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Do you plan business trips regularly? How to ensure an excellent work travel schedule? Is your company losing because of missed flights? Work travel is an essential part of growing and developing your business and you can ensure a pre-planned and well-organized travel schedule.

Traveling is much more than just taking a vacation. Many people frequently need to travel for work-related reasons. Additionally, arranging for a business trip involves more than just packing and attending meetings. You need to be well-organized.

Whether you are visiting customers or suppliers, attending meetings at other company locations, participating in professional development, attending a congress or market, or promoting a new or an existing product- an Airport Meet & Greet is a great tool to use for business travel.


  • Hire An Airport Concierge Company
  • Hire A Travel Coordinator To Plan Ahead All Your Travel Requirements
  • Make Use Of Airport Lounges
  • Create A Detailed Itinerary
  • Fly Non-Stop
  • Make Backup Plans For Important Arrangements.
  • Download Helpful Apps
  • Fast-Track Your Airport Journey
  • Go Luxurious By Booking The VIP Terminal
  • Choose Transportation Wisely
  • Hire A Multilingual Greeter
  • Schedule Some Online Meetings So You Can Fill Your Time At The Airport



1- Hire An Airport Concierge Company


Airport concierge companies are created to elevate challenging airport trips and to create a personalized airport experience by transforming it into a truly luxurious experience in ease and comfort.

airssist is an online marketplace that includes all service providers worldwide so through 1 point of contact you can reach different service providers with a few clicks.


2- Hire A Travel Coordinator To Plan Ahead All Your Travel Requirements


You might take many trips on the same day, sometimes more than once a month, so you don’t have time to arrange your trip, including buying a ticket, booking a hotel room, setting up meetings, etc. To make arrangements for your crucial business matters Here is what travel managers and coordinators need to do to make your business trip, successful and productive.

A travel coordinator will help you in the major key of your business trip, which is the time management because they will reduce anytime consuming procedures by coordinating for the CEOs and business executives program, facilitating all airport procedures, transportation and booking flight , hotels .etc.


3- Make Use Of Airport Lounges


Airport lounges may significantly improve your business travel experience by providing a comfortable area, Wi-Fi connection, plugs, food, beverages, showers, and occasionally even SPAs!

Airport lounges access is a terrific way to unwind before your business trip or, catch up on work, business class passengers typically have access to airport lounges, while it is frequently possible to purchase this service separately.

Our Meet & Greet service offers an ultimate solution for business travelers to enjoy luxury and comfort at airport lounges.



4- Create A Detailed Itinerary


Your itinerary is your blueprint for a successful business trip. Use it to stay in control of every detail from transport times and the names of those you’re meeting, to your travel reservations and hotel address. Be sure to allow yourself extra time on your itinerary for relaxing, meetings that have been delayed or overrun, and busy traffic.


5- Fly Non-Stop


Avoid layovers by booking non-stop flights whenever you can. Traveling will take less time, and you will arrive more rested. Additionally, you will have a better chance of avoiding scenarios like delays, cancellations, overbooking, and misplaced baggage\


6- Make Backup Plans For Important Arrangements


You are prepared for changes in the future that frequently occur thus, Knowing at your fingertips is crucial. Plans for a business trip could suddenly change course. Try to foresee the changes as much as you can, and if necessary, locate alternate routes. Keep a timetable of backup hotel reservations, home-return alternative flights, and local limo services close at hand.


7- Download Helpful Apps


In the modern world, apps can give you access to a simpler way of doing things, whether it be through your company’s travel and expenditure management software or your hotel and rental car providers Additional useful apps for business travelers, booking co-working and meeting rooms.

Book airssist Meet & Greet services at the airport for your upcoming trip to improve your airport experience. You’ll skip long lines and travel more quickly. with the airssist app (Android | IOS), which will put you in touch with a variety of airport concierge services around the world.


8- Fast-Track Your Airport Journey


With meet and greet service, you can skip the queues at the busiest international airports around the world. We all agree that business trips are tiring and time-consuming. But you can take care of the “time-consuming” part with a fast-track service.


9- Go Luxurious  By Booking The VIP Terminal


VIP terminal is particularly suitable for business travelers and others who want to travel discreetly without attracting attention. Passengers traveling through the VIP terminal are subjected to private customs, immigration, and other airport formalities by a personal assistant also you can Comfortably depart the airport terminal from a private exit far away from the traffic and bustle of the public terminal.


10- Choose Transportation Wisely


New city, new lanes, new roads. It’s no surprise that people often get late for a meeting when traveling abroad. Request for chauffeured transportation and be always on time for your meetings as well as save additional time spent on navigating through public transportation.

You can travel the world in the coziest, most opulent, and most useful fleet with the aid of airssist chauffeur transportation and airport limo. Regardless of whether you require transportation from/to the airport for a full-day transfer or an interstate transfer, we are here to make sure you arrive at your destination in comfort and elegance.



11- Hire A Multilingual Greeter


Hire a multilingual greeter that speaks your language at any airport around the world. Passengers will avoid language barriers and save more time.

You won’t have to waste your valuable time waiting in the queue at the check-in, immigration, and COVID-19 test stations because an airssist courteous greeter will help you complete all paperwork and procedures there.


12- Schedule Some Online Meetings So You Can Fill Your Time At The Airport


Plan some online meetings to pass the time while you’re at the airport, there are now a whole host of great web conferencing solutions available for those times when you are out of the office but need to continue collaborating with others. but keep in mind that if you travel regularly for business, it may be worth investing in a more comprehensive system that will allow you to screen share, video, chat and accepts unlimited data streaming.


13- Purchase Revocable Tickets


We’re all aware of how quickly business conditions can change. Meetings are postponed and must be immediately rescheduled. Therefore, it is advised to get refundable tickets wherever possible to prevent making unnecessary purchases. Your manager will view you favorably if you do this.


What Not To Do While Traveling For Business


To ensure the success of your business trip, there are a few things you should stay away from. First, try not to pack too much onto a single trip. Instead of attempting to do everything at once, it is preferable to concentrate on a few primary goals and achieve those.

Overspending should also be avoided. When traveling for work, it’s simple to let the costs mount up. To avoid putting your business in a precarious financial condition, it’s crucial to keep to your budget. Keep track of every expense you make and don’t go over your budget.


Depend On airssist Anywhere!


At airssist we create the whole range of airport experiences in every city in the world, whether you are a big family who loves to travel together; a couple who needs a romantic gateway; a VIP, or even a VVIP, who needs extra privacy; a businessman attending a congress or just a traveler with his expected annual holiday- with our services you won’t have to worry because our travel professionals are experienced at taking care of the smallest details.

At airssist, we will keep you and your employees compliant, provide superior service, and control your costs while providing VIP services. the point is, we got you covered with airport services and more…

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