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Get to know the airssist Meet and Greet Add-ons


Meet and Assist airport service’s objective is to make passengers as relaxed and comfortable as possible by assisting them with all airport procedures. Meet & greet services are more suited to the many problems that existing world travel presents. Airport Meet and Greet services are created especially for you if your priority is to travel in outstanding luxury while still profiting from affordable prices.


What is Meet and Greet Service ?

Meet and greet, alternatively referred to as Meet and assist, is an airport service designed to assist travelers in circumventing lengthy airport queues and relieving them of the burdensome demands of tedious airport requirements. This service provides an array of conveniences, including an airport greeter, expedited services, access to airport lounges, buggy service, porter service, and additional amenities, all aimed at facilitating a seamless travel experience for passengers.


What is the Meet & Greet Service Add-ons?


Airport personal assistance/greeter

The personal airport greeter will walk you through all airport processes and assist you in completing all paperwork and formalities at the immigration, and check-in desks without having to stand in line.


Airport Fast-Track

Your trip to the airport will take only a few minutes as opposed to many hours. No more wasting time standing in line only to get your passport quickly stamped or to go through a short security check.


Buggy Transportation

Upon request and depending on airport availability, meet & greet services often include airport buggy service. Therefore, be sure to ask for it when scheduling your service.


Porter assistance

The porter will carefully gather all of your luggage and transport it to your vehicle. Not to mention that your baggage will be unloaded from the car and delivered to the designated check-in counter before your flight departs, where the porter and personal assistant will be waiting for you.


Airport Lounge Access

Most airports, but not all, provide access to the airport lounge as part of the Meet & Greet service, according to the airport amenities and service provider. As an addition to the Meet & Greet service, you may occasionally need to request entrance to the airport lounge.


How can I identify my greeter at the airport?

Your airport greeter will be there to meet you on your arrival and transit flight at the end of the aerobridge or the beginning of the arrival gate (depending upon the aircraft parking). The greeter will meet you at the airport’s curbside for your departing flight.


How to Make your Journey Hassle-Free with airssist Additional Services?

You already know how airssist helps you make your airport journey memorable and stress-free with its Meet and Greet Services but today we tell you about the amazing Meet and Greet add-ons. Apart from making your airport passage relaxing, we also assist you with other airport travel matters such as personal security, VAT reclaims, visa assistance, and more. Along with our most “requested” add-on airssist Chauffeured and Limousine Services. These additional airport concierge services include:


1. Get access to VIP Airport Lounges

airssist  Meet and Greet package usually includes access to the airport lounge to relax during your waiting time. But if your package doesn’t have access to the airport lounge you can book it as an add-on. Explore over 1257 airport lounges in the best airports for business traveler where they can relax and enjoy the lounge business facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, complimentary refreshments, comfortable seating, and more.


2. Let us take care of your Visa

Never let getting a visa hinder your trip, with airssist round-the-clock visa assistance. Book our visa assistance service along with airssist Meet and Greet to ensure a hassle-free international trip.


3. Safety with airssist Personal Security Services

Unsure about the security situation of your destination? At airssist, we not only care about your comfort, but we care dearly for your safety and privacy. You can start by reading 20 Best Personal Security Tips While Traveling Abroad. We also offer confidential, expert, and reliable personal security services.


4. VAT Reclaim

From your hotel stays to restaurants, from shopping to transportation, Value Added Tax (VAT) adds up in all and we can help you reclaim it. At airssist, we understand that VAT reclaim at the airport can be a tiresome process. Thus, we offer your assistance with reclaiming the VAT you have paid.

* Note: This service is only available for departure flights.


5. Airport transfer with airssist Chauffeured Transportation

Get comfort and luxury once you are out of the airport too with airssist Chauffeur and Limousine service. This service is our most booked add-on service and can be booked with our meet and greet service for a swift passage to and from your destination.

Additionally, you can also book it as a separate service and ensure a seamless journey on road.
Look no further than airssist Limousine Service for your next airport transfer, inter-city transfer, or full-day transfer.


6. Executive Protection

Executive Protection is not only about keeping you safe; it’s about keeping you comfortable so you can spend your time more effectively and productively when on business trips.

We provide the highest standard of executive close protection security services with an emphasis on travelers.

For VIPs who want assurance about their safety from any purposeful or inadvertent risk on every journey, executive protection provides Private bodyguard Security services for close protection in the city.


Why to Book Meet & Greet Service add-ons? & Does it worth?

For clients who want additional assistance with their luggage, particularly families, mothers of young children, travelers, and seniors, we highly suggest the Meet & Greet service. Hiring our Meet & Greet service may be a smart idea if you want to have the assurance that someone will be there to meet you and assist you.

In terms of whether it’s worth it, it ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and the specific circumstances of your trip. If you value convenience, personalized assistance, and a smooth travel experience, booking a Meet & Greet service can be a worthwhile investment. However, if you are comfortable navigating airports on your own and are looking to minimize expenses, you may find that these services are not essential for your needs. In short, consider your priorities and evaluate the cost-benefit ratio to determine if it aligns with your expectations.


To know how we make your airport journey truly memorable at public terminals, read

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