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How you can make traveling comfortable for passengers with reduced mobility? 

Traveling by air is becoming increasingly stressful and time-consumingPassengers worldwide are looking for means to ease their airport travel with services like airport Meet and GreetBut what about passengers with reduced mobilityIs there any special passenger handling service or PRM assistance service at the airport? If you or your loved ones need special passenger handling worry not. Airports are obligated to provide assistance for disabled or PRM assistance according to law. Although we still hear cases of mistreatment of PRM, but strict actions are taken to rectify the mistake. Like the time Easyjet was fined £50,000 by the French court after refusing to let disabled passenger board flightBecause of PRM Assistance, the number of passengers with reduced mobility is increasing at a positive rate. PRM is one of the fastest-growing demographics in the aviation world. In fact, the annual growth of PRM is six times more than the overall passenger growth at airports globally.  

airssist discusses everything that you need to know about passengers with reduced mobility at the airport. 

Know about the rights of passengers with reduced mobility at the airport 

Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 lays out the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when traveling by air. According to its passenger with reduced mobility (caused by disability, age or another factorshould have the same travel opportunities as others. Passengers with reduced mobility are entitled to PRM assistance free of charge in airports and on-board aircraft. This is applicable for arrival, departure, and transit. Special passenger handling includes transport of traveler in wheelchairs and more. 

How to avail special passenger handling assistance for passengers with reduced mobility? 

Most airlines require passengers with reduced mobility to notify the airline of special passenger handling requirement when the booking has been made.  

Smooth traveling with PRM Assistance at the airport 

A passenger service assistant is provided to passenger with reduced mobility to assist them through the airport. The duties of passenger service assistant are the same as that of a Meet and Greet Greeter. The Meet and Greet Greeter makes your airport experience the bestSimilarly, the passenger service assistant assists with check-in, baggage handling, making announcements, boarding and security. 

In addition, the passenger with reduced mobility is fast-tracked through airport formalities. Like Meet and Greet there is an express passage for assistance for disabled at airports for check-in, security, and more. 

Does PRM Assistance include airport lounge? 

Airport lounge access is not part of PRM assistance. It has to be booked separately for passenger with reduced mobility. 

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