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Making Commercial Travel Luxurious for HNW Travelers 

For high profile travelers, royal passengers, or HNW individuals usually private charter is the way to travel. But these VIP travelers often take commercial airlines too. Of course, for them, firstclass is the only option. (Have a look at some of the world’s best first-class cabins). But how to ensure that you get first-class VIP Assistance in the airport too? airssist today tells you how VIP travelers with VIP Assistance can make their airport travel a luxurious experience. 

Enjoy VIP Arrival, Departure, and Connection 

Most VIP travelers are used to the five-star VIP concierge services of an FBO while traveling in a private jet. The VIP Assistance is missing in most airports worldwide. But airssist has the perfect solution- VIP TerminalVIP Terminal is a fierce alternative to Private Jet FBOs  for HNW travelers when they fly from a commercial airline. Many airlines are ditching firstclass to add business class and premium economy seats. But at least you get the first-class treatment for your VIP arrival and VIP departure. 

What is VIP Terminal? 

VIP Terminal, also known as private lounge, is available in select 40+ airports worldwide. VIP Terminal is usually a stand-alone building away from the main commercial terminal of the airport. In some airports, it is in the same commercial terminal building with have a private entranceThe amenities of VIP Terminal include chauffeured transportation to the aircraft, individual check-in and immigration as well as security areacomplimentary manicureand more. VIP Terminal offers 24/7 VIP service assistance and has private lounges, meeting room, private car parking, and security services.  

VIP Terminal access can only be booked through the traditional way of phone call or email. But the VIP concierge service can be easily booked through airssist booking platform in few clicks. You get to see the amenities of VIP concierge service offered by the provider and the rates too. 

What to do at airports with no VIP Terminal? 

VIP Terminal is the first choice of HNW travelers when flying from a commercial airline. But VIP terminal is available only at selected destinations. At airports where there is no VIP Terminal, you can book Meet and Greet services , also known as Airport Meet and Assist(if you do not know how an Airport Meet and Greet works, read the Meet and Greet guide). The best part about Meet and Greet is that it is available in all airports worldwideMeet and Greet gives you access to airport lounges, offer you fast-track through all airport formalitieshelps you with luggage through porter service, and more. With its services, your airport travel becomes a stress-free experienceWith airssist’s simple booking process you get to compare one service package to another and tailor your own package with add-ons to meet your individual requirements.