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Facts about King Fahd International Airport (DMM) in Dammam 

Do you know which is the largest airport in the world? It is the world-famous Dubai International Airport? Or is it the world’s busiest airport  Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport? Both answers are wrong. The largest airport in the world  is King Fahd International Airport (DMM)The airport is located in the beautiful city of Dammam, Saudi ArabiaToday we talk about facts about the gigantic King Fahd International Airport. And also tell you how you can have a memorable time at Dammam Airport. 

How large is the King Fahd International Airport (DMM)? 

The airport is spread over a massive 192,000 acres of land. In fact, it is bigger than the entire country of Bahrain 

Passenger Terminal at DMM Airport 

King Fahd International Airport is a colossal 6 story passenger terminal. Three are used for passenger processing formalities. The other three are for arrival, departure, and transit. The passenger terminal is a huge 3,520,000 square feet building. 66 out of 100 customers counters are used by SaudiArabian Airlines, flynas and SaudiGulf AirlinesThe rest 44 are used by other foreign airlines. 

Royal Terminal King Fahd International Airport 

King Fahd International Airport has a special royal terminal, built over 177,000 square feet landThis terminal is reserved for the royal family, VIP government officials, and other foreign officials. 

The Mosque at DMM Airport 

King Fahd International Airport has a beautiful mosque for its travelers. The airport mosque is located on the roof of the car park. Built over 497,292 square feet area, the mosque can accommodate up to 2000 worshippers. It can be accessed from the passenger terminal through 2 enclosed, air-conditioned bridges. 

Completing airport formalities at King Fahd International Airport 

For a native or a Gulf coast citizen, the DMM airport journey is not tiring. It takes them around 20 minutes to complete arrivals formalities at DMM. But for non-native and non-Gulf citizen, the arrivals airport journey can be pretty tiring. You have to stand all the while to complete your formalities which can take hours. Don’t like this scenario? You can easily ensure a smooth and hassle-free arrival at DMM. All you have to do is book Meet and Greet with airssistYou greeter will expedite your airport journey at King Fahd International AirportAnd you get to enjoy a quick and seamless airport experience. 

International Departure DMM Airport 

International Departure at King Fahd International Airport can be exhausting too. Your check-in time may vary from 20-45 minutes at DMM. With additional 45 minutes for passport control, and other airport proceduresOn holidays or busy days, the time can be more. But again, with airssist you can ensure this doesn’t happen. Book Meet and Greet and enjoy a stress-free departure from DMM. 

Enjoy a pleasant transit at King Fahd International Airport  

Connecting flights from DMM can be stressful at any airport. With so many procedures and so many queues at the airport, it often gets tiringBut with Meet and Greet you can turn it into a smooth transit at DMM. The Meet and Greet transit service usually include: 

  • Personal Host/Concierge 
  • Dedicated porter service 
  • Terminal Transfer Assistance  
  • Access to VIP airport lounges 
  • Fast-track through airport procedures 
  • Access to airport lounge 
  • Escort to departure boarding gate on an electric buggy 

If any of these services is if not available in your selected package, worry not. You can select it from the add-on service options. 

Whether you are a veteran travel or a first time-flierWhether you require elderly assistance  or special needs assistanceMeet and Greet helps all! You get to enjoy a memorable travel along with personalized assistance throughout your airport journey. 

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