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It’s no wonder that Greece is flourishing with tourists every year. Just in 2023, the reports showed that there have been over 36 million tourists visiting the country for various reasons. This number is far beyond what the country has previously achieved in 2019 before the COVID-19 crisis. But why? Why is Greece given such importance? Undoubtedly, Greece is one of the top destinations, as it’s got some rich, hospitable people, mouthwatering dishes, the stunning beaches, a coffee culture, safety, and, of course, budget-friendly, making it one of the top 10 wellness destinations in the world. How amazing is that!! Let’s now look into the best places to visit in Greece and the things to do in Greece while you’re there.


Best Things to do in Greece and Where


Santorini – Cable Car Ride to a High Cliff

Now, you may be traveling to Santorini for leisure or on a business trip to Santorini. Either way, there are some best things to do in Santorini, Greece, you shouldn’t miss, like the cable car ride to one of the highest cliffs, and alternatively, take a trip on a mule up the 588 zigzagging steps. Moreover, Santorini is also famous for its whitewashed houses, unbeatable sunsets, breathtaking views, and especially the active volcano. The cycladic architecture throughout the city offers a very unique addition to your overall travel experience. Those seeking to take long walks across the cobblestone streets will find it amusing with Greece’s top souvenir shops, finest leather shoes and leather accessories, cafes, hotels, and taverns to keep you entertained.


Athens – Confusing Blend of Old and Modern Civilizations

We are all aware of how popular Athens is as the oldest capital of Europe. However, Athens might not be as old as it is remembered in books. Despite the city being inhabited for more than 3000 years, and being the cradle of Western civilization, it is not widely popular for its modern features. The archeological ruins and monuments such as the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora are among the many attractions visitors can indulge in. What’s more in Athens for the modern visitor? Well, the city center is rich in culture and offers much to surprise. Nightlife in Athens is much to look forward to with activities such as evening walking tours, wine tasting, partying late at entertaining spots like six D.O.G.S., and more.


Crete – the Largest of the Greek Islands

If you’re looking for one of the places to visit in Greece with landscapes ranging from breathtaking coastlines to rugged mountains, then Crete is the place for you! With olive trees dotted in the countryside, it’s no wonder why Crete is extremely busy both during the peak and off peak months. Walking down the quiet villages centered around the tempting coffee shops would be an ideal way to refresh both mind and body. Oh, and for history lovers, the many historical sites, such as Knossos Palace to better understand the Minoan civilization and the Heraklion archaeological museum, to name a few, offer abundant knowledge. Crete also allows you to enjoy a rewarding outdoor experience of trekking through narrow pathways for around 15 km that ends at Agia Roumeli, a seaside village where you can either take rest and enjoy the surroundings or keep voyaging.


Meteora – The Spectacular Cliffs

Here in Meteora, one of the most amazing places to visit in Greece, one can overlook the Northern Greece villages from above 1200 feet. As much as this may sound incredible, it looks even better with the historical monasteries perched along the summits that date back to the 14th and 16th centuries. Visitors can also witness how these monks living up the cliffs and away from the crowds focus on spiritual salvation through isolation. Meteora is also home to a complex featuring towering dark stone pillars, located just outside Trikala, near the Pindos mountains.


Delphi – Popular Archaeological Site

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi offers a plethora of knowledge for those interested. The ancient city symbolizes the unity of the ancient Greek world. If you’re visiting Athens, don’t miss Delphi, as it’s just a 2.5-hour drive away. Residing along the Parnassus Mountain slopes, Delphi boasts itself as the center of the earth, according to some ancient Greeks. The ancient city being an important oracle dedicated to the god Apollo is an interesting myth or phenomenon for one to find out. Back in the day, people visited Delphi to seek guidance on various aspects of life, including farming, politics, relationships, and more. With much more attractions to indulge in, such as the theater where ancient Athens and Pythian games were hosted, the temple of Apollo, and the Athenian treasury, visitors can expect a phenomenal experience.


Peloponnese – Popular as the Mulberry Leaf

Located in southern Greece, Peloponnese city is shaped like a large leaf, like the leaf of a mulberry.  The ancient Greeks named this wide peninsula Morea. The Rio Antirrio Bridge that connects to the mainland is worth watching. The top attractions around the area include Venetian fortresses, classical Greek temples, Mycenaean palaces, Byzantine churches, and more. This peninsula, which is one of the definitive places to visit in Greece, will add up to a great holiday experience. Visitors will feel the proud echoes of the Peloponnese peninsula’s rich history, highlighted by events such as the ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia in honor of Zeus.


Halkidiki – Trident – Like Peninsula

The three peninsulas, not just along the long coastlines but also inheriting the Holomondos-mountains, invite tourists to marvel at their beauty. Each peninsula has its own unique appeal: Kassandra for its vibrant nightlife, Sithonia for its beautiful beaches, and Athos for its monastic community. For those looking for a more built up nature, Kassandra is definitely the palace to be, while Sithonia offers more quieter options as campgrounds by the calm and clear waters. Both of these peninsulas attract local and Eastern European tourists throughout the year.


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