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Singapore’s Changi Airport Group (CAG) Has Revamped the Official Changi


Passing through Singapore’s Changi Airport Comfortably has taken a new face reaching heights when it comes to convenience. With the revamped iChange App, now hailed as a ‘personal travel concierge’ by Changi Airport Group (CAG), remarkably makes a huge impact. Countless passengers passing through Changi Airport are reaping the benefits of this innovative app, which goes beyond the traditional functionalities. Join us as we explore the upgraded version of the Changi App for better planning of your next trip through Changi Airport.


Best Features of the New Version of Changi App


A World of Pure Customization

One of the standout features of the new Changi Airport App is its ability to provide customized travel information. By simply saving their flight itineraries, passengers can access tailor-made recommendations for relevant services and facilities. This marks the beginning of a personalized travel journey that extends beyond the usual offerings. The app also introduces.

  • Convenient travel checklist for organized trip planning
  • Timely advisories to stay informed about important travel details
  • Real-time push notifications provide instant updates on boarding gate and baggage status.


Changi Pay Wallet

Changi Airport Services are now at your fingertips with the app’s user-friendly interface. Users can make reservations at participating restaurants within Changi’s terminals and the iconic Jewel Changi Airport, maximizing your overall travel experience. The in-app Changi Pay wallet facilitates overseas payments, making users enjoy a high-end financial experience. Accepted by millions of merchants across China, this feature adds an extra layer of convenience to your journey.


Airport Concierge Service

The Changi Airport App goes beyond its primary role, offering an array of services under the umbrella of Singapore Airport Concierge Service by airssist. Whether in transit or not, users can pre-book tickets to airport events and attractions, offering exclusive perks and privileges. The integration of Changi Airport meet and greet services further paves the way to a higher passenger experience, adding a personalized touch to your time at Changi.


Innovative Phygital Experiences

Damon Wong, Senior Vice-President of Airport Operations Planning at CAG, expressed excitement about the Changi Airport App’s transformative features. Apart from its visual and operational enhancements, the application conveniently incorporates advanced technology and in-house capabilities. This enables Changi Airport to introduce users to cutting-edge Phygital experiences, skillfully intertwining digital with physical conveniences in the dynamic landscape of travel and concierge services.


More VIP Assistance with airssist

Have your Changi Airport experience planned in extravagance with airssist’s VIP Assistance services. Choose from VIP Terminal, Meet & Greet, and Airport Limo Transfers for a magical journey. The SIN Airport Priority Pass grants exclusive lounge access, while private tours ensure a personalized exploration. Experience your SIN travel with airssist’s array of VIP services at Changi Airport, promising a refined and tailored experience.


Plan Your Next Changi Trip

As Singapore’s Changi Airport continues to set benchmarks in the aviation industry, the enhanced Changi Airport App emerges as a beacon of convenience and innovation. From personalized travel assistance to mind relieving reservations, and a plethora of added perks under the Singapore Airport Concierge Service, the Changi App stands as a testament to CAG’s commitment to enhancing the future of airport services. Make every travel moment a personalized offering a stress-free adventure.

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