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How to Ensure an Excellent Work Travel Schedule

Do you plan business trips regularly? Is your company losing because of missed flights? Work travel is an essential part of growing and developing your business and you can ensure a pre-planned and well-organized travel schedule.

Whether you are visiting customers or suppliers, attending meetings at other company locations, participating in professional development and attending a congress or market and promote a new or an existing product- an Airport Meet& Greet is a great tool to use for business travel.

In this blog, we’ll list 5 things you can include in your corporate travel arrangements for your employees to have on-time and hassle-free expedition.

Fast-track their airport journey

We can all agree that business trips are tiring and time-consuming. But you can take care of the “time-consuming” part with a Meet and Greet service.  

Get to know everything every step of the way 

Set reminders about their flight. If you’ve scheduled Meet and Greet for them, be confident that you and they will be promptly alerted about airport arrival, boarding time and completing the service.  

Grant them access to VIP Lounge

Airport VIP lounge will not only give your employees a high-speed internet to stay tuned with official correspondence but will also ensure that they have a good time to sleep to avoid Jet Lag or catch up with global news. 

Go luxurious by booking the VIP Terminal 

Planning a flight for a VVIP or affiliate of the company? Book a VIP terminal, and provide a person with private, safe and comfortable transportation to/from the aircraft.  

Avoid traffic jams in any part of the world

New city, new lanes, new roads. It’s no surprise that people often get late for a meeting when traveling abroad. Request for chauffeured transportation and help your employees to be always on time for their meeting as well as save additional time spent on navigating through public transportation.  

We, at AIRSSIST, agree that you need to make sure that your employees who are frequently traveling having all sorted out and be present on meeting on-time. We are convinced that right trip coordination is necessary, and that will benefit the company in the long run as well as create additional loyalty. 

Need help with the next one or several trips? Talk to us to know how we can advance your business travel.  

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