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With Singapore Airlines set to launch world’s longest flight, comes the discussion on how to survive long flights. The world is becoming a global village and we travel continents in hours. But traveling to far destinations comes at the cost of long-haul flightsMany of us hate these flights and search for long haul flights tips and tricks to pass the time on a long flightBut these long-haul flights need not be one of your travel worries. You can actually enjoy and survive long flights with airssist long flight tips. 

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Load up all your devices 

We are living in the age of technology. Why not make the best use of it. Still, haven’t watched a Star is Born? Or that documentary that you wanted to see but couldn’t make time for it? Make sure your devices (tablet, laptop, smartphone) has all the movies, games, music, and more you like. Binge watch your favourite shows or listen to your favourite music to make the best of your time. Of course, airlines today have a cool selection of games, movies, television shows, music but it might not have wanted you to want to see.  

Power up your gadgets and make sure you have power bank 

You bring all your devices and gadgets loaded up with your favourite music, movies, shows, and more. But you forgot to charge it? Charge all your devices to make the best use of it. Also, make sure, you have packed all your chargers to help power it up through the flight. Use the airssist ultimate travel checklist  and ensure you have all your devices and chargers. 

Do not forget the ultimate device- power bank. Obviously, all of this has to be in your hand luggage as chargers and most of the gadgets are not allowed in check-in luggage. 

Your airport looks need to consist of comfy clothes 

Airports cloths, airport looks, airport styling, and paparazzi have turned airports into a celebrity runway. The pressure to nail the airport looks worries the gen z more than ever. But we suggest that comfort should be the main factor in deciding your airport look. Even if you have a meeting as soon as you step out of the airport, prioritize comfort over fashion. Opt for breathable, comfy clothes in which you can move easily. Don’t forget the pair of hoodie, shawl, or pashmina (whichever you prefer) because we all know how chilly a flight can get. 

Also, for the ones with glasses, do not wear your contacts. Wearing contact lenses for more than 14 hours is hazardous. And sleeping in contacts is a big nono. So better wear glasses for long-haul flights. 

Bring along a travel pillow, masks, and other traveling accessories 

There are travelers who cannot travel without their travel pillows. And then there are the ones who are too lazy to bring it along. No matter which one you are, if you want to survive long flights it’s time to gear up and bring your travel accessories. If you don’t own a travel pillow, time to order one nowThese include the whole list travel pillows, sleep masks, and any other travel item that can help you make the long-haul flight comfortable.   

Don’t forget your health 

We cannot stress the importance of moving around during a long-haul flight. Try to get an aisle seat or the front row seat to help you walk around when possible. Apart from that staying hydrated during flights is a must. Check out the hacks flight attendants use to drink more water on planes.  

Have a smooth airport experience for arrival, departure, and transit 

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a smooth airport experience both for your arrival and departure. And for sure your transit flights, because with long haul flights, there is a high chance you might have a connecting flight. This can be done easily with airssist Meet and Greet service or if you’re lucky and have VIP Terminal  in the airport you’re traveling from.