland come to life. Enjoy the Christmas celebrations at the Rockefeller Center, and marvel at the window displays at department stores like Bloomingdales and the Columbus Circle Holiday Market. Anyone traveling to New York City must visit the breathtaking Central Park and join in on the festivities. The Hudson Hotel offers convenient and affordable lodging for vacationers due to its central location. Book your concierge services at John F. Kennedy International Airport today!


2.      Londonlondon

London is a beautiful city year-round, but it shines during Christmas. Downtown London is a winter wonderland straight out of movies and fairytales. Travelers should visit the magnificent Hyde Park and try out its various rides, skate on the ice rink, and possibly catch a show at the circus. West Sussex offers a more old-fashioned take on Christmas. Families can spend a comfortable afternoon drinking tea and listening to the remarkable Christmas carolers while huddled around a fire. Vacationers can stay at the 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel near the iconic Christmas Market, famous for its convenience and charm. Book your concierge services at Heathrow Airport today!


3.      Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular Christmas locations for families because of its many theme parks, such as Disney World and Universal Studios. The weather is the perfect middle ground of sunny but not hot during the day and breezy but not cold during the night. Families can enjoy the fabulous parks at a reduced admission fee and explore the many Christmas activities available around Orlando. The Grove Resort provides travelers with a luxurious and comfortable stay close to all the popular Christmas attractions. Book your concierge services at Orlando International Airport today!


4.      Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the capital of Finland and Santa Claus’s original hometown! SantaPark and Santa Claus Village are two of the most enchanting Christmas wonderlands in the world. Rovaniemi is full of Christmas attractions and festivities that are suitable for everyone. Travelers can stay at the world-famous Glass Igloos and might even get a chance to see the breathtaking northern lights from the comfort of their rooms. Book your concierge services at Rovaniemi Airport today!


5.      Bavaria

Few places on earth are as serene or picturesque as Bavaria during Christmas time. Enjoy the Christmas spirit as you stroll through the amazing Christkindlmarkt or explore the small fairytale towns like Rothenberg. Vacationers can go skiing in the German Alps or visit all the beautiful Christmas markets, ensuring a delightful Christmas vacation either way. Book your concierge services at Munich Airport today!


6.      Paris

The city of romance is always enchanting, but Christmas manages to make the city even more magical. The Christmas markets are as wondrous as you would expect and have the most amazing Christmas lights.  Explore all the stalls, try all the foods, and take in all the sights. The wintery streets and glowing trees are enough to captivate anyone. One of the top Christmas spots for travelers is The Place du Tertre, where artists display their spectacular paintings and offer you a chance to get your portrait drawn on the spot. Book your concierge services at Charles de Gaulle Airport today!


7.      Santa Fe

One of the top cities in the entire United States, Santa Fe is loved for its phenomenal food and rich culture. Travelers can enjoy various winter sports and festivities at the Ski Santa Fe, but the true highlight is the picturesque Christmas setting on display throughout December. The Four Seasons Rest offers vacationers a luxurious stay, full of festive Christmas amenities during the holidays. Book your concierge services at Santa Fe Regional Airport today!


8.      Japan

Christmas in Japan is not a religious occasion but a commercial one. Where other cities enjoy the traditional Christmas lights and carolers, Japanese people insert their culture into the holiday by wearing costumes and dressing up in cosplay. The Christmas vibe in Japan is very different and unique, but it is a marvelous experience, nonetheless. Book your concierge services at Haneda Airport today!


9.      Rome

Rome is famous for its incredible festive vibe during Christmas. The streets and shops are all dotted with colorful lights and festive decorations. The Christmas markets are among the most famous attractions in Rome, and the stalls on display there sell just about anything you could want, from foods and drinks to the most stunning clothes. Christmas markets aren’t the only attraction in Rome; visitors can enjoy and many concerts, skating rinks, and art exhibitions during their stay. Book your concierge services at Leonardo da Vinci Airport today!


The Importance of Airport Assistance Services During the Holiday Rush Season


Airlines and airports are getting ready for the highest spike in traffic since 2020 as the holiday season approaches. The increased number of passengers means that travelers will have to take increased safety measures to ensure their wellbeing and comfort.

Some Airlines are expecting over 400,000 passengers during December. We encourage travelers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their departure time to avoid any delays. Arriving 45 minutes early at your gate can save you a lot of trouble as gates usually close 20 minutes before departure. Passengers who arrive late will not be allowed to enter even if they have checked-in for their flight. Skip the hassle and avoid the long queues by using our fast-track service!

Flight delays, long queues, busy terminals, and endless security checks are some of the many problems that vacationers might encounter during their travels for this holiday season. Fortunately, there is a way for you to experience what the world’s best airports have to offer without having to go through all that hassle.


airssist offers the services you need to make your airport journey smooth, safe, and straightforward during the holiday season. Learn more today!

Traveling with the family

Traveling with kids, elderlies, or with a big group can be incredibly hard during the holiday season. Maneuvering through overcrowded airports with your children or parents, waiting in lines, and finding seats can be near impossible, but don’t worry because airssist’s got you covered. At airssist, each traveler is unique, and we aim to offer them an effortless and stress-free travel experience. Our service alleviates all the chaos and annoyance of airports, making your journey straightforward. Our representative will greet you at the terminal and take care of airport formalities. They will also accompany you to your flight to ensure your safety and comfort. You and your family can relax while your assistant takes the wheel.



Acquiring Transportation

It is vital for anyone traveling during this holiday season to acquire safe and convenient transportation. Hailing a random Taxicab in a foreign country can be dangerous as some scammers wait outside of airports so they can target unsuspecting travelers. Looking around for local transport options can also be hard and confusing especially for people unfamiliar with the language of the country they’ve traveled to. Therefore, it is recommended for vacationers to book a pickup and drop service, completely removing the hassle and danger of hailing a random taxicab or searching for local transport. We offer many options for chauffeured transportation and all our cars are driven by professional multilingual drivers. Book your chauffeured limousine service now!


VIP Services

The VIP treatment is exactly what you deserve this holiday season, step into the VIP lounge, and avoid the overcrowded terminals. Your journey through the airport can be slow, confusing, and uncomfortable due to the massive increase in travel demand during the holiday season. Travelers can avoid the stressful crowds by using our VIP Terminal service. airssist provides security, privacy, and comfort before and after your flight. Our service is chosen by royal families, HNW individuals, dignitaries, businesspeople, and more. Speed through airports in comfort with the help of people who know the airport inside and out. Enjoy exclusive VIP Terminal access in select airports around the world!


Speeding through airport procedures

Everything slows down when airports are overcrowded, from security checks and passport control to check-ins and customs. Being stuck at the airport can delay your schedule and set you back by hours. Vacationers can use our Fast track service to gain top priority at all airport procedures and formalities, allowing them to save a lot of time. Speed through airports using airssist’s fast track service.

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