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DGCA: Address issues raised on social media, update about delays, and refund for passengers traveling in airline flight in India 

Airlines flight in India have been asked to up their game. Travel leisure is everincreasing in India, but so are delays in flights. Worry not there is good news for passengers in India using airlines flight. In a welcome move, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCAissued new guidelines for Indian flights. The new rules will avoid inconveniences to passengers traveling in airlines flight in India. Issueon 11 October, the guidelines make redressal of passenger complaints the top priority. 

The DGCA has warned strict actions if negligence is found on the part of airlines in India. They issued a statement saying, “Prompt redressal of passenger complaints should be the topmost priority and must be attended to as per the relevant provisions of the CARs.” The new rules came out after DGCA’s meeting with authorities and officers of domestic airline flights. 


Resolving social media complaints 

The guidelines have emphasized on timely redressal of passenger complaints. Especially the ones raised through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. DGCA has advised that to address the social media compliments quickly and resolve them at the earliest. Indian railways, on the other hand, have been applauded for resolving social media complaints. Recently they helped a son who couldn’t contact his mother onboard a train.  

Provisions to be made in case of airlines flight delay 

Flight delay has become one of the main nightmares of passengers traveling by airAirline flight delay makes one loose time, energy, and is a big cause of inconvenience. DGCA has issued rules in case of flight delays and cancellation. In such scenarios, airlines will now have to provide food and water to passengers. Also, special provisions must be made for senior citizens. To ensure any inconvenience to elderly travelers the best option is Meet and Greet. Read more on how Meet and Greet helps elderly travelers.

Regular updates must be provided in case of travel delays 

Airline flights have been asked to provide regular updates to passengers for flight delays. Airlines now must send SMS in case of flight delays of more than 30 minutes. They must send repeated SMS after 30 minutes. Updates to passengers include flight delay, cancellationboarding gate change. 

Travel agents must share contact details with airline flights 

Travel leisure nowadays is done often through travel agents. Or travel portals and websites. Thus, DGCA has regulated travel agents to share contact details of passengers with airlines. This will help airline flights to update passengers about their flight travel details. 

Refunds of tickets to be done promptly 

Flight cancellation can be stressful as hell. Not only you have to plan your journey again. you worry about the refunds too. To address this issue, DGCA has asked the prompt refund of tickets. Airlines must initiate refund through proper channels. Be it through travel agents or portals.  

Airline staff to be on their best behavior 

Passenger satisfaction is integral to a good journey. The guidelines also advise airlines to ensure the proper conduct of their employees towards passengers. 

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