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At airssist our goal is to provide an upgraded travel experiences to all travelers worldwide. We understand the importance of making corporate travel stress-free and ensuring an excellent work travel schedule. Corporate travel is one of the most rising sectors in the travel industry. A strong growth in business travel spending  is predicted through to 2022. Notes for the upcoming meeting, presentation, and more, there is so much on your employee’s mind. Making their corporate travel easy, especially global business travel, should be your priority. You don’t need a business travel planner or business travel guide; you can do so in few simple ways. airssist today provides you a list of ways in which you can make corporate travel stress free for your team.


Book non-stop flights

You might be running on a tight budget and think a connecting flight is a better option. But think carefully. Connecting flights means extra time and sometimes extra money on food and a hotel. Don’t forget the added stress and hassle of a transit flight. So whenever possible book non-flights for your team. Non-stop flights and shorter travel times for your team’s next global business travel, is one of the most important corporate travel perks you can give them.

Offer your Team Flexibility

Booking flights at odd hours not consulting the traveler should be a big no-no. The best thing is to talk with your team or the person who is going on the business trip about the flight timings they are best comfortable with. It gives your employees a sense of trust and independence. Companies offer different policies with some allowing employees to book their own flights and reimbursed later. And others giving them a corporate credit card. Whichever type of company you are part of, the goal is to provide your team flexibility. By offering them the flexibility to travel according to their convenience let’s them know that you trust them and care of their comfort.

Book Meet and Greet

Corporate travel now is about offering comfortable and memorable travel experiences to your team. The travel way is changing and with changing times we need to look at business travel differently too. Many reports suggest that the quality of the business travel experience impacts their business trips’ result. One of the best travel experiences that you can offer to your team is Airport Meet and Greet . Meet and Greet helps make your team’s airport travel fast, stress-free, and memorable.

In today’s age with millennials switching jobs easily due to less work satisfaction companies have started to focus on benefits to retain employees. Travel incentive like Meet and Greet have now become a crucial part of global business travel. Read be received and walked through airport formalities  to know about how airssist helps you book Airport Meet and Greet that offers you the best airport experiences.

Make Reimbursements Faster

If you follow the reimbursement process during business travel, then make sure it is quick. Expedite the reimbursement process, try to get approvals faster, for employees can get back their money faster.

Get them access to Airport Lounge

Be it leisure travel, business travel, or bleisure travel, getting access to airport lounge is a must. You get free food, free high-speed Wi-Fi, place to work, place to relax, free entertainment options, and more. Adding airport lounge to your employee’s Meet and Greet enhances their overall experiences. If you’re still confused about airport lounge read Is Airport lounge worth your money?

According to a report by Allied Market Research business travel market size was valued at $1,266 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $1,657 billion by 2023. Corporate travel has become a part of our everyday business. And little things, like Meet and Greet, flexibility, non-stop flights, can make a lot of difference to business travelers. Make sure to includes these tips to give your team a morale boost and empower them to do great work.