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    While celebrity sightings at airports are big business for the paparazzi, most travelers go about their business undetected. This is possible for VIPs since they have access to separate terminals that serve just a small group of customers.

    When the rich and famous of the world depart from major commercial airports, they pay thousands of dollars to use private terminals away from the gridlocked traffic, never-ending security lines, impatient coach-class passengers, and paparazzi flashes.

    Dubai, London Heathrow, and Frankfurt all have VIP terminals where customers are dropped off in luxury vehicles before boarding their flights.


    What is VIP Terminal Service?

    This facility, sometimes known as a “Private Lounge,” provides passengers with the finest in airport comforts in a private building. The airport procedures can be completed without any hassle on your part thanks to the dedicated experts at your disposal. Through the airssist online platform, any passenger can easily reserve a spot in the VIP Terminal, allowing them to bypass public terminal and enjoy the VIP Terminal and use the exclusive entrance often reserved for Hollywood elite.


    Here Are Some of the Places Where VIPs Can Avoid the Usual Bustle of the Airport:


    • Lufthansa first class terminal, Frankfurt

    Frankfurt’s Lufthansa first class terminal is arguably the most well-known VIP facility in the world. Only HON Circle members and SWISS or Lufthansa first-class passengers are permitted entry to the lounge, as suggested by its name. Simply meeting the entrance requirements guarantees a significantly more private terminal experience for VIPs than is typical.


    • PS at LAX, Los Angeles :

    Private Suites at LAX could be the best option for A-listers who wish to avoid as much public interaction as possible. PS travelers departing from LAX can arrive at the terminal and have most check-in requirements handled in advance, as well as expedited security and immigration, despite the terminal’s remote location. PS will meet you at your plane in a BMW and assist you with any immigration or baggage processing at LAX.

    Most VIPs want to avoid interacting with anyone other than airport personnel until they are on board their flight.


    • Heathrow VIP, London :

    Since so many celebrities and other public figures fly through London Heathrow, the airport had to build a special VIP terminal to accommodate them. The terminal, previously reserved for Heads of State and government leaders, is now available to other VIPs.

    The VIP terminal has its own secure entrance, a spacious lounge, and private vehicle service to and from the terminal and the gate. The terminal has a VAT refund service, personal shopper assistance, and helpful employees. Luxury guests can enjoy à la carte service at a restaurant with a Michelin star.


    Which Airport Do Celebrities Use the Most in General?

    Since celebrities are frequently spotted at airports, whether they are leaving their gates upon arrival or sitting in the first-class cabin, the Private Suite at LAX is an exclusive terminal that allows them to go through security and fly on any commercial airline without being spotted by the paparazzi or selfie-hungry fans. However, it is unusual to see them waiting in line at the boarding gate alongside the rest of us regular folk.

    Since airssist provides Airport VIP Concierge Services in so many airports around the world, it is the best option for those in need of Global Luxury Travel Concierge Services for Celebrities and who wish to ensure a smooth, hassle-free trip and the fast tracking of airport procedures upon arrival and departure.


    To Sum Up,

    In short, airssist provides Meet and Greet Services, Fast track, VIP Terminal Services , Chauffeured and Limousine Services for a different types of clients including Corporate- Business Travelers- Diplomats- Celebrities- Families- People with special needs and Groups.

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