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While the paparazzi love catching a glimpse of VIPs at the airports, most go through their journey relatively unnoticed. VIPs manage to do this by using devoted terminals which only cater to a handful of select passengers.

Celebrities, VIPs and the wealthy can enter the airport through a whole other building where the world’s rich and famous fly out of major commercial airports, they shell out thousands of dollars to travel through private terminals, far from the standstill traffic, endless security lines, cranky coach-class travelers, and paparazzi flashes.

Such VIP terminals have sprung up in Dubai, London Heathrow, and Frankfurt, where the last thing passengers see before they board their flight is the inside of a luxury car that drops them off plane-side.


What is VIP Terminal Service?

It’s platform. Also known as Private Lounge, this service offers travelers the most luxurious travel amenities in a stand-alone airport terminal. A personal team will be at your disposal to handle all the airport formalities on your behalf.

The VIP Terminal can now be booked easily by any traveler through the airssist online
platform Away from the hustle-bustle of the main terminal is a secret passage for airport travel for celebrities and VIPs.


Here are some of the places where VIPs can avoid the usual bustle of the airport:

  • Lufthansa first class terminal, Frankfurt

Perhaps the most well-known VIP terminal globally is Lufthansa’s first class terminal in Frankfurt. As the name aptly suggests, the lounge is only open to the most elite Lufthansa frequent fliers (HON Circle) and first class passengers on SWISS or Lufthansa. The entry criteria alone ensure that VIPs will get much more privacy than any usual terminal.


  • PS at LAX, Los Angeles :

For the VIPs who prefer to stay away from as many people as possible, Private Suites at LAX might be the right choice. Located relatively far from the main terminal, PS travelers flying out of LAX can arrive at the terminal and have most check-in formalities taken care of in advance, along with expedited security and immigration. For those flying into, or transferring, from LAX, PS will pick you up in a BMW at your aircraft and handle all immigration or baggage procedures.

The overall privacy of the terminal means it is highly unlikely you’ll meet anyone except staff until boarding the plane, the ideal goal for most VIPs.


  • Heathrow VIP, London :

London Heathrow is one of Europe’s busiest airports and frequently visited by many VIPs, prompting the opening of Heathrow VIP terminal. Used by Heads of State and government officials, the terminal is now also open to other VIPs who wish to skip the terminal.

the VIP terminal offers separate entry to the airport, a sprawling lounge, and private car transfers to and from the airport and to the plane itself. The terminal also offers in-lounge VAT refunds, personal shopping service, and dedicated staff. A Michelin-star restaurant offers à la carte dining to VIP travelers.


  • Fattal VIP Terminal, Tel Aviv :

Another notable VIP lounge is the recently opened Fattal VIP Terminal in Ben Gurion Airport. The first VIP lounge in the airport, it is designed and run by the Fattal Hotel chain and offers a luxurious experience.

All the standard amenities of express check-in, security, and immigration are present. Additionally, there are also duty-free stores and a conference room inside.


Which airport do celebrities use the most in general?


The Private Suite is an exclusive terminal at Los Angeles International Airport that allows the rich and famous to go through security and fly on any commercial airline without being spotted by the paparazzi or selfie-hungry fans as Celebrities are regularly spotted at airports, leaving their gates upon arrival or onboard a flight in the first-class cabin However, they are rarely spotted queuing up at the departure gate with the rest of us commoners prior to boarding.

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